Thursday, October 01, 2015

Shaw Top Performers, Week Fourteen

Three interceptions, one of them for touchdown propelled Macho Harris to the top of the Shaw Top Performers depth chart for week fourteen of the CFL season. The Saskatchewan DB had a remarkable day against the Montreal Alouettes, accumulating 91 return yards on his three picks, serving notice that QB's may approach his sector of the field at their peril.

Marquay McDaniel snared second place on the week, based on the strength of his 159 receiving yards in Friday night's controversial match up with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The sure handed McDaniel's currently is third overall in receiving yards for 2015 with 815 and counting.

Derek Walker also had a strong game of pass and catch in week fourteen, with 121 receiving yards in the Eskimos victory over the Lions, his 21 yard touchdown catch for the winning TD on the day the exclamation point for the Eskimos comeback victory.

No results from the fan voting for week number seven have been released as of yet.

The CFL's Shaw Top Performers for Week Twelve 

1st -- Macho Harris -- DB  -- Saskatchewan Roughriders -- 100 points

2nd -- Marquay McDaniel -- SB  -- Calgary Stampeders -- 50 Points

3rd --  Derel Walker -- WR -- Edmonton Eskimos  -- 25 points

Fan Vote -- Ballot Results not released yet--10 Points review of the Players of the Week

Twelve Men on the Field Archive of the Shaw Top Performers Listings for the 2014 season

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