Thursday, January 06, 2011

Of New Year's resolutions

With the television full of college football this past week, we got to thinking that perhaps it was time to rededicate ourselves to our portal of Canadian football.

We know you've heard this a few times in the past, failed promises that start out ambitious but collapsed under their own weight as the season moved forward into the playoffs.

And while we have no crystal ball as to whether we'll be dedicated to the task, with a few refinements to the blog structure, we feel we may be able to provide a helpful window to the upcoming CFL season.

Time of course will tell, but in January hope it seems springs eternal, we plan to offer more of our opinion style pieces and less of the listing upon listing of links and such, a process that seemed to detract from original content in our quest to keep current.

At any rate, as we move through January we'll pick up the trail of off season developments, leading up to the kick off to training camps in May and on to the start of the regular season in early summer.

While hockey in Canada has no shortage of blogs and websites dedicated to that obsession, there aren't all that many places to seek out news of the CFL, with a little dedication we would like to think we'll be able to add to the totals.

The original mission statement as it were, first issued in January of 2004 still holds true, with a bit of luck we'll manage the clock and keep things on pace through this season.

We have three downs to make a first down in the CFL, three times the charm to move the blog forward anyone?

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