Sunday, June 21, 2009

House cleaning complete as the regular season approaches

The weekend renovations on the twelvemensite are complete, with a tweak here and a delete there, we're ready for the 2009 season. We'll call it the Redesign for 2009...

For those that visited our site last year you will find that the right hand info column is more streamlined this season, not as much clutter, more of our items condensed into archives or dedicated spots.

We weeded through many of the dead links and got rid of them, created some new headings to better reflect the information provided and moved our CFL team notes to the top of the page. This will allow readers to get the latest on their favourite CFL team quicker and in more detail.

Each team's link provides a variety of information from the team website, to local newspaper articles, links and bloggers that dedicate themselves to one team. This will provide the blog with frequently update information (for those times when my blogging slides) and will hopefully keep the blog more current than in the past.

I will still blog items of interest on the CFL as well, archiving them in the Team Notes or CFL notes as would be the case.

With a bit of luck the new re-design will make following the league a little easier, though we will probably tweak things as we go along. If you have any suggestions, links or other items just drop us a line at

Thanks for following the blog, hope that we can keep up with it through the season, making it a reliable archive for the season to come.

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