Friday, August 28, 2015

Hired to be Fired: Coaching and Management changes in the CFL 2015 Season

Coaching in the modern era of sports is not the thing of long term security, the CFL, like many professional leagues in North America features a coaches' graveyard crammed with tombstones of the once hopeful left to the side of the CFL's coaching carousel.

It's the reality of sport these days, that for many fans and a few owners, the concept of what have you done for us today seems to be the guiding principle when it comes to those tasked to make use of the players that are provided on the field.

It at times doesn't seem very fair and with any number of factors that can quickly change the promising to the problematic, it probably wouldn't be a surprise to find that ulcer medicine is the bevaeage of choice of coaches everywhere.

And while the CFL coaching carousel may move a little slower than some of the other professional sports out there, change does come, particularly as a team struggles or ownership grows restless, usually having heard the rumblings of the paying customers.

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August 31 -- Saskatchewan Roughriders -- With a growing chorus of frustration and at times outright rage from the loyal RiderNation, The Saskatchewan management collective delivered the call that a number of fans had been clamouring for.  Dismissing not only head coach Corey Chamblin, but General Manager Brendan Taman as well, a move made in the week long lead up to the annual Rivalry Game with the Bombers on the Labour Day weekend.

Our archive of notes on the departure of the pair can be found here.

August 14 -- Montreal Alouettes -- The first casualty of the CFL season found Tom Higgins dismissed from his duties, a surprising announcement considering the Alouettes victory in British Columbia the night before. However, when the owner gets something into his mind, change is going to come.

Our archive of notes on the departure of Higgins can be found here.

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