Thursday, June 25, 2015

A few rule changes along the way for 2015

As the CFL kicks off the 2015 season, long time followers will be noticing a few changes in the rules for the year ahead, designed to bring a bit more offence to the game and reward the risk takers.

Most noticeable will be the impact on the kicking game, with convert attempts now shifted twenty yards back, making for a thirty two yard attempt, perhaps changing the automatic nature of the extra point and giving head coaches to instead give the two point version a shot, that attempt now to start closer to the goal line.

A few of the other more interesting twists to the rules could open up the offensive play quite significantly as well.

Changes for linemen on punts could see an increase is some spectacular kick returns as more space appears for kick return specialists.

Defensive Backs will have to mind their hands, with an expansion on the illegal contact rules could see an increase in pass interference and contact calls down field.

The CFL's introduction to the new rules can be found below:

Major rule changes approved by CFL Governors
CFL Rules committee proposes significant changes for 2015

For the most part, those that cover the CFL for radio, TV, print and other media options are finding that there is much to like about the rule book makeover.

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