Monday, January 02, 2017

Is this thing working ... is this thing on?

Having stumbled across the soundtrack above to relaunch our efforts to track the CFL, we offer up some cautious optimism that as we dust off our blue print and turn our attention back to our favourite league of pigskin, we can hold to a regular schedule of updates for the 2017 CFL season.

And while we'll admit that owing to any number of reasons, some of our past attempts ended up sidelined by the Labour Day break, we look to building a site that will maintain itself to a fashion on those days where our blogging plans go astray.

Hope as they say springs eternal, and the reality is that only time will tell if our ambition can put some pace into our delivery ... but considering we still have folks checking our archives on a daily basis, there still appears to be some interest in how we chronicled our observations of the past on the CFL.

We launch the site this first week of a brand new year,  and with it being the season of resolutions, we'll put one aside to seek to make a steady diet of CFL information a part of our blue print for 2017.

Over the holiday period we've been tossing around a few ideas on how best to relaunch our blog and as they come on stream, we think that they'll make for a helpful guide to the off season work in the CFL and provide some enthusiasm for the 2017 campaign.

With the US Bowl season in the final stages of the US season, we are putting the finishing touches on a recap of the results of the last two weeks and any notes related to the CFL that may come out of the month long festival of football in the USA.

We also have noticed a surge of video offerings on Canadian University players over the last few months, so one of our plans is an archive of sorts of some of those contributions with an eye on the CFL college draft for 2017.

As well, our early plans include the creation of dedicated pages for each CFL team with links to media items and other sources of information in the lead up to the 2017 season. You can wander through some of those past segments from our right hand column area to get an indication as to where we hope to take the blog as we get back into the swing of it all.

With a range of other blog properties to maintain, we don't guarantee a daily contribution to the themes of the CFL, though as we get closer to kick off we do anticipate that our pace will pick up and the blog will begin to expand on some of its offerings heading to the start of the year.

One thing that won't change will be the volume of work that will make use of our right hand column features where we will once again keep the file pages updated on a regular basis, while looking for new items to add to that roll call of CFL information.

We invite you to check back from time to time to see how it's all coming together.

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