Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Too many gaffes, spell the end for Charlie Taaffe

With another woeful season winding down in the Hammer, the Ti-Cats removed Charlie Taaffe from his position, after a weekend of play which saw the Cats fall to 2-8 and show no inclination to grab a playoff spot in the East.

The Tiger Cats, who have tied up a sizable amount of payroll in the wallets of Casey Printers and Jesse Lumsden to name a few, must be wondering what it’s going to take to turn around a franchise that had many in Hamilton excited for football again for the first time in a long time.

Taaffe, who was well regarded by Ti Cat officials never, seemed to be able to connect with his players and the downward slide of the Cats this year has been one of great disappointment to both the team and their fans.

He was saddled with a rather light on talent line up after the big names and never seemed to be able to get everyone on the same page it seemed, far too often a TSN broadcast would show a rather distant looking Taaffe on the sidelines, disengaged it seemed from the carnage on the field. Then again, who could really blame him judging how the Cats managed to let the one or two near victories slip away.

The firing of the coach (though he still is set to receive a pay cheque next year) was the first of a couple of moves designed to try and get the team back into contention in the CFL east, while still developing their young roster.

The Cats were busy trying to finish off a trade with Winnipeg made this week, a player swap that was supposed to see Zeek Moreno pack his long underwear, while Tom Canada would make the trip to the Hammer. The only problem in the deal was that Canada never seemed particularly keen on the trip to Steeltown and reported back from hospital later in the day with an enlarged spleen, a concerns over his health that would serve to scupper his participation in the deal.

By the end of the day Tuesday, the Cats were destined to be a little short on the help us now file, but stronger in the ever popular futures, with draft picks and NFL possibilities in the final details.

Good news for the years to come, but for the ever loyal faithful that make the trek to Ivor Wynne Stadium, a little progress in the present might be a nice gesture as well. They are hoping that interim head coach and now former offensive co-ordinator Marcel Bellefeuille can at least deliver them to a playoff position.

With the rest of the east, (with the exception of Montreal) a bit of a basket case this year, making the playoffs might be all that it takes to show the fans that Hamilton is indeed a town of more than hope.

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