Saturday, February 21, 2015

A New Year, A new resolution for a little more longevity...

Still a few months away, but
CFL Training camps are on the way
OK, here's the plan, we're going to shake some of the cobwebs from the blog and see what kind of a playbook we can put together for the 2015 season.

Yes, we know, we've said this before, but with Spring on its way (trust us east of BC, this is the truth, it is on the way, one day) and CFL training camps in the planning stages, a new season is almost upon us.

With that, we'll issue our hopeful forecast of a more dedicated effort towards blogging on CFL issues this season, we're reviewing where things would get congested last year and with a bit of a refocus we think we'll be able to provide a more consistent effort through the year.
We have a few new ideas
for the 2015 season

Well, we hope, that's the case.

With a soft spot for the three down game in our heart, the thought of ending this overview of the CFL isn't something that we want to give serious thought to, so with that, onward, upward to the publish button we go.

Through the next few months leading up to the start of training camps, we'll keep an eye on the Free
Agent situation, as well as developments as the nine squads look to the June training period.

Posts may not be on a daily basis through these next few weeks, but we'll endeavour to at least keep the pilot light burning as we revamp our presentation.

For those that have continued to click on the site, it's that interest that has spurred on this review and from it we're hoping to be back on track shortly.

Stick around, we have some ideas that we think might just keep this ole blog tossing the ball around for another season.

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