Thursday, September 24, 2015

Top Performers Week Thirteen

Henry Burris continues to defy the calendar, as the veteran RedBlacks QB posted a remarkable number of stats from weekend play over the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Burris led the Redblacks as they launched a comeback win over the Riders, mostly on the arm of their quarterback, who passed for 477 yards, grabbing 2 aerial TD's along the way. When he wasn't passing for touchdowns, Burris was running them in himself, scoring a major as part of his seven rushing attempts.

The B. C. Lions have a few problems to sort out this season, but the special teams attack isn't one of them, Chris Rainey made a spectacular against the Calgary Stampeders, scoring two TD's on run backs, one a punt return which went 103 yards, the other a second half kick off return  for another 103 yard major.

Stefan Logan provided a fair amount of the damage to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers defence on Sunday, as the Als running back scrambled for 138 yards on kick returns and a 78 yard punt return for a touchdown as part of the Als 35-14 victory over the Bombers.

No results from the fan voting for week number seven have been released as of yet.

The CFL's Shaw Top Performers for Week Twelve 

1st -- Henry Burris -- QB  -- Ottawa RedBlacks -- 100 points

2nd -- Chris Rainey -- RB  -- British Columbia Lions -- 50 Points

3rd --  Stefan Logan -- RB -- Montreal Alouettes  -- 25 points

Fan Vote -- Ballot Results not released yet--10 Points review of the Players of the Week

Twelve Men on the Field Archive of the Shaw Top Performers Listings for the 2014 season

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