Thursday, July 30, 2015

CFL Week Six

Week six launches with a Thursday night match up between two teams that will be looking for a way to avoid late game disappointments.

The Lions with a 2 and 2 recored and the Bombers who sit at 2 and 3 on the year so far, have both found ways to lose games that should have been theirs for the W column.

With late game miscues allowing competitors to not only make the fourth quarters interesting, but to dominate the two western squads in a most disturbing fashion.

The final fifteen minutes of recent weeks, the kind of game that leaves coaches up late into the early morning trying to understand how and why certain victory was taken away.

Friday night brings the struggling Saskatchewan Roughriders into Edmonton, with the path ahead for the Riders not easy, now moving on to Quarterback number three in just six weeks, the latest casualty is Kevin Glenn who was placed on the six game injured list this week, leaving the reins to Brett Smith who will be looking to reverse the Riders horrid fate thus far in 2015.

The Eskimos on the other hand are playing with some renewed confidence after a convincing trouncing of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last week, a successful evening that launched them into top spot of the CFL West.

Saturday night features the rested Alouettes taking on an snarly Calgary Stampeders squad at McMahon Stadium, the Als had the bye week to rest up with and nurse some injuries, while the Stamps suffered their own late game woes as the RedBlacks clawed their way back into the win column with an impressive final fifteen minutes of play at TD Place Stadium in Ottawa.

The loss will have festered on the Stamps over the last week, making for a team that will no doubt take out some of their frustrations on the visiting Als.

The week wraps up on Monday, with the long weekend coming to an end with a welcome home to the travelling Bedouins of the CFL the Argos and the Ti Cats, owing to the Pan Am games and FIFA women's soccer of June and July, both teams have been road travellers for the start of the season.

Monday finds the ages old rivalry of Cats and Argos returning to Hamilton and a Monday evening showdown at Tim Horton's Field. The Cats will be looking to pull themselves into first place tie with the Argos, while Toronto has designs on keeping their road success on track and grabbing undisputed first place status with a weekend victory.

Below our archive for week number six.

Check back regularly through the weekend for updated material.

Thursday, July 30

British Columbia Lions at Winnipeg Blue Bombers
7:30 PM CT, 5:30 PT, 8:30 ET (TSN)

Game Preview

Bombers QB Willy to start Thursday
B. C. Lions' coach Jeff Tedford looks ready to mix things up

Game Reviews:

CFL. ca Game Wrap
CFL. ca Stats Review Highlights


Friday, July 31

Saskatchewan Roughriders at Edmonton
7 PM MT/ST, 9 ET, 6 PT (TSN)

Riders have faith in Smith
Eskimos' no-nonsens coach helps Edmonton get its groove back

Game Reviews: Game Recap  Stats Review Highlights


Saturday, August 1

Montreal Alouettes at Calgary
6 PM MT, 7 ET, 4 PT (TSN)

Game Preview

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights


Monday, August 3

Toronto Argonauts at Hamilton Tiger Cats
5 PM ET, 2 PM PT (TSN)

Game Preview

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights

CFL Players to the Month Archives 2015

Our Archive of the Selections for the Shaw Top Performers of the Month for the 2015 CFL Season.

There's a shift in focus this year for what used to be the Players of the Week format, for 2015 the league has introduced the Shaw CFL Top performers, with points awarded for first, second and third place selections, with a fourth place award selected by the fans through twitter re-tweets.

As well, the monthly recipients will see their totals added to their overall results, making a monthly victory a key aspect as to which players may be collecting trophies at the end of the season.

You can find the overall listings of the week to week and monthly points totals from our Weekly Archive.

The Monthly list of results for 2015 can be reviewed below

Selections by Player
(click on the Month to see our review)


June 30-- Trevor Harris, Toronto, 200 points 
June 30-- Marcus Howard, Edmonton, 100 points
June 30-- Rakeem Cato, Montreal, 25 points

Selections by Team

Montreal -- 1

Ottawa -- 0
Toronto --  1
Hamilton -- 0
Winnipeg -- 0
Saskatchewan - 0 
Edmonton -- 1
Calgary --
British Columbia -- 

Top Performers Leader board

Monthly totals

Trevor Harris, Toronto -- 200 points
Marcus Howard, Edmonton -- 100 points
Rakeem Cato, Montreal -- 50 points

CFL Players of the Month for July

The fast start for Trevor Harris through July has led the Toronto Argonaut to the top of the CFL's Top Player of the Month listings, with Harris picking up the valuable 200 bonus points in the year long competition for national honours.

Having led the Argos to an impressive 3 and 1 record, all of them road games through July, Harris secured himself the highlight reel status that is required to rise above the pack for the selection panel.

The Eskimos Marcus Howard made the case for defence for much of July, led mainly by his rising sack totals and tough nosed football on the Eskimos defensive unit.

Rakem Cato secured the third place spot for the Alouettes, as the Als back up QB stepped in nicely through July to lead Montreal to a pair of victories through the first month of the season.

All three players will have their bonus points added to the Top Performers listings through to the end of the season.

The CFL's Shaw Top Performers for July 

1st -- Trevor Harris  -- QB --Toronto Argonauts -- 200 points

2nd -- Marcus Howard -- DE -- Edmonton Eskimos -- 100 Points

3rd --  Rakeem Cato  -- QB -- Montreal Alouettes -- 50 points review of the Players of the Month

Twelve Men on the Field Archive of the Shaw Top Performers Listings for the 2014 season

CFL Top Performers: Week Five

Such was the nature of the Ottawa RedBlacks takedown of the defending Grey Cup Champion Calgary Stampeders last week, that the RedBlacks swept all three positions from the Shaw Top Performers for Week Five.

Henry Burris led the trio of RedBlacks topping the polls thanks to an Ottawa franchise passing record  as he led the Ottawa comeback to victory over the Stamps on Friday evening.

The defensive play for Ottawa also gained recognition as the selection panel took note of the work of Aston Whiteside, the RedBlacks Defensive Lineman made life a misery for the Stamps backfield, recording two tackles, a pair of sacks, two forced fumbles and fumble recovery for his night's work.

Rounding out the RedBlack sweep is Chris Williams who recorded seven receptions for a total of 162 yards on the night, including a spellbinding 84 yard touchdown catch at the midway point of the final quarter.

No results from the fan voting for week number two have been released as of yet.

The CFL's Shaw Top Performers for Week Three 

1st -- Henry Burris  -- QB -- Ottawa RedBlacks -- 100 points

2nd -- Aston Whiteside -- DL -- Ottawa RedBlacks -- 50 Points

3rd --  Chris Williams -- WR -- Ottawa RedBlacks  -- 25 points

Fan Vote -- Ballot Results not released yet--10 Points review of the Players of the Week

Twelve Men on the Field Archive of the Shaw Top Performers Listings for the 2014 season

Friday, July 24, 2015

CFL Week Five

Things don't appear to be getting any easier for the Ottawa RedBlacks thanks to week five's match up from the CFL schedule maker.

Having had some serious struggles agains the Edmonton Eskimos over the last two weekends, the RedBlacks will now have to turn their attention to the souther Alberta branch of smash mouth football as the Stampeders make their trip into TD Place Stadium this evening, marking the first of the Friday Night Football doubleheader.

The Stamps who started to get into their offensive groove last week thanks to the galloping Jon Cornish actually still think that the best offensive output is yet to come, not a good thing to hear in the RedBlack locker room, where the already weary Ottawa D corps will have to find some more resolve to shut down the Stamps attack.

Game two this evening takes us out to BC Place, where the Lions will welcome the Road Warrior Tour of 2015 Argonaut squad to the coast, though of late the Argos find the road to be a welcoming place, having put together a 2 and 1 record so far this year without once putting a foot on the Rogers Field turf in regular season play.

The Lions are also sporting 2 and 1 records, living large off their remarkable come from behind victory over the Rides of last weekend, when they snatched what had appeared to be a safe and home victory from the Riders making those who left BC Place early sorry that they bugged out on their team so fast.

Saturday finds the Winnipeg Blue Bombers continuing their exploration of the Alberta territory, having lost a heart breaking one point game to Calgary last week, the Blue will be looking to make the Eskimos current winning streak a thing of the past.

Sunday finds the Tiger Cats in Saskatchewan, where the Riders will be chomping at the bit to get on the winning side for a change this season, as noted last weekend and from some of their games previous this year, the fourth quarter is quickly becoming the Riders graveyard. Hamilton however, most likely won't be content to wait until the final frame of play to start digging some ditches for the Riders to stumble into.

Below our archive for week number five.

Check back regularly through the weekend for updated material.

Friday, July 24

Calgary Stampeders 26 at Ottawa RedBlacks 29

Stamps offence heads into Ottawa looking for breakout game

Game Reviews: Game Recap  Stats Review Highlights


Friday, July 24

Toronto Argonauts 30 at British Columbia Lions 27

Tedford touch oxidizes offence for Lions

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights


Saturday, July 25

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 3 at Edmonton Eskimos 32

Bombers say they have flushed last week's loss and have eyes fixed forward
Eskimos Nichols hopes to follow in Willy's footsteps

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights


Sunday, July 26 

Hamilton Tiger Cats 31 at Saskatchewan Roughriders 21

CFL Top Performers: Week Four

Shakir Bell grabbed the top spot in this week salute to the Shaw Top Performers of the CFL, a week that saw a sweep of all three placements by western based teams.

The Eskimo running back loomed large on the field over two weekend, as the Eskimos swept the RedBlacks in consecutive weekends, thanks somewhat to the rushing totals that Bell put on the stats board, carrying the ball 18 times last weekend recording 144 yards on the rush, the most so far for any player.

The running game was key in Calgary as well as Jon Cornish once again dominated the play against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Cornish was selected second overall on the week of play thanks to his 18 carries for 120 yards against the Blue.

And finally the defensive side of the ball gets some long overdue recognition from the selection panel as Defensive end Marcus Howard claims spot number three of the week, Howard has been a key ingredient to the Eskimos ability to shutdown Ottawa over the last two weeks, with his four tackles and a pair of sacks at timely moments one of the reasons that the RedBlacks struggled as they di.

No results from the fan voting for week number two have been released as of yet.

The CFL's Shaw Top Performers for Week Three 

1st -- Shakir Bell  -- RB -- Edmonton Eskimos -- 100 points

2nd -- Jon Cornish -- RB -- Calgary Stampeders -- 50 Points

3rd --  Marcus Howard -- DE -- Edmonton Eskimos  -- 25 points

Fan Vote -- Ballot Results not released yet--10 Points review of the Players of the Week

Twelve Men on the Field Archive of the Shaw Top Performers Listings for the 2014 season

Friday, July 17, 2015

Fines and Misdemeanors: The CFL's Enforcement Branch 2015

Our running archive on suspensions, fines and other notes from the league office on the theme of punishment for team offences during the 2015 season.

The league does not disclose the amount of the fines that are assessed during the season.

Week Five

Notes from the CFL Head Office

Hamilton Tiger Cats -- Brandon Banks -- Unnecessary Roughness (Late hit)
British Columbia Lions -- Jason Foster -- Unnecessary Roughness (Low hit from behind)
Edmonton Eskimos -- Eddie Steele -- Unnecessary Roughness (Low hit)
Ottawa RedBlacks -- Jacques Washington -- Unnecessary Roughness (Leading with his head)

Week Four

Notes from the CFL Head Office

Calgary Stampeders --  Eric Rogers -- Unnecessary Roughness (Low Hit)
Saskatchewan Roughriders -- Spencer Moore -- Unnecessary Roughness (Leading with the helmet)

Week Three

Notes from the CFL Head Office

Ottawa RedBlacks -- Kalonji Kashama -- Roughing the Passer (Lunging with head)
Edmonton Eskimos -- Deon Lacey -- Unnecessary Roughness (Dangerous tackle)
Toronto Argonauts -- Cleyon Laing -- Unnecessary Roughness (Late Hit)
Toronto Argonauts -- Devin Smith -- Unnecessary Roughness
Winnipeg Blue Bombers -- Dominic Picard -- Unnecessary Roughness

Week Two

Notes from the CFL Head Office

Saskatchewan Roughriders -- Chris Best -- Low Block
Hamilton Tiger-Cats -- Adrian Tracy -- Unnecessary Roughness (Leading with crown of helmet)

Week One

Notes from the CFL Head Office

Hamilton Tiger-Cats -- Jonathan Langa -- Unnecessary Roughness (Out of bounds hit)

Repeat Offenders

None to Report at this time

Team Totals

Total Fines and/or Suspensions  -- 14

Montreal --
Ottawa -- 2
Toronto -- 2
Hamilton -- 3
Winnipeg -- 1
Saskatchewan -- 2
Edmonton -- 2
Calgary -- 1
British Columbia  -- 1

CFL Top Performers: Week Three

Travis Lulay led the Lions to an improbably fourth quarter comeback over the weekend, a finally fifteen minutes of football that served to remind Lions fans of the leadership qualities that are now back in place with Lulay's return from injury.

Such was his performance, that  Lulay secured top honours for week three of the CFL Season as a Top Performer.

The Alouettes S. J. Green continues to shine in the Als receiving corps, with the talented Als slot back having a career high in receiving yards in the Als road victory over the Blue Bombers.

Weston Dressler has long been considered one of the most reliable of receivers to wear Rider Green and he continues on with that reputation, even in the face of some challenging early struggles for the Riders. Such was his work against the Lions on Friday night that he grabbed the final Top Performers placement for the week.

No results from the fan voting for week number two have been released as of yet.

The CFL's Shaw Top Performers for Week Three 

1st -- Travis Lulay  -- QB -- British Columbia Lions -- 100 points

2nd -- S. J. Green -- WR -- Montreal Alouettes -- 50 Points

3rd --  Weston Dressler -- WR -- Saskatchewan Roughriders  -- 25 points

Fan Vote -- Ballot Results not released yet--10 Points review of the Players of the Week

Twelve Men on the Field Archive of the Shaw Top Performers Listings for the 2014 season

Thursday, July 16, 2015

CFL Week Four

The learning curve for the most part is over for CFL teams, the first three weeks of picking up on the new rules put in place this year, or for those in their first year of CFL play a better understanding of the rhythm and pace of the game now perhaps has them more in step with the veterans.

Week four is the point where coaches have also discovered where there strengths and weaknesses may be and whether the need for change is required before things get to far down the road as far as the season goes.

Injuries however continue to be the wild card for the year, whether its the marquee players sent to the sidelines for the season, or newcomers barely tested in CFL play absent from the field for extended periods of time.

How teams juggle their lineups and answer the challenges will offer up a glimpse for their fans as to their fates for the remaining three months of play in the regular season.

One month in, everyone should now be on the same page, some teams however still have a fair amount of work ahead to meet up with the challenges that have already been tossed at them four weeks into the season.

The week starts with a well rested Tiger Cat squad (they had the bye in week three) heading into Montreal, with both teams looking to catch the Argos and Riders who currently rule the CFL east.

Ottawa will be seeking a bounce back from their efforts of last week, with a return engagement with the Eskimos this time at TD Place stadium and in front of some home town fans who they will be looking to show that last week was not an indication that old ways were returning on the field for the RedBlacks.

Another rematch is the nightcap to the Friday Night Football doubleheader as the Riders host the Lions, with Saskatchewan looking to avoid the late game breakdowns that have snatched victories from them in recent weeks.

The fourth week of the CFL season will come to an end on Saturday in Calgary where the Stamps will be looking to claim sole possession of the top spot in the CFL West as they host the Blue Bombers at McMahon Stadium.

Below our archive for week number four.

Check back regularly through the weekend for updated material.

Thursday, July 16

Hamilton Tiger Cats 13 at Montreal Alouettes 17

Game Reviews: Game Recap  Stats Review Highlights


Friday, July 17

Edmonton Eskimos 23 at Ottawa RedBlacks 12

Ottawa RedBlacks 'pumped' to score some revenge on Edmonton

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights


Friday, July 17

British Columbia Lions 27 at Saskatchewan Roughriders 24

McCallum not giving new Leos kicker Leone any tips

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights


Saturday, July 18 

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 25 at Calgary Stampeders 26

Monday, July 13, 2015

CFL Top Performers: Week Two

Trevor Harris gains recognition for his work with the Argos and from his first place finish and 100 points for week number two, vaults into the overall lead for the 2015 season.

For week number two, QB's once again claimed their share of recognition, with two placements in the top three spots, as Harris and Drew Willy caught the attention of the selection committee.

Wide receiver Jeff Fuller from the Stampeders, grabbed the middle spot of this weeks review, breaking the lock that the signal callers had on the week.

No results from the fan voting for week number two have been released as of yet.

The CFL's Shaw Top Performers for Week Two 

1st -- Trevor Harris -- QB -- Toronto Argonauts -- 100 points

2nd -- Jeff Fuller -- WR -- Calgary Stampeders -- 50 Points

3rd -- Drew Willy -- QB -- Saskatchewan Roughriders  -- 25 points

Fan Vote -- Ryan Smith -- WR -- Saskatchewan Roughriders --10 Points review of the Players of the Week

Twelve Men on the Field Archive of the Shaw Top Performers Listings for the 2014 season

CFL Players of the Week Archive 2015

Our Archive of the Selections for the Shaw Top Performers of the Week for the 2015 CFL Season.

There's a shift in focus this year for what used to be the Players of the Week format, for 2015 the league has introduced the Shaw CFL Top performers, with points awarded for first, second and third place selections, with a fourth place award selected by the fans through twitter re-tweets.

The new direction would appear to shifting the recognition towards the offensive side of the game, with the prospect of top offensive performers each week finding their way into the rankings, something that we imagine won't be welcomed warmly by those on the other side of the ball.

As well, gone it seems is recognition of the Top Canadian player of the week, which was a popular item from previous years and served to build up recognition of some of the rising Canadian stars of the game.

How the changes will be received will be worth watching as the season counts down towards the Grey Cup and the tally of the final votes for the Top Performers through the year.

The league explained the process with the first week of selections of June 30th.

What is the program?

The Shaw CFL Top Performers recognizes weekly and monthly player achievement in the CFL and is separate from our year end awards. 

How does it work?

Each week and month during the CFL Regular Season a panel of CFL experts vote on the three top CFL Performers across the league in order. Those players are awarded points for each time they win. Then we throw it out to you, the fans, to Retweet our Twitter posts announcing the winners. 

The player with the most Retweets will receive extra points and be crowned the Shaw Fans' Choice of the Week. 

Remember, once the next Week begins voting ends; so get your RTs in fast! 

What is the scoring system? 

Here are the points for each award winner. 

For the Players of the Month Selections for the 2015 Season click here.

Selections by Player
(click on the Week to see our review)

Week Five (ending July 26)

July 27 -- Henry Burris, Ottawa, 100 points
July 27 -- Aston Whiteside, Ottawa, 50 points
July 27 -- Chris Williams, Ottawa, 25 points
July 27 -- To Be Announced -- 10 points

Week Four (ending July 19)

July 20 -- Shakir Bell, Edmonton, 100 points
July 20 -- Jon Cornish, Calgary, 50 points
July 20 -- Marcus Howard, Edmonton, 25 points
July 20 --  Shakir Bell, Edmonton -- 10 points

Week Three (ending July 14)

July 14 -- Travis Lulay, British Columbia, 100 Points
July 14 -- S. J. Green, Montreal,  50 points
July 14 -- Weston Dressler, Saskatchewan, 25  points
July 14 -- Weston Dressler, Saskatchewan,  10 points

Week Two (ending July 5)

July 5 -- Trevor Harris, Toronto, 100 points
July 5 -- Jeff Fuller, Calgary, 50 points
July 5 -- Drew Willy, Saskatchewan, 25 points
July 5 --  Ryan Smith, Saskatchewan -- 10 points

Week One (ending June 30)

June 30-- Rakeem Cato, Montreal, 100 points 
June 30-- Ryan Smith, Saskatchewan, 50 points
June 30-- Trevor Harris, Toronto, 25 points
June 30-- Drew Willy, Saskatchewan, Fan Vote, 10 points

Selections by Team

Montreal -- 2

Ottawa -- 0
Toronto --  2
Hamilton -- 0
Winnipeg -- 0
Saskatchewan -- 5 
Edmonton --  2
Calgary -- 2
British Columbia -- 1 

Top Performers Leader board

(totals include those selected as Monthly Players)

Trevor Harris, Toronto -- 325 points
Rakeem Cato, Montreal -- 150 points
Marcus Howard, Edmonton -- 125 points
Travis Lulay, British Columbia -- 100 points
Shakir Bell, Edmonton -- 100 points 
S. J. Green, Montreal -- 50 points
Jeff Fuller, Calgary -- 50 points
Jon Cornish, Calgary -- 50 points
Ryan Smith, Saskatchewan -- 60 points
Drew Willy, Saskatchewan -- 35 points
Weston Dressler, Saskatchewan -- 35 points

CFL Top Performers : Week One

The CFL debut of Rakeem Cato in week number one caught the attention of pretty well everyone from fans in the stands and viewers at home, to the panel of judges that this year will select the Shaw Top Performers each week.

Cato's strong performance in Week One delivered him the debut 1st Place for the 2015 season.

With the CFL revising its Players of the Week process, it would seem that there will be much attention directed towards the offensive side of the game for this year. Something that may not sit very well with defensive players, who will be wondering what they have to do gain a little respect.

For the first rankings of the new season, the CFL panel settled on two quarterbacks in Cato and Trevor Harris and a wide receiver in Ryan Smith for the awarding of points in week one.

With the Fans taking to social media to salute the QB position by giving Drew Willy the most tweets to secure him the Fans vote in week one.

The CFL's Shaw Top Performers for Week One 

1st -- Rakeem Cato -- QB -- Montreal Alouettes -- 100 points

2nd -- Ryan Smith -- WR -- Saskatchewan Roughriders -- 50 Points

3rd -- Trevor Harris -- QB -- Toronto Argonauts -- 25 points

Fan Vote -- Drew Willy -- Saskatchewan Roughriders --10 Points review of the Players of the Week

Twelve Men on the Field Archive of the Shaw Top Performers Listings for the 2014 season

Friday, July 10, 2015

CFL Headlines 2015

We highlight the top story of the day from the CFL, providing a snapshot of what fans are talking about when it comes to developments in the nine cities of the league.

From June through to the Grey Cup your one, "need to know" story can be found below.


July 29 -- B. C. Lions' coach Jeff Tedford looks ready to mix things up
July 28 -- Eskimos' no-nonsense coach helps Edmonton get its groove back
July 19 -- One Step Forward, two steps back for Blue Bombers
July 18 -- Stampeders defeat Blue Bombers in squeaker
July 17 -- More of the same from the Riders
July 16 -- Turnovers, penalties hurt Ticats in 17-13 loss to Alouettes
July 15 -- Ticats: 18 for 18? It’s possible, Banks says
July 14 -- Lions don’t need another hero — but they do need their QB
July 13 -- Stamps hang on for big 25-20 win over Argos
July 12 -- Argo QB Trevor Harris hoping to do some damage while filling in for legend Ricky Ray
July 11 -- Leone's Leg, Lulay's arm lead Lions to "crazy" win over Roughriders
July 10 -- Matt Nichols leads Eskimos to huge win over RedBlacks in home opener
July 9 -- Rakeem Cato could be the real deal, says Matt Dunigan
July 8 -- Argonauts shaken up by injury to Andre Durie
July 7 -- CFL fines Tiger-Cats' Adrian Tracy for hit on Bombers QB Drew Willy
July 6 -- Eskimos head coach Chris Johnson says he's ready to substitute at QB if necessary
July 5 -- Argos upend Riders with OT comeback
July 4 -- CFL quarterbacks are taking a pounding
July 3 -- Alouettes and their rookie Quarterback dominate Stampeders for improbably 29-11 win
July 2 -- Tiger Cats use six touchdowns to rout Bombers on the road
July 1 -- Roughriders bring back Sunseri to shore up QB position after Durant injury


June 30 -- Bad news Eskimos fans, QB Mike Reilly out for 10-12 weeks with knee injury
June 29 -- Michael Sam back at Montreal Alouettes camp after dealing with 'personal matters,' hopes to earn spot on team
June 28 -- CFL QB's dropping like flies to start season
June 27 -- Bombers make history in Regina
June 26 -- War, controversy, revenge and carrier pigeons: The 1915 Grey Cup was a marquee day in Canadian Football history
June 25 -- Redblacks beat Alouettes in CFL season opener
June 24 -- CFL introducing new rules this season in an effort to make games more exciting
June 23 -- Tiger-Cats pumped for Grey Cup rematch agains Stampeders
June 22 -- World Anti-Doping Agency blasts CFL for its 'irresponsible' drug policy
June 21 -- CFL teams trim training camp rosters
June 20 -- CFL's new rules didn't have intended effect in pre-season
June 19 -- Pressure's on Argos QB Trevor Harris
June 18 -- CFL commissioner Jeffrey Porridge on reaching young and casual fans, drug policy and a 'new era' after Toronto Argonauts sale
June 17 -- Montreal Alouettes QB Brandon Bridge hoping to make CFL history
June 16 -- Stampeders new return man, Tim Brown, welcomed to Calgary with open arms
June 15 -- Michael Sam wanted to go home and that's what he did, Montreal Alouettes GM says as defensive end's departure remains a mystery
June 14 -- Argos bring in former Alouette McPherson
June 13 -- With soft steroid stance, CFL is dopers' delight
June 12 -- CFL running scared; Anti-doping head 'deeply disappointed' 
June 11 -- TSN analyst Matt Dunigan figures after Reilly and Nichols, Eskimos QB race wide open
June 10 -- WADA wades into CFL drug policy, calls for league to strengthen anti-doping measures
June  9 -- Ticats kicker OK with new point-after distance
June 8 -- Eskimos starting RB John White's season ends with ruptured Achilles
June 7 -- Argonauts rookie defensive back A. J. Jefferson shines at camp
June 6 -- For Argonauts, 'pretty good' QB won't do
June 5 -- Lab boss slams lax CFL drug policy, league looks at taking testing south of border
June 4 -- John White Eskimos No. 1 running back going into training camp
June 3 -- Jackson feels good RedBlacks vibe
June 2 -- Ticats rookies not 'new' guys
June 1 -- Calgary Stampeders look for breakout season from dynamic duo

Thursday, July 09, 2015

CFL Week -- Three

Week number three offers up the Undefeated Ottawa RedBlacks as the icebreaker for weekend play, with Ottawa currently sporting the hot hand in CFL action in the early going of the season.

The RedBlacks who have brought in a string of hired hands to provide for a more balanced attack for QB Henry Burris will be taking on a well rested Eskimo squad which had the bye for last weekend owing to the FIFA World CUP.

The rest of week three is divided up between a double header on Friday night with the Bombers hosting the Als and the Riders travelling to Vancouver to help the BC Lions launch their home opener.

Both Montreal and Winnipeg have one win on the year to this point and both have had bright moments and down right ugly times as well, consistency perhaps will be the key for one of them to knock down win number two.

The Riders who have ended up on the losing end of the scoreboard twice so far will be working to reverse that trend, while the Lions with the youngest of lineups in the CFL try to find the right combinations to put points on the board.

With Stampede week winding down in Calgary, the Stampeders get bumped to a Monday night matchup with the Argonauts to bring week three to an end. With Calgary looking to bring the road warrior Argos winning run to an end, Toronto who are refugees from their own city for much of the start of the season haven't seemed to have had any problems with a lack of a home crowd cheering section, having won their first two games of the year travelling through Western Canada.

Below our archive for week number three.
Check back regularly through the weekend for updated material.

Thursday, July 9

Ottawa RedBlacks 17 at Edmonton Eskimos 46

Eskimos QB Matt Nichols, RedBlacks head coach Campbell share mutual respect

Game Reviews: Game Recap  Stats Review Highlights


Friday, July 10

Montreal Alouettes 23 at Winnipeg Blue Bombers 25

Spotlight will be on Willy at Friday's game against the Als

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights


Friday, July 10

Saskatchewan Roughriders 32 at British Columbia Lions 35

Defence needs to step up against Lions

Game Reviews: Game Recap Stats Review Highlights


Monday, July 13 

Toronto Argonauts 20 at Calgary Stampeders 25

CFL Attendance Tracker 2015

Overall Attendance Leaders
(Regular Season Only -- Average of Attendance)

Montreal   20,469
Ottawa      22,824
Toronto     4,900 * (see Team notes)
Hamilton   0,000 
Winnipeg   26,442
Saskatchewan 30,494
Edmonton  28,900 
Calgary     28,161
British Columbia  21,574

League Average

24,754 *

(Early season average affected by small venue placement)


Team by Team
Week by Week

Montreal Alouettes

July 16 -- Hamilton 13 at Montreal 17 ( 20,773 )
July 3 -- Calgary 11 at Montreal 29 ( 19,111 )
June 25 -- Ottawa 20 at Montreal 16 ( 21,524 )


Pre Season-- Toronto 30 at Montreal 10  (16,325)


Ottawa RedBlacks  

July 24 -- Calgary 26 at Ottawa 29 (23,018)
July 17 -- Edmonton 23 at Ottawa 12 ( 21,078 )
July 4 -- British Columbia 16 at Ottawa 27 ( 24,376 )


Pre Season-- June 13 -- Montreal 26 at Ottawa 9 (in Quebec City) (4,778)


Toronto Argonauts

June 27 -- Edmonton 11 at Toronto 26 (in Fort McMurray) (4,900)


Pre Season-- June 9 -- Winnipeg 34 at Toronto 27  (at Varsity Stadium) (5,000)


Hamilton Tiger Cats

August 3 -- Toronto at Hamilton (            )


Pre-Season-- June 8-- Ottawa 10 at Hamilton 37 (N/A)


Winnipeg Blue Bombers 

July 30 -- British Columbia at Winnipeg (        )
July 10 -- Montreal 23 at Winnipeg 25 (25,605)
July 2 -- Hamilton 52 at Winnipeg 26 (27,279)


Pre-Season-- June 19 -- Hamilton 26 at Winnipeg 15   (24,344)


Saskatchewan Roughriders

July 26 -- Hamilton 31 at Saskatchewan 21 ( 31,683 )
July 17 -- British Columbia 27 at Saskatchewan 24 ( 26,159 )
July 5 -- Toronto 42 at Saskatchewan 40 ( 31,907 )
June 27--  Winnipeg 30 at Saskatchewan 26 ( 32,228 )


Pre-Season-- June 19 -- Calgary 37 at Saskatchewan 29 (N/A)


Edmonton Eskimos

July 31 -- Saskatchewan at Edmonton (          )
July 25 -- Winnipeg 3 at Edmonton 32 ( 27,895 )
July 9 -- Ottawa 17 at Edmonton 46 ( 29,904 )


Pre Season-- June 13 -- Saskatchewan 24 at Edmonton 31 (11,825)


Calgary Stampeders

August 1 -- Montreal at Calgary  (         )
July 18 -- Winnipeg 25 at Calgary 26 (29,255)
July 13 -- Toronto 20 at Calgary 25 ( 26,741 )
June 26 -- Hamilton 23 at Calgary 24  ( 28,487 )


Pre-Season-- June 12 -- BC 6 at Calgary 20 (28,557)


British Columbia Lions

July 24 -- Toronto 30 at British Columbia 27 (20,085)
July 10 -- Saskatchewan 32 at British Columbia 35 (23,062)


Pre Season-- June 19 -- Edmonton 18 at British Columbia 13 6,117 )