Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes!

Our section dedicated to the on again, off again (mostly Toronto centred) fascination with bringing an NFL franchise to Canada.

A topic that has popped up on the Canadian Football radar  since the 1970's (when Montreal was the anticipated domino for Canadian football) but as of yet has provided for little more than exhibition football and the odd regular season game in Toronto.

However, the drum beat does go on and so we'll catalogue the latest offerings below.

Oct 9-- Globe and Mail-- NFL will do everything it can to keep Bills in Buffalo
May 6-- Globe and Mail-- Doug Ford apologizes to New Orleans football fans
May 6-- Toronto Sun-- Councillor Ford talks football again, gets hate mail
May 6-- Toronto politician aims for NFL franchise north of border
May 6-- CBS Sports-- Toronto Councillor: Um, never mind about Saints
May 6-- USA Today-- Saints reject idea they're on list for relocation to Toronto
May 5-- CBS Sports-- Toronto wants an NFL team, thinks it could happen
May 5-- Fox Sports-- Jags could move to Toronto, politician says
May 5-- Toronto Life-- Doug Ford's NFL plans just got (slightly) less crazy
May 5-- Orland Sentinel-- Toronto Jaguars? City official says Jags may be in play ...
May 5-- The Score-- Toronto Councillor on NFL: "They can't keep ignoring a market ..."
May 5-- New Orleans .com-- Toronto councillor apologizes for New Orleans Saints remarks
May 5-- So called Toronto NFL plan has flaws beyond reason 
May 5-- New Orleans Examiner-- The Toronto Saints? Not likely - rumours shot down ...
May 5-- ESPN-- Saints to Toronto? Not a chance
April 1-- Globe and Mail-- Bills trying to find ways to raise their profile in Toronto
March 29--National Post-- Toronto experiment paying off for Bills
January 21-- Globe and Mail-- Rob Ford's brother says four groups seek to bring NFL team to Toronto
January 21-- Toronto Sun-- Toronto's dreaming the impossible NFL dream
January 21-- Toronto Sun- Councillors take sides on NFL in Toronto
January 21-- Toronto Star-- Ford brothers revive dream of NFL franchise in Toronto
January 21-- Toronto Sun-- Argos Prez: Mayor can keep jersey
January 21-- Toronto Sun-- T. O. NFL team 'not a pipe dream'

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