Friday, August 31, 2012

CFL Game Day: British Columbia at Montreal (August 31)

The Lions and the Als will kick off the annual Labour Day classics weekend with a Friday Night Football showcase for TSN's signature broadcast.

While the two aren't exactly the heated rivalries that the rest of the weekend will provide for, the game itself offers up an interesting look at two teams that are starting to find their way this 2012 season.

The Lions actually have been more or less on track from last years workload from the Canada Day kickoff, with a few hiccups along the way, but for the most part still at that high peak level that took them to the Grey Cup last November.

Montreal on the other hand has been hot and cold for most of the season, at times giving one cause to think that the dynasty years are finally at end, only to have Anthony Calvillo pull out a virtuoso performance from his bag of tricks and launching the Als back into contention in the East.

The Labour Day weekend match up will give us some indication if the Als have finally solved some of their early season woes and/or if the Lions have learned from some of their less impressive games of this season.

It's a match up that offers up a look at one of the best the CFL has seen in Anthony Calvillo, still an imposing figure on a CFL field, opposite him, Travis Lulay, who with last year's Grey Cup victory has served notice that the changing of the CFL guard is in motion.

Whether it's the young gunslinger or the long time Marshall, Friday's game should prove to be a most entertaining affair.

Game Time 7:30 PM, 4:30 PT, Molson Stadium (TSN)

British Columbia 25 at Montreal 30 (22,239)

Pre Game

CFL Video Preview

Globe and Mail-- Alouettes look to stay perfect in August with win over tough Lions
National Post-- Being good just isn't good enough for Travis Lulay, Lions
Montreal Gazette-- Bowling eats some humble pie with Als
Vancouver Province-- BC Lions' offence has been offensive, something Chapdelaine aims...
Vancouver Sun-- Travis Lulay ahead, Lions miles further along

Team Backgrounders

Montreal Alouettes
British Columbia Lions

Post Game Game Recap Video Review

Globe and Mail-- Whitaker and Calvillo lead Alouettes to win over Lions
National Post-- Alouettes hang on to beat Lions for fourth straight win
Montreal Gazette-- Als tame Lions for fourth straight win
Vancouver Province-- Geroy's sideline view a painful one
Vancouver Sun-- Lions fall to Alouettes in clash of CFL titans

CFL 2012 Regular Season: Week 10

The Labour Day weekend is always the key measuring stick for CFL teams, the mark where teams have a feel for where they are heading into the home stretch of the year and the stacking for playoff berths gets under way.

Beyond the traditional rivalries that always make for entertaining football, the Labour Day weekend dictates that the time to knuckle down and get in gear is at hand.

To that, the BC Lions make the trip to Montreal, anxious to continue on with their winning ways, more than aware that the sleeping giant of the CFL may be starting to rise from what has been a rather slumber filled regular season thus far.  The Als finally seem to be firing on both offence and defence, making for an interesting challenge for the defending Grey Cup champs.

The games steeped in rivalry take over the schedule for the rest of the weekend, with the Bombers and Riders renewing their ages old reunion at Mosaic Field. Two struggling teams that need a win very badly, the Bombers with a new coach in charge and to impress, the Riders more than aware that the locals are getting a little anxious at their inability to close the deal in the fourth quarter.

The Argos make the trek down the QEW into Hamilton for the annual Labour day war, the last one of its kind in the old yard at Ivor Wynne, the Cats have been struggling to find the win column over the last few weeks, so will be in even more of a snarly mood than usual, making no doubt for a hard hitting nasty affair in Hamilton.

And the weekend and summer wraps up in Calgary, where the Stamps take on their provincial rivals the Eskimos, the best of Shelbyville vs Springfield, two towns and two teams that don't particularly like each other, with the Eskimos a surprising contender this season, while the Stamps have been struggling to find their pace so far this year. Making the Labour Day Classic a point where perhaps one of the two takes control of their destiny for 2012.

Previews and reviews of week ten can be found below

Friday, August 31-- British Columbia 25 at Montreal 30  (22,239)
Sunday, September 2-- Winnipeg 0 at Saskatchewan 52  (33,427)
Monday, September 3-- Toronto 33 at Hamilton 30  (31,032)
Monday, September 3-- Edmonton 30 at Calgary 31  (32,102)

Twelve men Prognostications: Predicted Winners

British Columbia

Weekly Record

1 - 3

Overall Record

19 correct, 21 wrong

Gibson's Players of the Week (Week Nine) August 28, 2012

Week Nine once again brought Chris Williams to the top of the pack, the Tiger Cats kick returner is quickly becoming the sensation of the season and is clearly on a path to re-writing a few of the CFL's records in this 2012 campaign.

His work over the last weekend was once again good enough to earn him a place on the Gibson's honour rolls.

It was also another good week for the Stampeders Jon Cornish, who ran his way back onto the Gibson's listings with his performance of last week.

S. J Green of the Als and Charleston Hughes of the Stampeders were others who gave the Gibson's panel cause to celebrate, rounding out the week's awards for week nine. Press release

Offensive Player of the Week and Top Canadian

S. J. Green, Montreal Alouettes, Slot Back

The much maligned Alouettes offence found its groove this weekend past, as SJ Green reeled in 10 of Anthony Calvillo's passes for a total of 168 yards and one touchdown, helping the Als edge the Ti Cats. Green's workload on the night, proved more than enough to grab the Gibson's honours for the week.

Defensive Player of the Month

Charleston Hughes,   Montreal Alouettes, DL

The Stampeders were dominant on the day last Saturday, and none were more dominant than the Stamps lineman Charleston Hughes, with a pair of sacks, a pair of forced fumbles, one interception and one tackle, Hughes was the key in the Stamps defensive game.

Special Teams

Chris Williams, Hamilton Tiger Cats, KR

This is a recording, Chris Williams is having a banner year. Williams tied Henry "Gizmo" Williams, Bashir Levingston and Keith Stokes for most kick returns for a touchdown, now sitting at five and counting.  We suspect, we'll be honouring Williams again for his work shortly... adding to the total of three he currently holds.

Top Canadian

Jon CornishCalgary Stampeders, RB

159 yards on the ground on 24 carries once again propelled Jon Cornish to the Gibson's podium, earning his third Gibson's of the year thus far.

CFL Video Zone

Players of the Week highlights (view here)

Top Ten plays of Week  9 (view here)

Ultimate Replay of Week 9 (view here)

Gibson's Players of the Week Archives for 2012

Gibson's Players of the Week (Week 8) August 21

Week Eight added a few new names to the honour rolls and one rather familiar one as the CFL recognized outstanding achievement for the week.

Leading the pack a pair of Blue Bombers, a team not found often in the win column or the Gibson's so far this year, Joey Elliot's debut this year as Bomber's QB proved to be worth watching, a performance that picked him up a Gibson's.

One of the rising stars and most exciting players in the CFL this year makes a return appearance, as Chris Williams once again is singled out for excellence.

And the folks at St. F X, raise a glass of Gibson's in honour of alumnus Cauchy Muamba who had a spectacular week for the BC Lions, earning him Top Canadian honours. Press release

Offensive Player of the Week and Top Canadian

Joey Elliot, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, QB

Taking the reins of the Bombers offence offered Joey Elliot a chance to shine and he grabbed the opportunity with an impressive debut in 2012, in his first start since 2010, Elliot guided the bombers to a 32-25 victory, a stat line of 22 for 43 in passes for a total of 406 yards, proved more than enough to move him to the top of the list for week eight.

Defensive Player of the Month

Alex Hall,  Winnipeg Blue Bombers,  DE

Defensively, the Bombers got a bit of that much discussed swagger of last year back, led by Alex Hall who forced two fumbles and registered one tackle and one sack on the way to the Bombers victory.

Special Teams

Chris Williams, Hamilton Tiger Cats, KR

Chris Williams is making a case to rename the Special Teams award the Chris Williams trophy, making his second appearance on the Special Teams recognition list this season.  Williams returned five punts for 146 yards and one touchdown in his marquee moment of week eight.

Top Canadian

Cauchy Muamba, British Columbia Lions, Safety

With one tackle and two picks, Cauch Muamba made the BC Lions defensive coaches happy, a performance that ranked him at the top of the list for Canadians in week eight.

CFL Video Zone

Players of the Week highlights (view here)

Top Ten plays of Week  8 (view here)

Ultimate Replay of Week 8 (view here)

Gibson's Players of the Week Archives for 2012

CFL 2012 Regular Season Week 9

Away from our post for  a couple of weeks, we attempt to catch up with past events while moving ahead to the home stretch of the CFL season.

We'll skip the previews and reviews of the past two weeks, but update the results below and on last week's page, we will however keep our prognostication table updated, as we have kept a record of our picks from the CFL pool we're involved in.

Thursday, August 23-- Hamilton 29 at Montreal 31(22,140)
Friday, August 24-- British Columbia 20 at Winnipeg 17 (29,533)
Saturday, August 25-- Calgary 17 at Saskatchewan10 (33,427)
Sunday, August 27-- Edmonton 26 at Toronto 17 (22,912)

Twelve men Prognostications: Predicted Winners

British Columbia

Weekly Record


Overall Record

18 correct, 18 wrong

Friday, August 17, 2012

CFL Game Day, Saskatchewan at British Columbia (August 19)

The real test to see if the Saskatchewan Roughriders have learned anything over the last three weeks won't come until the fourth quarter, a period of time which has seen the Riders suffer meltdowns in three consecutive games now, a horror show of fifteen minutes that can turn a healthy lead into a nail biter of a loss in the blink of an eye.

For the British Columbia Lions the quickest way to make the fourth quarter moot would be to load up on the points in the first three, a situation that will leave the Riders heading back to a drawing board to cook up a new approach.

Much has been made of the spectacular ways that the Riders have managed to go from the ranks of the undefeated to a team on a skid, for the most part it's defensive shortcomings that pop up in glaring fashion at most inopportune times.

The Lions are heading into Sunday's game on a streak of their own, a more positive direction with wins in their last two games, the most recent one a defensive victory over the Argos, where the Lions dominated the Argo's QB Ricky Ray to the point of frustration, leaving Ray to ponder the worst performance since he joined the Double Blue while dodging oncoming Lion rushers.

The last game for the Lions was not an offensive masterpiece, Travis Lulay who was on fire a few weeks ago, struggled almost as much as Ray against the Argos defence, getting back on track will be of key importance to the Lions QB, the Riders defensive woes may be just what he needs to find his groove again.

One advantage for the Riders may be that the Lions will be without the services of Khalif Mitchell, an arbitrator upheld the punishment of CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon, thus Mitchell will be unavailable to the Lions for two games.

I'ts a glimmer of hope for the Riders offensive line that is charged with keeping Darian Durant healthy and moving forward, considering the recent troubles scoring points may be the best insurance against the dreaded fourth quarter collapses.

To that end the Riders will take to the field at BC Place and look to cast aside a lingering ghost of late.

Game Time 4 PM PT, 7 ET BC Place Stadium TSN

Pre Game

CFL Game Preview

Globe and Mail-- Wally Buono shuns the forefront
National Post-- Corey Chamblin low-key as his Roughriders look for an elusive win
Regina Leader Post-- Riders' secondary rolls on without Graham
Vancouver Province-- Lions aim to avoid flagfest repeat against Riders
Vancouver Sun-- Maurice Evans 'just excited to play'

Team Backgrounders

Saskatchewan Roughriders
British Columbia Lions

CFL Game Day: Toronto at Calgary (August 18)

One of the main topics of the day in Toronto these days has been the mysterious expulsion of Cory Boyd from the Argos camp, Boyd, who departed last week is now firmly in place in Edmonton and hasn't said much about how his departure came about, nor have the Argos volunteered much either.

But that perhaps is yesterdays news, the real story for Argo fans may be can Ricky Ray bounce back from what was his worst performance since arriving in Toronto in the off season.  Ray who had it seemed been settling into a groove over the first six weeks of the season, had a stinker of a game last week against the Lions, interceptions, fumbles and far too much time on his back under a pile of Lions marked his day for the Double Blue.

It will be to seek a bit of redemption that he and the Argos head off to Calgary for their week eight contest against the Stampeders.  In order for Ray to find some success against the Stamps, it will require some help from a front line that left him out to dry for much of last week.

Another key for the Argos is simple, make sure that the Stamps Larry Taylor doesn't get the football, the Calgary kick returner is proving to be a highlight reel machine, should they require any further evidence the Argos need look no further than to the last time they met the Stamps, the memories will flood back.

The Stamps who are keeping pace with the Esks in the West can gain some ground on Edmonton this weekend, the Esks having lost to the Als leave the path open to a first place share for the Stamps should they come out on top of the Argos.

Kevin Glenn will be looking to recreate the success he had last week against his old squad in Hamilton, Glenn clearly won the duel between himself and Henry Burris, leading the Stamps offence with efficiency, making the best of his offence in particular Jon Cornish and Nik Lewis. Cornish's week was such that he grabbed two Gibson's awards this week past, a chance to snare some more could be his with a similar performance at McMahon Stadium.

Game Time 5 PM MT (7 ET, 4 ET) McMahon Stadium TSN

Pre Game

CFL Video Preview

Globe and Mail-- Backup running back Kackert setps off sideline, into Argos' feature role
National Post-- Argonauts secondary developing cohesion
Toronto Sun-- All about winning for Argos coach
Toronto Star-- Argonauts coach Scott Milanovich will soon find out if Chad Kackert can...
Calgary Herald-- Stamps search for elusive back to back wins
Calgary Sun-- Stamps, Argos talkin' trash

Team Backgrounders

Toronto Argonauts
Calgary Stampeders

CFL Game Day: Montreal at Edmonton (August 17)

The surprise of the season thus far would have to be the success of the Edmonton Eskimos, a team which had most CFL fans shaking their heads at over the summer, has quickly turned around some of the scepticism, thanks mainly to a strong defensive game and helped out by the continuing evolution of Steven Jyles game.

Jyles, who arrived in Edmonton as part of the Ricky Ray trade, hasn't quite made the home fans forget about Ray and his success with the Esks, but he's been plugging away, having good games and some bad ones, turnovers proving costly, perhaps a sign of a QB that was trying to do just a little bit too much in a bid to show his leadership.

Even those bad moments however have proven to be a team building experience, his famous fumble in the late minutes of the Bombers game a few weeks ago, became a rallying point for the Esks, something that has shown the confidence the players on the field have in Jyles.

To add to his offensive weapons, the Esks have added Cory Boyd picked up from the Argos after the Double Blue released him last week, though it will be a game time decision as to whether he takes to the field against the Als.

The Esks, currently in first place in the West (yes we know technically its a two way tie) take on the Montreal Alouettes on Friday Night Football, another measuring stick for the team following last weeks come from behind victory over the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

That win in front of the largest crowd of the season in the CFL added to the Eskimos undefeated record this year at Commonwealth, a string they put on the line tonight.

The Als who are struggling to regain their usual form, will be looking to challenge the Eskimo defensive corps, a collection of players that have some impressive success this year so far.

Defence has been the stronger segment of the Eskimo game, scoring points against the Green and Gold defenders comes only after a lot of work and a lot of punishment. A fact borne out by the teams remarkable 99 points agains so far in 2012, far and away the best in the league for the season.

Montreal will be looking once again to Anthony Calvillo to put points on the board, something he's quite capable of doing, even in a year where he clearly hasn't been at his best. Still, when it comes to the Als and Calvillo, one should never count them out, the Als currently sporting a .500 record at 3 and 3, are always a dangerous team, one steeped in experience, which can overcome the hiccups that occur from time to time.

However, this has not been the kind of year that Als fans have become accustomed to, struggles in the first part of the season have made the Als more of a middle of the pack squad as opposed to the team that used to dominate the play.

Instead, it's the Eskimos that for now at least, appear to be the team to beat in 2012, something that we're pretty sure no one would have suggested at the Canada Day kick off.

Game Time  7 PM MT (6 PT, 9 ET) Commonwealth Stadium TSN

Montreal 38 at Edmonton 25 (32,760) 

Pre Game

CFL Video Preview

Globe and Mail-- Acquisition of Boyd gives Edmonton options in the backfield
National Post-- Cory Boyd's Eskimos debut a 'game-time' decision
Edmonton Journal-- Eskimos put perfect home record on the line against Als
Edmonton Sun-- Hard to forget for AC
Montreal Gazette-- Jyles showing hea has what it takes with Esks Injuries open opportunities

Team Backgrounders

Montreal Alouettes
Edmonton Eskimos

Post Game  Game Recap Video Highlights

Globe and Mail-- Calvillo throws four TDs to lead Alouettes over Eskimos
National Post-- Alouettes dominate battle of offence in win over Eskimos
Edmonton Journal-- Calvillo directs Alouettes to convincing win over Eskimos
Edmonton Sun-- AC Current
Montreal Gazette-- Als explode against Eskimos

Thursday, August 16, 2012

CFL Game Day: Hamilton at Winnipeg (August 16)

Are the Bombers on the cusp of meltdown? If the tea leaves of the gypsies of the Winnipeg media are any indication Paul LaPolice could very well find his employment in peril after tonight's Hamilton game and if so, the consensus seems to be that he can take GM Joe Mack with him.

Such is the tone of the debate in Bomber land these days with the 1-5 Bombers turning to third string and untested Joey Elliot to lead the Bomber offence into what many suggest is a must win situation.

The Bombers have struggled visibly through the season and while perhaps a few breaks one way or another might have offered up a bit of comfort and a better record, for the most part they have been outperformed on a nightly basis heading into week 8.

About the only discussion that has any balance in Winnipeg these days is whether all the blame is to rest with head coach Paul LaPolice or if perhaps the GM hasn't really done much to help his coach by providing players that could turn things around.

The Bombers are pointing towards the injury of Buck Pierce as a key moment for what appears to be the disaster in making, however, considering the lengthy injury listings that one can review whenever the name of Buck Pierce is brought up, surely that couldn't have been a surprise.

The media sharks can smell a bit of blood in the water and the evolving theme seems to be that this Hamilton game could be the last stand for the coach.

A bad thing for LaPolice considering the snarling mood the Cats will be in when they take to the field at CanadInn Stadium, Hamilton was overwhelmed by the Stamps last week, unable to stop the Jon Cornish show and incapable of matching the Stamps on the scoreboard.

It no doubt was a disappointment for the home fans, who had been watching the steady rise of the Cats over the last few weeks, Henry Burris looking to be at mid career form, last week provided a step back for all in yellow and black.

A game that provided a Tiger Cat team that more resembled the team that struggled out of the gate this year and not the one that looked as though they could runaway with the East a few weeks ago.

Hamilton will be looking to recapture the team with the latter characteristics on Thursday, bad news for the Bombers, bad news for coach LaPolice...

Game Time 8 PM CT, 9 ET, 6 PT Canad Inn Stadium TSN

Hamilton 25 at Winnipeg 32 (27,039)

Pre Game

CFL Video Preview

Globe and Mail-- Bombers seek second win of the season vs. Tiger-Cats
Winnipeg Free Press-- Makings of a meltdown for Bombers
Winnipeg Sun-- Bombers aim to put changes into action
Hamilton Spectator-- It's that time of year again for Tiger-Cats

Team Backgrounders

Hamilton Tiger Cats
Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Post Game Game Recap Video Review

Globe and Mail-- Joey Elliot leads Bombers past Tiger Cats for second win of the season
National Post-- Quarterback Joey Elliot leads Bombers over the Tiger-Cats
Winnipeg Free Press-- Bombers defeat Ticats 32-25 for critical victory
Winnipeg Sun-- Bombers back in race with win over Tiger-Cats
Hamilton Spectator-- Turnovers torment TiCats
Toronto Sun-- Winnipeg's defence gets its swagger back

CFL 2012 Regular Season: Week 8

It's back to work for all of the CFL's teams this week, the August bye weeks a thing of the past, the Labour Day benchmark fast approaching.

Week eight provides the measuring point for a number of teams, some of them having a surprising year thus far, others one that is trending towards potential disaster.

Winnipeg holds the latter category, testing out quarterback number three on the year, awaiting the return of Buck Pierce with Alex Brink giving way to Joey Elliot, raw meat for the visiting Tiger Cats who have some pent up anger to deliver after last weeks disappointing loss to Calgary. Winnipeg's season is fast approaching a meltdown and a quick scan of the Winnipeg papers highlights that sense of frustration set to boil over.

The Eskimos on the other have been the surprise thus far of the CFL season and while Steven Jyles has had a few bumps along the way, he's managed to hold his own heading into week 8, the Esks holding a share of the top of the West thanks to a strong defensive game so far. They take their game to Montreal, where the Als have been having a rather lack lustre season heading to the end of August. Still however within striking range of the top of the east.

The Stamps will be looking to build on Jon Cornish's outstanding performance last week in Hamilton, the Stamps play host to the Toronto Argonauts, a team that while moving forward still appears to be a bit of a work in progress. Ricky Ray who struggled with untimely turnovers last week, will be looking to regain some of his stride when he returns to McMahon Stadium, a familiar haunt for the former Eskimo.

The week wraps up with the Saskatchewan Roughriders heading west to the heatwave in Vancouver, though realistically it probably will resemble nothing more than a particularly warm Saskatchewan day when they arrive. The real heat is in the Rider locker room, where fourth quarter collapses and defensive miscues have been the norm in the last few weeks of play. Will history repeat itself once again, check back after 45 minutes... The Lions coming off their August bye week will be looking to return to the run they had been on before the break, a two week winning streak that had looked rather impressive, whether the week off cools off the Lions to the relief of the Riders will play out on Sunday.

Previews and reviews of week eight can be found below.

Thursday, August 16 -- Hamilton 25 at Winnipeg 32  (27,039)
Friday, August 17-- Montreal 38 at Edmonton 25  (32,760)
Saturday, August 18-- Toronto 22 at Calgary 14   (28,246)
Sunday, August 19-- Saskatchewan 5 at British Columbia 24 (22,912)

Twelve Men Prognostications: Predicted Winners

British Columbia

Weekly Record

1 - 3

Overall Record

14 correct, 14 wrong

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gibson's Players of the Week (Week Seven) August 14,2012

Week Seven was another light work load for the CFL, with only two games scheduled as the CFL entered the final bye week of August.  Once again, It made for less film to watch for the CFL's Gibson's Awards panel, but there was still much to work with in all categories.

Jon Cornish hogs two of the four awards for the week, the Stampeder's running back had an outstanding game Thursday in Hamilton, dominating the run game and the scoreboard a performance that earned him a pair of Gibson awards.

The Stamps grabbed the third of the four awards as well, with Larry Taylor earning the bragging rights as Special Teams player of the week.

The Eskimos J. C. Sherritt also continued to dominate the awards listings, another stellar game on Friday for the Esks guaranteed him yet another spot on the Gibson listings.

The work load will double with this weekend as the CFL returns all eight teams to action. Press release

Offensive Player of the Week and Top Canadian

Jon Cornish, Calgary RB

A little over a week ago Jon Cornish was rather angry with his Stampeder team mates, their less than full concentration to the task at hand adding to his ire, a display of which was captured by TSN in full sideline fury. With the bye week providing a chance for the Stamps to clear the air and get on the same page, Cornish came out of the hiatus to show that when it comes to clearing a path and leading the way, no one is better than the Stamps Running back. His showcase night in Hamilton earned him two awards on the week, his first as offensive player of the year, his second as Top Canadian.

Defensive Player of the Month

J. C. Sherritt, Edmonton Eskimos, LB

If J. C. Sherritt keeps having this kind of a year, the Gibson's folks may have to retire their defensive honours to the Eskimo linebacker. In a year that many had perhaps written off the Eskimos, Sherritt has done his part to make this season a positive work of art on the field. Once again, he was all domination in a backfield making Darian Durant's night a miserable one, collecting tackles and turnovers to spur the Eskimos on to further success and adding yet another Gibson's to his list for 2012, the third for those counting and we recommend you hold space for further additions.

Special Teams

Larry Taylor Calgary Stampeders KR

Calgary's success in Hamilton on Thursday was a multi faceted affair, beyond Jon Cornish's control of the play, the kick return game also was high on the highlight reels (or nightmare reel if your in the TiCat film room right now) Larry Taylor making yet another special appearance as they guy perhaps you shouldn't kick to.  His work on the night earned his second Special Teams player of the week award.

CFL Video Zone

Players of the Week highlights (view here)

Top Ten plays of Week  7 (view here) TBA

Ultimate Replay of Week 7 (view here) TBA

Gibson's Players of the Week Archives for 2012

Twelve Men Review -- Week Seven (ending August 10)

The CFL bids farewell to the bye weeks as week seven comes to an end, summer vacation over for all eight of the leagues teams.

While the Lions, Argos, Bombers and Als rested and recuperated, the play on the field offered up the weeks work from Hamilton and Edmonton.

By the time Friday night had played out, parity was the new word of the week for the CFL as the standings tables both east and west became a little cluttered, less the Winnipeg Blue Bombers who appear destined for a season from hell as 2012 heads towards November.

Beyond the Bombers, the rest of the East is a three way tie for first with no clear team trending towards domination, in the West, the Eskimos have claimed a stake to the top spot, a team many though would be also rans when the season started, suddenly looking very solid and in charge of their future.

The results of Week seven can be found below.

Calgary at Hamilton

Last week Jon Cornish was visibly angry at the state of affairs of his Stampeder squad, making the sidelines a less than family atmosphere among the Stamps, one week later, he decided to walk the talk, dominating play in Hamilton as he led the Stamps to a solid 31-20 spanking of the Tiger Cats.

The much vaunted reunion of starting quarterbacks with their former teams clearly was a success for Kevin Glenn, the Stamps QB, who arrived in Calgary as back up but now finds himself as the number one, managed to out perform his rival across field, but a masterpiece of football Thursday night was not.

The weather no doubt had an impact on the outcome, rainy and blustery conditions provided for a rough night of watchable football, mistakes, errors and turnovers made for a less than solid performance  by both teams, Mr. Cornish excepted of course.

Henry Burris, with the opportunity to show the Stamps the error of their trading ways, instead had a rather pedestrian game, much to the disappointment of the always boisterous Ti Cat crowd hopeful of a CFL air war, instead Burris, the Cats and their fans were offered up a night of miscues and stalled drives, the score more flattering to the concept of a CFL shoot out than reality actually provided for.

Regardless, someone needed the two points, Calgary decided that they were going to be theirs, a helpful climb up the standings ladder that keeps the Stamps at pace with their fellow West Division residents.

For the Cats, the chance to create some space between them and the Argos and Als was allowed to slip away, the begin the process of recapturing some of that lost momentum in week eight.

The previews and reviews of the week that was can be found here.

Saskatchewan at Edmonton

The final quarter woes of the Saskatchewan Roughriders continue on, the Riders perhaps seeking an audience with the commissioner to adapt NHL game divisions, i.e.: three periods, leaving the fourth to the history books, much like the last few weeks have banished potential Rider wins to the loss column after the fourth quarter meltdowns.

Once again, the talk in Regina is about the defence, which seems to be having troubles closing out a game, surrendering yardage and points at an alarming pace over the course of the final fifteen minutes.

When the Defensive unit wasn't on its heels, the offensive group were contributing to the misery with fumbles, interceptions and incompletions, time consuming drives were in short supply on Friday, adding to the burden for the defense which frequently found itself back on the field with little rest.

Steven Jyles had a redemption of sorts from his woes of recent games, holding the Esks momentum through the fourth and keeping the ball under better control, for many viewing Friday nights game, it was his best performance in Eskimo colours this year.

Jyles had the complete playbook in action on Friday, using a wide selection of receivers and injecting the run game at important parts of the game.

The Esks ability to control the play however did not detract from some late game excitement, as the Riders had a last gasp shot at the end zone  that was knocked down by the Riders secondary.

The game had a scary moment as the Esks defensive back Ronnie Prude suffered an injury attempting a tackle, taken from the field with a neck brace and on a stretcher he was transported to an Edmonton hospital, though good news arrived later in the night as he was released, the diagnosis a nerve stinger.

While its anticipated that he will return to the Eskimo lineup, it's considered doubtful that he'll be in the lineup when the Esks meet the Alouettes on Friday night at Commonwealth.

The previews and reviews of the Riders and Esks can be found here.

Friday, August 10, 2012

CFL Game Day: Saskatchewan at Edmonton (August 10)

The Riders and Eskimos bring week number seven to a conclusion, the second of the CFL's two games  in the final bye week for 2012.

Saskatchewan hoping to get back on track and find a way to finish off their games, the final quarter suddenly has become the tipping point for the Riders, where late game collapses provide the opportunity for the opposition to launch the comebacks that leave Rider fans shaking their heads.

Defensive mistakes for the most part have been the problem area in the last few weeks, something that wasn't a concern when the season began, the Riders fans no doubt are hoping that they have sorted out whatever it is that has provided such misfortune, which first led to the end of the thoughts of an undefeated season and more recently have become the thing of a trend, one that the Riders will want to end without delay.

For the Eskimos, a visit by the Riders is always good for a few extra seats sold at the box office and this year provides for a good measuring stick as to their progress in the rebuilding phase they have entered this year.

So far for the Green and Gold the season has been one of steps, a few forward, a few back, though the progress has been on a steady move upwards, dotted by more than a few moments where the old bad habits arise.

Ending the game changing turnovers is probably one of the priorities for Kavis Reed, on a few occasions this year so far the Eskimos have clutched defeat from victory, with an untimely error or turnover, making themselves at times their own worst enemies.

It will be instructive to see if the Eskimos took advantage of their bye week to try and refocus on the jobs at hand and how best to not offer up the other team the victory.

One thing however may be certain, judging by past games of late, points on the board may come infrequently, touchdown visits all but a rumour and with the kickers finding much to do.

Game Time 7:30 MT, 9:30 ET, 6:30 PT Commonwealth Stadium TSN

Saskatchewan 20 at Edmonton 28 (43,178)

Pre Game

CFL Video Preview

Globe and Mail-- Roughriders expected to divide kicking duties Friday against Eskimos
Edmonton Journal-- Roughriders look to rediscover form against Eskimos
Edmonton Sun-- One more time for Esks?
Regina Leader Post-- Riders facing tough defence J. C. Sherritt heart of Eskimos defence

Team Backgrounders

Saskatchewan Roughriders
Edmonton Eskimos 

Post Game Game Recap Video Highlights

Globe and Mail-- Eskimos top Roughriders to move into tie for division lead
National Post-- Steven Jyles leads Eskimos over the Riders
Edmonton Journal--Jyles gets redemption in Eskimos win over Saskatchewan
Edmonton Sun-- Esks win nail biter against Roughriders
Regina Leader Post-- Murray's mutterings from Friday's defeat

Thursday, August 09, 2012

CFL Game Day: Calgary at Hamilton (August 8)

One of the CFL's hottest teams the Tiger Cats are host to the struggling Calgary Stampeders as week seven gets under way, both teams coming off their bye week mini vacations well rested and eager to get back to the pat towards the Grey Cup.

The break perhaps came at an inopportune time for the Cats who were clearly a team on the rise over the first six weeks, having shaken off their debut week troubles, Hamilton clearly has sorted out any of the lingering troubles they had in the early going of the season.

Henry Burris is in some of the finest form he's had in years, leading the Ti Cat offence with patience and skill, processing what is going on during the game and making the best of the opportunities that arrive game by game.

The visit by his old squad from Calgary, the  first match up between the two teams this year, offers up another chance to showcase how well he is doing in Hamilton this season and considering the Stamps struggles of late it could be a night of memories, many of them perhaps bad ones for Calgary as they take on the Cats.

Calgary's season got off to a rough start with the departure of starting quarterback Drew Tate for what seems like the rest of the season as he recovers from surgery, Kevin Glenn who arrived from Hamilton has been handed the ball for the majority of this season and has had his struggles in his time at the helm.

While his experience puts the Stamps in a better spot than Winnipeg lets say who lost their starter early this year as well, there have been games where Glenn has let the play get away from him. Though he's not really to be singled out for the Stamps troubles.

Overall there has been far too many times where the Stamps have handed the game away, either on offence or defence, add on the undercurrent of dis-harmony that seems to be percolating on the Stampeder sidelines these days and this is a very unhappy team that is apparently letting the pressure get to it.

They can expect no favours this weekend in Hamilton, where the Ti Cats can make life very difficult for a struggling squad.

Game Time 7 PM ET, 5 MT, 4 PT Ivor Wynne Stadium TSN

Calgary 31 at Hamilton 20 22,635

Pre Game

CFL Video Preview

Globe and Mail-- Quarterbacks Glenn, Burris to meet for first time since switching teams
National Post-- Ticats' defence braces for high-ocatane Stampeders
Hamilton Spectator-- Glenn back in the saddle again as Stampeders' No. 1 QB
Calgary Herald-- Huff has plenty on his mind as Stamps face Ticats
Calgary Sun-- No friends on Stampeder game day

Team Backgrounders

Calgary Stampeders
Hamilton Tiger Cats

Post Game Game Recap Video Highlights

Globe and Mail-- Cornish runs wild as Stamps top Tiger Cats
National Post-- Stampeders' Cornish grinds Tiger-Cats down
Hamilton Spectator-- Former Ticats QB leads Stamps to 31-20 win
Toronto Sun-- Henry Burris, Kevin Glenn duel a bust
Calgary Herald-- Stamps grind out gritty 31-20 CFL win over Ticats
Calgary Sun-- Stamps pivot plays it safe

CFL 2012 Regular Season: Week 7

The final bye week games take place this weekend, as the Stamps, Tiger Cats, Esks and Riders work the weekend while the rest of the CFL's teams enjoy their mid summer break.

Week seven gets under way on Thursday night as the Stamps travel to Hamilton, a chance for Henry Burris to renew acquaintances with the Red and White and perhaps offer up a serving of How do yo like me now, Burris has been on fire in recent weeks for the Cats, while the Stamps are struggling their way through the early portion of the CFL season.

The Stamps have turned the ball over to Kevin Glenn, who returns to his old stomping grounds of Ivor Wynne no doubt hopeful to show the TiCats supporters that there is still a bit of life left in his arm and legs.

Hamilton stumbled out of the gate in 2012, but since their opening week has been evolving into the solid, hard nosed squad that many anticipated as the season began. Burris has quickly found the strengths of the Ti Cat offence and made good use of his offensive options, while defensively the Cats have once again made a trip to Ivor Wynn about as welcome as a drop in to have a root canal taken care of.

The second half of the weekend's work week features the Esks and the Riders getting together for another of their border crossing affairs.  The Riders who at one point were flirting with the concept of an undefeated season have had some serious Defensive lapses over the last few weeks, blowing incredible leads to lose in the dying moments, it will no doubt be to that which the Riders will be seeking to address over the break.

Consistency is the key for the Eskimos, who have shown flashes of progress this year only to have a stumble or two along the way. Untimely errors and turnovers have provided for the bulk of the Eskimo woes over the first six weeks, however, overall the Esks management must be pleased that their team is starting to get things together as quick as they have.

The off season trade of starter Ricky Ray is still a sore point with many of the Eskimo faithful, but Steven Jyles has had his moments of success (followed of course with a few glaring moments in the other direction) perhaps not to be the long term replacement for Ray, but providing enough of his work to keep the Eskimos in the hunt for playoff success and in a transition year that may be just what the Eskimos needed.

Previews and reviews of week seven can be found below.

Thursday, August 9-- Calgary 31 at Hamilton 20 22,635 
Friday, August 10-- Saskatchewan 20 at Edmonton 28 43,178 

Twelve Men Prognostications: Predicted Winners


Weekly Record

0 - 2

Overall Record

13 correct, 11 wrong

Gibson's Players of the Week (Week Six) August 7 , 2012

Week Six was a light work load for the CFL, with only two games scheduled as the CFL entered the bye weeks of August.  It made for less work for the CFL's Gibson's Awards panel, but there was still much to work with in all categories.

Brandon Whitaker kept the panel focused on the Als running game as he provided the spark to the Als victory over the Bombers.

Whitaker helped Montreal to collect the bulk of the awards with two highlights of the weekend, BC and Toronto sharing in the remaining two, leaving the Bombers shut out once again on the recognition tables. Press release

Offensive Player of the Week

Brandon Whitaker, Montreal RB

The Alouettes running game jumped to life on the feet of Brandon Whitaker, as the Als running back collected 115 yards on 18 carries, he added to the Als offensive totals with another 64 yards through the air. It marks the second time this year that Whitaker has been named to the Player of the Week rolls.

Defensive Player of the Month

Adam Bighill, BC Lions, LB

The Lions defensive corps have been carrying the bulk of the weight so far for BC this season, steady in and out of each week of play. Much of that credit goes to the imposing force that has become the Lions front line and none more so imposing that Adam Bighill, who collected seven tackles combined with one QB sack and an interception as the Lions topped the Argos in a defensive battle. It's Bighill's second time on the rolls this season.

Special Teams

Sean Whyte, Montreal Alouettes K

The one consistent factor for Montreal so far this season has been the Als kicker Sean Whyte, who seemingly provides the spark in the Als line up from week to week. This weekend past it was Whyte who once again contributed key points when required for Montreal, connecting on 4 of 4 field goal attempts and adding on three extra points, half of Montreal's totals on the day. A solid day's effort that was noted by the folks at the Gibson's awards.

Top Canadian

James Yurichuk, Toronto Argonauts, LB

The Argos are still looking to sort things out both offensively and defensively, but the progress on the defensive side of the ball has been impressive as the double Blue work into form this season. One bright light for the D side is James Yurichuk, who had a strong game against the Grey Cup Champ Lions on Monday, Yurichuk had five tackles and one interception on the day, a performance that gained him the Canadian player of the week.

CFL Video Zone

Players of the Week highlights (view here)

Top Ten plays of Week 6 (view here)

Ultimate Replay of Week 6 (view here)

Gibson's Players of the Week Archives for 2012

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Twelve Men Review-- Week Six (ending August 6)

The CFL bye weeks provided for but two games as the August long weekend played out,  the Bombers  once again ended up on the negative side of the CFL ledger as the Alouettes came to town on Friday and grabbed the two points offered up to them.

The weekend came to an end in a defensive struggle in Toronto as the Lions took advantage of some Argo gifts and then knuckled down to hold off the Double Blue, taking a win back to British Columbia with them for their CFL vacation period.

The reviews of the week can be found below.

Montreal at Winnipeg

The Alouettes put the breaks on a two game losing skid, overcoming a sense of the plot line of Planes, Trains and Automobiles to eventually make it to Montreal and then claim victory in a hard played contest at Canad Inn stadium

The Als defensive squad played some solid and hard hitting football (perhaps a little too hard in one particular instance) on the way to a 36 to 26 victory over the Bombers, setting up yet a new round of discussion in Winnipeg as to whether Alex Brink will be able to hold the fort for the Bombers while Buck Pierce recovers from his latest injury.

Fridays game was the first road win of the year for the Alouettes, a rather astounding game note considering the Als dominance of the league over the last few seasons, though perhaps indicative as to their early season struggles this year.

Much of the Als early scoring on Friday came from the foot of Sean Whyte who connected on four for four in the early portion of play, the Als offence not getting untracked until the final quarter, Anthony Calvillo frustrated by stalled drives that left the Als deep in Bomber territory but unable to capitalize with majors when the chance arrived.

The Bombers offence likewise wasn't particularly effective until the final quarter, Alex Brink struggled to gain momentum on the Bomber possessions and frequently felt the pressure of the Alouetted defence, in one instance in the form of a nasty hit that should have been called as a penalty but remarkably did not result in injury for the Bombers QB.

The Als eventually took charge of the score board, propelling their points to the 36 mark, the Bombers countered but the game at that point was into the final moments and the comeback, such as it was, would not be near enough to take down the Als.

Both teams take advantage of their bye week to rest up and review the many troublesome aspects of their game plan,  offering much to look at and try to fix before they next take to the field again.

A look back at the Bombers and Als can be found here

British Columbia at Toronto

It was a defensive battle at Rogers Centre on Monday, the Lions Defensive unit proving to be the stronger of the two unites on this day, though to their credit the Argos defensive play kept their team in the contest until the very end.

The Argos surrendered some gift points early on through turnovers and those proved to be the margin of victory in the 18-9 Lions win, Ricky Ray offering up a number of uncharacteristic interceptions that provided the Lions with opportunity and field position early on.

The inconsistency of the Argos offence proved to be the biggest obstacle to their success, whether it was through turnovers, badly timed penalties or apparent brain cramps on the field, the victory wasn't so much earned by the Lions but gifted at times.

The troubles of the offence on the day, made for a long day for the Double Blue defence which responded well to the challenge, keeping Travis Lulay off balance for the majority of the game, though when the opportunity for some offensive punch presented itself, Lulay took advantage of it, some nice passing setting up scoring plays for the Lions, who while not scoring often, scored enough when it counted.

The Lions defence clearly had a good day against Ricky Ray, setting back the Argos offensive plans a bit, after some impressive games over the last few weeks, the Lions one of the stronger Defensive units that the Argos have faced thus far, highlighted the sill many pieces that need to be fixed in Argoland for Toronto to be a major threat this year.

Monday's play provides both coaching staffs with items to ponder heading into their bye weeks, for the Lions more of a case of tweaking some of their offensive plans, for the Argos perhaps requiring a bit more thought about overall plans and how to bring both the offence and defence closer to parity as far as game long performances go.

The review of the Argos and Lions can be found here.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

CFL Game Day: British Columbia at Toronto (August 6, 2012)

The long weekend comes to an end with the final of the week's two CFL matches showcasing the Lions and Argos, a chance to see if the Lions have indeed returned to their championship form after last weeks convincing victory over the Stamps.

For the home crowd, the wrap to week six will provide the Argos with another opportunity to put some distance between first place in the East and the pack, Toronto has been gaining confidence as each week moves forward in the CFL season, Ricky Ray in particular proving to be a difference maker in Double Blue as he finds his form with the Argos.

The visit by the Lions a very helpful measuring stick for head coach Scott Milanovich to see if his Argos improvement thus far is on track to battle the CFL's most rounded squad.

The Lions defensive play has been fairly strong all season so far, the offence taking a bit longer to shake off the rust of the off season, though the indications from last weekend in Calgary is that Travis Lulay may finally have sorted out the moving parts for the Lions offensive play.

With a bye week beckoning, both the Argos and Lions will be looking to head into their week off on a winning note.

Game Time 5 PM ET, 2 PT, Rogers Centre, TSN

British Columbia 18 at Toronto 9 (22,841)

Pre Game

CFL Video Preview

Globe and Mail-- Former Argos Shell and Parker both looking forward to homecoming
National Post-- Lions' Andrew Harris strives for sustained excellence
Toronto Sun-- Argos' Watkins a quick learner
Toronto Star-- Toronto Argonauts match up well with Grey Cup champion B. C. Lions
Vancouver Province-- Jarious Jackson, late of the Lions, has a new take on former foe Ricky Ray..
Vancouver Sun-- Argos' comeback story inspires Lions Stanley Franks

Team Backgrounders

British Columbia Lions
Toronto Argonauts

Post Game Game Recap Video Highlights

Globe and Mail-- Backup QB Reilly guides Lions past Argos
National Post-- Inconsistent Argos devoured by Lions
Toronto Sun-- Lions get past Argos
Toronto Star--Toronto Argonauts fall to B. C. Lions 18-9 at Rogers Centre
Vancouver Province-- Lions roar past Argos in 18-9 win
Vancouver Sun-- Lions down Argos as Ernest Jackson steps up

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Perhaps the term upper body injury would suffice

While we imagine it's a painful thing to have happen to you and most likely wasn't an enjoyable thing to endure during the game, getting listed in the post game injury notes perhaps isn't what Pierre Luc Labbe will want to remember from Friday night's loss to the Alouettes.

Linebacker Pierre-Luc Labbe suffered a dislocated right pinkie on special teams but did his best to play through the pain.

That one line report in the Winnipeg Sun will no doubt be posted prominently in the Bomber locker room until they next take the field in a few weeks time.

Especially, considering the near decapitation that QB Alex Brink suffered on the missed call in the fourth quarter, which saw Als linebacker Rod Davis go unpunished for what most in the stadium and watching on TV would consider as blatant a head shot as we've seen this year.

The Bombers in particular were a little annoyed that the Davis hit wasn't called, when they have been penalized on similar plays in the past.

Still credit the Blue for full disclosure on the injury list, if Chris Walby were still handing out Walby's Warrior awards, we imagine the nominations from his team mates would be coming in for Pierre Luc,  good natured fodder for some tough times for the Blue Bombers these days.

Friday, August 03, 2012

CFL Game Day: Montreal at Winnipeg (August 3, 2012)

Winnipeg fans have yet to see their team lose at home, of course that's tempered by the facts that they've only played one home game thus far and that the Blue and Gold haven't won on the road, still if you're looking for positives on a rough start, undefeated at home has a nice ring to it.

Sure, the home season opener was a close call, if Steven Jyles hadn't fumbled the ball heading into the Bombers end of the field there's probably a good chance that last weeks result would be a little bit different, but, in November the only thing the fans will remember will be the Bombers victory, the Bombers no doubt hoping to add to the positive side of the ledger tonight when they take on the Alouettes.

The Bombers woes thus far have been pretty well documented, with starter Buck Pierce seemingly on the injury list in perpetuity, the offence has been handed over to Alex Brink who would seem to still be on a bit of a CFL learning curve in the role of a starter.

Tonight's game marks the third straight start for Brink, a spot which he may hold at least until September as Buck Pierce recovers from a troubled ankle, with each start he is gaining more confidence, though as the Winnipeg Free Press explains that's not something that seems to be a problem for the Oregonian, more importantly perhaps with each game he's giving his coaches and team mates more cause for confidence as well.

The Alouettes have had their struggles as well, though for the most part they have been competitive in their losses, though there are some signs that all is not well in Montreal for 2012.

The Als troubles are perhaps not quite as bad as those of their chosen air carrier for the week (a ten hour layover at Montreal Airport had the Als wondering if they would arrive in time for Friday's game), but there are a few things that have caused fans to take notice and fear that the glory days may finally have come to an end.

Beyond the obvious injured state of Anthony Calvillo, who is clearly not playing at 100 per cent, the Als have had some struggles in the early portion of the CFL season, holding a losing record for the first time since Marc Trestman came to town back in 2008.

Yet, Calvillo, Trestman and the rest of the Als still feel confident that the remainder of the season can be a positive experience for the Red, White and Bleu, finding improvement in all phases of their game with each passing week.

No panic in Montreal, as one would expect for a team that has been one of the most dominant of squads in the CFL over the last ten years. The Als will be calling on some of that confidence and past experience to keep pace with the front runners in the East through the summer and remain within striking distance as November approaches.

Game Time 7 PM CT, 8 ET, 5 PT CanadInn Stadium TSN

Montreal 36 at Winnipeg 26 (29,533)

Pre Game

CFL Video Preview

Globe and Mail-- Bombers seek their second win of the season when Alouettes visit
National Post-- Alouettes staying positive throughout early struggles
Winnipeg Free Press-- Winnipeg's Brink to make 3rd straight start as Bombers host Montreal
Winnipeg Sun-- Bombers sans Turner against Als
Montreal Gazette-- Als must win despite jet lag

Team Backgrounders

Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Montreal Alouettes

Post Game Game Recap Video Highlights

Globe and Mail-- Richardson's two touchdowns lead Alouettes over struggling Bombers
National Post-- Field goals make the difference in Alouettes win over Blue Bombers 
Winnipeg Sun-- Als beat Bombers 36-26
Winnipeg Free Press-- Bombers need help with basics
Montreal Gazette-- Als end two game losing streak

CFL 2012 Regular Season: Week 6

Thinking that perhaps Canadians will be gathered around the TV watching the Olympics, or more likely that TSN is so clogged with Olympic programming that the CFL may have been too large a burden to bear, the CFL has gone into its summer vacation mode.

Splitting up the usual four games a week into two games per week over the next two weeks, the first week split by the long weekend.

Week six gets underway in Winnipeg, where the Blue Bombers still savouring their successful staving off of the Eskimos last minute drive last week, will put their winning streak of one on the line tonight against the struggling Montreal Alouettes.

It's a good test for both teams, for the Bombers to see if they have solved a few of their trouble spots of the first four weeks and for Montreal to determine if they can reverse a worrisome trend that has highlighted some of the cracks in the Alouettes line up.

A win for the Bombers would offer up some evidence to the home crowd that all is not lost in the 2012 season, bringing the Bombers even with the Als in the East standings, still within striking distance of first place.

Likewise the Als could improbably find themselves tied for first place in the East with a victory of their own. More importantly though, a win for the Als would serve to quiet some of the concern starting to percolate in Montreal from both the press and the fans.

The weekend wrap up game comes on Monday, when the Argonauts hope to see all those cottage exiles return in time to see them take on the British Columbia Lions.  The Argos have played more consistent football as the season moves forward this year, growing more confident by the week as Ricky Ray begins to get a better understanding of what he has to work with on the Argo offence.

Defensively the Argos are holding the fort, making life difficult for opposing offensive units, as good a test for the Argos defence as they may get comes this weekend with the Lions. Travis Lulay finally unleashed his offence last week in Calgary, a session we're sure the Argos viewed with much interest.

Previews and reviews of both games can be found below

Friday, August 3-- Montreal 36 at Winnipeg 26  29,533
Monday, August 6-- British Columbia 18 at Toronto 9  22,841

Twelve Men Prognostications: Predicted Winners

British Columbia

Weekly Record

1 - 1

Overall Record

13 correct, 9 wrong

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Gibson's Players of the Month Archive 2012

Our archive of the Gibson's Players of the Month for the 2012 season.

Players of the Month for September
Players of the Month for August
Players of the Month for July

Selections by Player

Travis Lulay-- British Columbia-- September
J. C. Sherritt-- Edmonton-- September
Luca Congi-- Hamilton-- September
Jon Cornish-- Calgary-- September

Anthony Calvillo-- Montreal- August
J. C. Sherritt -- Edmonton-- August
Chris Williams -- Hamilton-- August
Jon Corinish-- Calgar-- August

Henry Burris - Hamilton - July
J. C. Sherritt - Edmonton - July
Chris Williams - Hamilton - July
Andrew Harris - British Columbia - July

Selections by Team

Montreal --------------- 1
Toronto ---------------- 
Hamilton --------------   4
Winnipeg -------------- 
Saskatchewan --------- 
Edmonton -------------- 3
Calgary -----------------  2
British Columbia ------ 2

Repeat Winners this year

Jon Cornish, Calgary (2)
J. C. Sherritt, Edmonton (3)
Chris Williams, Hamilton (2)