Sunday, August 07, 2005

Wright obituary well done at Post

The National Post did a pretty impressive job of detailing the career and horrible death of Chris Wright. The former CFLer was murdered in Atlanta last week, an apparent victim of a robbery or car jacking.

The story has been covered by many media outlets in the last few days, but the article by Joe O'Connor seems to have captured the guys life quite nicely. The Post pieced together his time in college football, his introduction to the CFL via the Baltimore Stallions and the end of his career to a blown knee in the BC training camp in 2002.

Wrights career highlight was of course a mad gallop down the field in the 1995 Grey Cup a punt return that helped the Stallions take the Grey Cup off of Canadian soil for the first and only time.

A CFL All star he was denied the rookie of the year award in 95, but played his anger out on the field in that remarkable game against the Stamps.

His time in the CFL was rather short, injuries of course can shorten anyone's career but leave the fans wanting but never getting to see more.

Wright returned to Georgia where he was putting his post football life into order and looking forwards rather than backwards and old glories. The posts obit is one of the better efforts you will see, it gives us a great sketch of a life lived and tragically cut short far too early.

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