Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Goin' Prospectin'

CFL General Managers, scouts and other evaluation personnel have done their prodding, probing and timing, they've examined the athletic achievements, academic records and divined character from a wide cross section of Canadian University Football's best.

And now, as March moves into April, it's expected that the CFL's eight teams will be seeking to bring those that they believe will offer the best result for their squads to training camp in May.

The CFL's evaluation camps held earlier this month, provided GM's with a potential blue print for the future of Canadian talent, always a key ingredient for any successful CFL campaign.

Some of the names on the lineup sheet will go on to CFL success, others will fade from view destined to put their dreams of football as profession on hold forever as they move on with their future.

Still, for a few days in March all were on the same page, where they are placed later on is yet to be seen.

The CFL's website features this review of the developments at the prospect's camp.

The roll call of talent and schematics for those team blue prints if you will, can be found below.

April 6-- CFL releases draft rankings
April 6-- U of C slotback Anthony Parker hits No. 2
April 5-- Mitchell ranked No. 1 for CFL draft
April 5-- Scott Mitchell named top-ranked prospect for upcoming CFL draft
March 15-- George making scouts take notice
March 15-- Underdogs flying below the radar
March 14-- Junior Turner - Mic'd Up
March 14-- Blues defensive back one step closer to dream of playing in CFL
March 13-- Riders evaluate e camp prospects
March 12-- Andre Clarke Mic'd Up
March 11-- Fumble free RB impresses
March 11-- Next Turner's time to shine
March 9-- Lopez at home on the field
March 8-- Can Sinopoli break the Canadian QB curse?
March 8-- Canadian QB's take aim at the CFL
March 8-- Clarke makes his mark
March 7-- Coehoorn's battle to be top receiver
March 7-- Grandson of a CFL great takes his shot
March 7-- Lineman smashes bench-press record at CFL combine
March 7-- Lots of skill on display at E camp
March 7-- Burlington boy gets it Dunn at CFL e camp
March 7-- Ticats interview all the players at E camp
March 7-- Scott Mitchell impresses at CFL e camp 
March 6-- Bombers high on lineman
March 6-- Speed picks up on e camp Sunday
March 6-- Ottawa's Mitchell stands out from crowd at CFL e-camp
March 6-- Scott Mitchell stands tall at CFL evaluation camp
March 6-- Big men battle in one-on-ones at e camp
March 6-- Anthony Parker is running down a CFL dream
March 6-- Late career change for CFL prospect
March 6-- Rice offensive tackle Scott Mitchell impresses at CFL's evaluation camp
March 6-- Younger Muamba a prospect to watch
March 6-- Crutch time for CFL prospect
March 6-- Top quarterback realistic about CFL prospects
March 5-- Bison gets his chance to show football skills to interested CFL eyes
March 5-- Prospects jump up the rankings at e camp
March 5-- Knill shatters bench press record at e camp
March 5-- Hall a winner on and off the field
March 5-- Potential #1 pick right at home
March 5-- Overcoming nerves key for e camp
March 5-- Knill smashed bench press record with 47 reps
March 5-- Muamba's journey from the Congo to pro football
March 5-- The Canadian QB's aim just for a shot
March 5-- Saskatchewan's Etienne takes comeback to another level
March 4-- Records may fall at CFL Evaluation camp
March 4-- Checking out some prime prospects
March 4-- Evaluation camp a chance for CFL long shots to impress
March 4-- Iannuzzi's story of history and courage
March 4-- Savoie small in stature, big on heart
March 4-- Gardner out to prove he is a big catch
March 4-- QB Mueller ready to impress scouts
March 4-- Mitchell a standout in CFL prospects
March 3-- CFL teams eye choice college prospects
March 3-- CFL sizing up high-ranked Dino players
March 3-- Jade green, but rich with potential
March 3-- Five under the radar names at E camp
March 3-- Players finding alternative routes to CFL
March 2-- Cats ready to evaluate prospects
February 28-- Tenacious Butler brings versatility
February 27-- Trio of Dinos raised on pro offence
February 26-- Mustang Surla packs explosive punch

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