Thursday, January 06, 2011

CFL bookshelf

A listing of books about the Canadian Football League, some with links to publishers or on line stores.

2012-- The Canadian Pro Football Encyclopedia -- Tod Maher and Bob Gill
2007- The Waterboy: From the Sidelines to the Owners Box-- Bobby Ackles and Ian Mulgrew
2007- Goin' Deep: The Life and Times of a CFL Quarterback-- Matt Dunigan and Jim Taylor
2006- First and Goal: The CFL and the Pursuit of Excellence-- Tony Proudfoot
2005- Pinball: The making of a Canadian Hero -- Perry Lefko
2005- The Canadian Football League: The Phoenix of Professional Sports Leagues-- Steve O'Brien
2000- Bigger Balls-- Jeff Giles
2000- Crimes and Punishment: Life as a CFL Official-- Neil Payne
1999- All Heart: My Story-- Michael Clemons
1997- Legends of Autumn: the glory years of Canadian football-- Denny Boyd
1995- Robokicker: An odyssey through the CFL -- Dave Ridgway
1995- A Passing Game-- Frank Cosentino
1978- Double Trouble-- Tony Gabriel and Stanley Filmore
1969- Canadian Football: The Grey Cup Years-- Frank Cosentino
1969- Profile of a Pro-- Eddie MacCabe

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