Friday, July 24, 2015

CFL Top Performers: Week Four

Shakir Bell grabbed the top spot in this week salute to the Shaw Top Performers of the CFL, a week that saw a sweep of all three placements by western based teams.

The Eskimo running back loomed large on the field over two weekend, as the Eskimos swept the RedBlacks in consecutive weekends, thanks somewhat to the rushing totals that Bell put on the stats board, carrying the ball 18 times last weekend recording 144 yards on the rush, the most so far for any player.

The running game was key in Calgary as well as Jon Cornish once again dominated the play against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Cornish was selected second overall on the week of play thanks to his 18 carries for 120 yards against the Blue.

And finally the defensive side of the ball gets some long overdue recognition from the selection panel as Defensive end Marcus Howard claims spot number three of the week, Howard has been a key ingredient to the Eskimos ability to shutdown Ottawa over the last two weeks, with his four tackles and a pair of sacks at timely moments one of the reasons that the RedBlacks struggled as they di.

No results from the fan voting for week number two have been released as of yet.

The CFL's Shaw Top Performers for Week Three 

1st -- Shakir Bell  -- RB -- Edmonton Eskimos -- 100 points

2nd -- Jon Cornish -- RB -- Calgary Stampeders -- 50 Points

3rd --  Marcus Howard -- DE -- Edmonton Eskimos  -- 25 points

Fan Vote -- Shakir Bell  -- RB -- Edmonton Eskimos -- 10 Points review of the Players of the Week

Twelve Men on the Field Archive of the Shaw Top Performers Listings for the 2014 season

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