Sunday, February 13, 2005

Crazy Foolish Lunatics?

Stability it's the goal of any organization, something that's even more important to an organization that has suffered some rather shaky years in the last decade. So can only wonder as to what madness has gripped some of the owners of franchises of the Canadian Football League.

Reports this week have been leaked out that some of the CFL franchisees are not particularly fond of current CFL commissioner Tom Wright. Wright who is in the final year of his three year contract has been a rather steadying influence over the normally Neanderthal nine. Over the years keeping the nine separate interests that call themselves owners on the same page has been about as easy as herding cats. Each ownernship group tends to go off on their own thing, occasionally considering the good of the whole but for the most part exhibiting some serious me me me attitudes.

The ringleaders in this particular possible coup are BC Lions owner David Braley, Hamilton Tiger Cats owner Bob Young and Montreal Alouettes owner Robert Wetenhall. While Braley has for the most part been a busy guy making his opinion known since buying the Leos, he has also ponied up the cash to keep the Lions alive on the coast for a number of years now. But if memory serves correct he was the lead headhunter when they went looking for a new commissioner, so if he's unhappy with Wright one wonder just what it may take to please him. Perhaps he wants the job himself, that way at least he'll quit finding fault with the guy at the helm.

Young who has been described as nice guy if a tad eccentric at times, has a vision as to where he wants to take the Tiger Cats, so maybe he just wants to broaden the horizon. Regardless with only a year on the job, is it time for him to start to flex a muscle? Wetenhall on the other hand has been a pretty faithful owner of the Als over the years, silently taking some hits financially as he tries to expand Molson stadium to bring in some cash relief.

There has been no word on what exactly Wright has done to annoy the trio, (perhaps salary cap controversies are the lightning rod who knows) but the timing of it all seems rather strange. After so many years in the wilderness struggling for its very survival, the CFL has finally become a high visibility product in Canada. With excellent TV numbers, increasingly fuller stadiums and a buzz that has people actually talking football over bank accounts the league hasn't been this strong in years. Why they would want to mess up a good thing is anyone's guess.

We would hate to the think that the CFL is returning to the bad old days where every step forward was followed by six or seven steps backwards. The league has come so far in the fast few years, it would be a shame if they threw it all away on pointless ego games.

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