Sunday, August 07, 2005

Race for the Bottom

While many CFL observers ponder the week 7 schedule and highlight the BC at Calgary match up as possibly a pivotal game, one needs to look a little further east for the game that may define the season.

Hamilton travels to Winnipeg on Saturday night as the two struggling franchises meet to decide who possibly is the worst in the league this year. Neither Winnipeg nor Hamilton has been able to put together a strong performance so far this year, though there have been flashes of former Ti Cat glories for Greg Marshall, the Ti Cat coach has had to stand on the sidelines and watch his squad come up short time and time again.

Winnipeg hasn't been able to find very much so far this year to be positive about, though Saturday's performance by third string QB gives the Blue something to at least look forward to. Jim Daley's frustration level must be skyrocketing as his team finds new and inventive ways to let other teams take charge of the game and take the win.

Both teams pass the one third post of the season, with the very real possibility of being nowhere near the playoffs come November, which is why Saturday's game may be the most important of the year for both teams.

Saturday's game will also have the extra drama of the return of Khari Jones, possibly in the role of starting QB for Hamilton. Marcus Brady has struggled of late and the questionable status of Danny McManus has Jones on the speed reading program for the Ti Cat playbook.

So forget about the drama in Cowtown, the rejuvenated form of the Renegades,or the rivalry of Montreal and Toronto on Friday night. The real action is at CanadInn stadium. However, expect the unexpected with these two teams. The way the season has gone, a 0-0 tie, created by an OT missed kick could sum up the season for these two teams.

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