Thursday, July 31, 2008

Week Six

We're on a bit of a summer siesta, so the pickings will be slim for the next bit.

Here's the schedule for week six

Thursday, July 31-- Hamilton 33 @ Montreal 40 (20,202)
Thursday, July 31-- BC 24 @ Edmonton 35 (35,008)
Friday, August 1-- Winnipeg 11 @ Toronto 19 (28,523)
Saturday, August 2--Saskatchewan 22 @ Calgary 21 (35,650)


Thursday, July 24, 2008

CFL Players of the Week -- Week Four

Kerry Joseph's fourth quarter heroics were more than enough to secure him a spot in the Players of the week as the CFL announced this weeks selections for week four of the regular season.

Among the best of the league this week were:


Kerry Joseph- QB- Toronto Argonauts
Runner up-- Unanimous selection


Reggie Hunt- LB - Montreal Alouettes
Runner up-- Korey Banks, BC Lions


Tristan Jackson - KR/PR - Edmonton Eskimos
Runner up-- Unanimous selection


Paris Jackson- WR - BC Lions
Runners up-- Tyler Scott, Toronto Argonauts

Monday, July 21, 2008

Week Five July 24--27

With the exception of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, their cheerleaders and their fans, everyone could find something good about week four of the CFL. The Bombers had a bit too much news making in week four and things seem a tad unglued in Bomberland these days.

While the Blue work out the problems in and out of the dressing room the rest of the CFL is counting the positives of their first four weeks, none more happy than the Saskatchewan Roughriders juggernaut which has surprised many of the experts with their steely determination in the face of injuries and changes.

Hamilton while still finding problems collecting points in the standings, look very much like a team ready to finally make their move, as long as some key elements remain healthy and they have the time to develop.

The Lions and Eskimos have reversed some stumbles and look fairly reminiscent of the teams many thought they would be, while the Stampeders are starting to put a together what appears to be a very winning game plan.

Much the same is happening in Montreal, where the Als despite a new coach and a few changes still seem to be the team to watch in the East, though in Toronto the Kerry Joseph that everyone was waiting for finally showed what all the buzz was all about with a remarkable late game drive that sent Argo fans home happy and marvelling at his skills.

Some interesting groundwork for the fifth week of action in the CFL.

Thursday, July 24-- Calgary 28 @ Winnipeg 32 (26,882)
Friday, July 25-- Edmonton 19 @ Hamilton 13 (21,402 )
Friday, July 25 -- Montreal 34 @ BC 36 (30,132)
Sunday, July 27-- Toronto 22 @ Saskatchewan 28 (28,800)

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lions roar back for victory, fans roar to celebrate Bobby Ackles

It’s fitting (if frustrating for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers) that the BC Lions would stage a fourth quarter come back to yank victory from the Bombers and provide for a perfect conclusion to Bob Ackles Day in Vancouver.

The Lions who made more than their fair share of mistakes in the first half, managed to turn around the miscues and put together another strong offensive showing to claim a 27-18 victory over the Bombers, who shot themselves in the foot more than a few times during the course of Friday’s game.

While turnovers played a large role in the game for both squads, a missed call seemed to seal the fate of the Blue who were no doubt chagrined at the bump in the Lions end zone that somehow was missed by the on field officiating crew.

The subsequent interception on the play turned the ball over to the Lions who chewed up a good portion of the clock and built up on their lead to ensure that the 31 thousand plus fans had a win to go with their remembrances of the former CFL executive who passed away two weeks ago.

While the Lions at times resembled a Grey Cup bound squad that could not be said for the Bombers who clearly still have to work out some internal issues in their line up. Far too many assignments were blown, passes not made or collected and defensively while fairly solid for three quarters, a fourth quarter disappearing act in the wave of the Lions offense should be registering some serious concerns in the Winnipeg GM’s office.

For the first three quarters the Bombers seemed to have their offense back on a roll, utilizing Charles Roberts far more effectively, roaming him from the backfield into open spaces where Kevin Glenn would deliver timely short passes that turned into solid gains, yet by the fourth the Lions had seemed to adjust to that game plan and for the most part had shut down the Bomber attack.

While there were some promising trends in the Bomber play, the result was the same as in three previous regular season contests, leaving the blue now 0 and 4 and making the folks back home very concerned.

The Lions on the other hand have been building on momentum the last two weeks, last weeks blow out a showcase game that reminded everyone that they are still serious contenders in the West, while Friday night’s game once again gave indications that they intend to play until the final whistle each and every night, something that would have made Mr. Ackles quite proud we suspect.

The post game salute was done in fine fashion, retracing the legend of the once water boy through the various levels of professional football and calling on all to continue on with his passion for Canadian Football.

A large job left behind, but on Friday one that probably had more than a few hands ready to get to work.

Globe and Mail-- Lions roar for Ackles

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

High scoring outbursts herald a return for the offense

The return of the passing game and making the best use of some outstanding running backs is making for a pretty exciting start to the 2008 season so far in the CFL.

Interestingly enough both Stephen Brunt and David Naylor of the Globe and Mail saw the same thing while watching recent CFL contests, the return of ability of CFL teams to move the ball and put points on the board.

It's a trend that had gone missing for most of the last few years and a development that is welcome in a league that has never seemed stronger at the gate and on the tube, yet always seems on the brink of some kind of crisis or another.

This years dark cloud, the looming presence of the Buffalo Bills and the NFL, who have staked out a corner of the Rogers Centre for a beach head of sorts, with some toe dipping games both pre season and regular season set for Toronto over the next few years.

Brunt's column approached the debate over the NFL incursion with the observation that the best way to win over the fans is to showcase the CFL for what it has always been, a highly entertaining offensive display.

He's not off at all on that observation, when the CFL is functioning at its best, the pure action and speed of the Canadian game leaves it's NFL counterpart well down the field, the budgets may not be as large, nor the players. The payrolls are clearly not competitive and yet, on a game per game comparison, the CFL probably provides more excitement in its sixty minutes than the NFL could ever hope to accomplish on most of its Sundays in the fall.

It's that foundation which the league has built in the past and needs to continue today that in the end will prove to be the wall of defiance against the NFL.

The league has returned to some of the basic beliefs that Canadians always proclaim when describing their game, a positive move that continues to improve the calibre of play in the game.

It's the kind of standard of play that will reap rewards at the turnstiles, provide journalists and commentators with much material to work with and ensure that those televisions stay on until the final play of the final quarter.

While we celebrate the game as ours and play up the coast to coast celebration that the game thrives on, it doesn't hurt that the actual play on the field is matching up to the marketing slogans.

So far the signs are good that the entertainment is going to deliver with the concept that our game is different and up to the challenge of the larger presence on the border.

Stephen Brunt-- Globe and Mail-- CFL now offensive in the right way

David Naylor-- Globe and Mail-- Commitment to running sparks offensive burst

CFL Players of the Week-- Week Three

Three unnaimous selections, two of them from the BC Lions led the pack as the CFL announced its players of the week for the third week of regular season action.

Among the best of the league this week were:


Jarious Jackson - QB - BC Lions
Runner up-- Unanimous selection


Javier Glatt - LB - BC Lions
Runner up-- Unanimous selection


Tristan Jackson - KR/PR - Edmonton Eskimos
Runner up-- Unanimous selection


Jesse Lumsden-- RB -- Hamilton Tiger Cats
Runners up-- Chris Bauman, Hamilton Tiger Cats, Javier Glatt, BC Lions

Week Four July 17-20

The CFL universe righted itself for one team last week, as the BC Lions suddenly rediscovered their Roar, while the Blue Bombers continued to hit the floor.

The Ti Cats lost a squeaker under most unusual circumstances as the Riders continued on with an undefeated season so far. While the Argos left Edmonton, once again finding that the Quarterback spot is the most discussed position both on and off the team.

Montreal finally tasted defeat as even the heroics of AC couldn't turn the tide against a rejuvenated Stampeder club.

Week Four promises more of the same as the CFL expands the schedule to cover four days of the week in the middle of summer.

Thursday, July 17-- Hamilton 16 @ Calgary 43 (31,166)
Friday, July 18-- Winnipeg 18 @ BC 27 (37,174)
Saturday, July 19-- Montreal 33 @ Saskatchewan 41 (28,800)
Sunday, July 20-- Edmonton 31 @ Toronto 35 (28,552)

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bluer than Blue in Bomberland

"We're all about winning here"-- Blue Bomber GM Brendan Taman offering up the positioning slogan, that hasn't had many takers in the first three weeks of the CFL season.

The talk shows have been shall we say heated, as discussion percolates over what’s wrong with the Bombers and what needs to be done to turn around what so far is turning into a disastrous season.
Winnipeg, last year’s Eastern representative in the Grey Cup was considered by many to be a favourite to make a return journey to the big game this fall in Montreal.
However, if the first three weeks of the season are any indication, then players, management and fans had best start calling their travel agents for a group discount as spectators, for if their play on the field is any indication thus far, then that’s their only hope of having to enjoy the sights of Montreal in the fall.
From a hopeful game one, things have quickly spun out of control on the football field on the side of Maroons Road, with an especially nasty exclamation point provided by last Friday’s game against the BC Lions, which truly wasn’t near as close as that 42-24 score indicated.
Winnipeg’s sudden slide into ineptitude seems to have resulted in a fair amount of internal frustration, with coaches pointing at players and some of the players intimating that things aren’t particularly rosy behind the scenes of Winnipeg’s football team.
Kevin Glenn has found himself in the centre of the hurricane, last year’s leader to the Grey Cup (a journey suddenly cut short by a season ending injury in the Eastern final) suddenly finds that those boos are heading his way as pass after pass misses a mark or becomes inexplicably dropped by once sure handed receivers.
Ryan Dinwiddie was the crowd favourite by the end of Friday’s game, though even he must have realized that his success was more a case of the Lions letting up than any great renaissance of the Bomber game plan, yet as the Bombers prepare to head west for the return match with the Lions, more than a few Blue boosters are suggesting that he should be taking the first snap on Friday night.
That’s an unlikely scenario; Glenn will be tapped on the shoulder we suspect either until he breaks out his personal slump or the bomber management makes the decision that the Quarterback position suddenly is their number one requirement.
The QB controversies were supposed to be found in BC and Toronto this season, and while the Argos have done their best to keep that theory alive, the Lions no doubt are feeling a lot more confident in Jarious Jackson after Friday night’s performance.
Winnipeg however now has the makings of their own controversy, though it’s unlikely that the still young and learning Dinwiddie is to be tapped as the season saving game time decision.
What will be interesting to watch in the Peg will be where the Bombers go for a change that seems necessary after three disappointing results to start the season.
However, if the tone of the city is any indication something has to happen quickly, a situation that won’t aided by this week’s opponent.
The Bombers travel to Vancouver for the second of their back to back matches with the Lions, a game that will be yet another emotional moment for the Lions as they and their fans celebrate the life of the late Bob Ackles.
It’s a game which will once again no doubt find the Lions more than a little charged to perform on the field, something that doesn’t bode well for the bombers being 1-3 by 10 pm Friday night.
Below we harvest a few of the observations of the Bomber situation over the last couple of days... .

Monday, July 14, 2008

The resistance will be well dressed

It's the kind of marketing that even the Omni-present commercial machine that the NFL has become, would take kindly to.

A Toronto company that is making hay while that NFL sun is shining across Lake Ontario, for those that are willing to take their stand on the fifty five yard line and push the NFL invaders twenty five yards deep into the end zone, we offer up the must have addition to your resistance wardrobe..

The No Bills No, tee shirt.

Available everywhere that NFL fans aren't...

But protest has a price, the shirts cost fifteen dolllars and are available at

(Warning music accompanying video above has lyrical content that some may find offensive)

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

CFL PLayers of the Week Archive 2008

We archive the Player of the Week selections here for the 2008 Season

Week Twelve-- Sept 13-18
Week Eleven-- Sept 6-9
Week Ten-- Aug 29-Sep 3
Week Nine-- Aug 22-25
Week Eight-- Aug 15-19
Week Seven-- Aug 8-12
Week Six-- Aug 1-5
Week Five--July 24-27
Week Four-- July 17-20
Week Three-- July 10-14
Week Two-- July 3-5
Week One-- June 26-28

CFL Players of the Week-- Week Two

The CFL announced its players of the week for the second week of regular season action.

Among the best of the league this week were:


Ricky Ray- QB - Edmonton Eskimos
Runner up-- Anthony Calvillo- QB- Montreal Alouettes


Cameron Wake- DE - BC Lions
Runner up-- Maurice Lloyd- LB - Saskatchewan Roughriders


Dominique Dorsey- KR/PR - Toronto Argonauts
Runner up-- Noel Prefontaine - K - Edmonton Eskimos


Jesse Lumsden-- RB -- Hamilton Tiger Cats
Runners up-- Unanimous Selection

The 2008 season

Week by week results of the CFL's 2008 season.

Week Eight (August 14-15)
Week Seven (August 7-9)
Week Six (July 31-August 2)
Week Five (July 24-27)
Week Four (July 17-20)
Week Three (July 10-12)
Week Two (July 3-5)
Week One (June 26-28)

Week Three July 10-12

The CFL will take time to remember the life and times of Bob Ackles this weekend, the longtime passionate believer in Canadian football passed away this past weekend, leaving a void in Vancouver and across the CFL.

Once the moments of silence and remembrance have ended though, it will be back to the field, just as Mr. Ackles no doubt would believe necessary.

Week three finds two teams desperate for a win, as the pre season favourites in Winnipeg and BC both have struggled out of the gate this season, with both teams matched up for this third week. Needless to say, somebody is going to leave the field content, while the other will have even more work to do for week four.

Thursday, July 10-- Calgary 23 @ Montreal 19 (20,202)
Thursday, July 10-- Toronto 28 @ Edmonton 47 (31,707 )
Friday, July 11-- BC Lions 42 @ Winnipeg 24 (26,735)
Saturday, July 12-- Saskatchewan 33 @ Hamilton 28 (20,877)

**All games on TSN

Monday, July 07, 2008

CFL mourns the passing of an icon

“I look back on my life and my career and feel like the luckiest man in the world. Few people get to spend their days doing something they love with those they love.” - Bob Ackles (1938-2008), a quote posted on the BC Lions website Sunday, following the news of the passing of Bob Ackles..

The news is still shocking to hear as the day comes to a close, that after learning that Bob Ackles, the President and CEO of the BC Lions and an unabashed defender of Canadian football passed away on Sunday morning of an apparent heart attack.

The story of Bob Ackles is one of the great stories of Canadian football, rising from the ranks of water boy in the debut season of the BC Lions, he went on to run the Lions through different eras of development, in the successful years and the lean ones, struggling to rebuild a tarnished and damaged brand.

With his passing his mission in part was complete; the Lions have once again become one of the flagships of Canadian football and the BC Sports scene. Yet it is perhaps a larger mission that now must be handed off to other hands, that of continuing to trumpet the special place that Canadian football has in this nation and how important the CFL has been and continues to be to the fabric of the land. Ackles had become the point man to stem the potential NFL invasion of Canadian territory, a position that now requires some reinforcements.

His accomplishments in football stretched far beyond the CFL, he moved on to the NFL with stops with the legendary Dallas Cowboys and stints with the Phoenix Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins, he also spent some time with a rather mercurial little experiment the XFL, a league which was fronted by Wrestling’s Vince McMahon, providing for surely one of the most diverse of executives when compared with the not quite so bombastic Ackles.

Thankfully for the CFL, the XFL days were short and Ackles responded to David Braley’s request to return to BC and help to rebuild the Lions, who had fallen into troubled times, potentially taking the entire league down with them.

Braley to his credit knew when to step back a bit when he brought Ackles back to the Lions Den, leaving it to him to rebuild the relationships that had been damaged, reconnecting with a lost segment of formerly faithful Lions fans who had grown disillusioned with the gong show atmosphere of Lions football before Braley took over.

It was with Bob Ackles at the helm that the Lions once again returned to success on the field, at the gate and in the consciousness of an entire province. It’s to those contributions that his loss is being felt across the province and indeed across the CFL family today.

CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon summed up the numbness across the league with his statement on Sunday, "It was our league that virtually adopted him when he was just a boy, and it's our league that has looked to him as a man for counsel, inspiration and leadership by example," Cohon said. "As much as the CFL has meant to Bob, he has meant so much more to us."

To get just a small understanding of that importance to both Canadian football and Canada, give a listen to the CKNW sports talk programming of Sunday night, a three hour tribute to the life and times of a great Canadian sports figure. Check out the CKNW audio vault and select the 9 pm to Midnight hours from Sunday, it was a very emotional and informative three hours saluting the Ackles eras in British Columbia.

Mr. Ackles leaves behind a wife Kay, who he made quite famous from his book “The Water Boy”, two sons, Steve and Scott, Scott a CFL success story in his own right with as the team President of the Calgary Stampeders.
His passing will also be mourned by the Ackles grandchildren, as well as his many friends, co workers and fans.

He was enshrined in both the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and the BC Sports Hall of Fame, worthy achievements for the dedicated football man and devoted Lions executive.

Bob Ackles went from carrying water onto the field for the BC Lions, to carrying an entire league on his shoulders, seeking to continue to stake its place on the Canadian sports scene.

His passing is an untimely one, leaving the league shy one valuable resource when it is most needed.

Many will be needed to take his torch, but few will be able to hold it as high, as effectively and as proudly as “The Water Boy” did over these many years.

There’s a variety of material on the net tonight, outlining Bob Ackle’s contribution to Canadian football, here are a few of them:

BC Lions website--Lions mourn loss of Bob Ackles
Vancouver Sun-- B.C. Lions CEO dead at 69
Vancouver Sun-- Lions mourn 'Mr. Football'
Vancouver Sun-- Ackles an inspiration 'in every way'
Vancouver Sun-- Province lost 'great British Columbian': Premier
Vancouver Sun-- Photo gallery
Vancouver Province-- B.C. Lions president Bob Ackles dead at 69
Vancouver Province-- Remembering Bob Ackles
Georgia Straight-- BC Lions president Bob Ackles dies aged 69 of a heart attack
CBC News-- B.C. football icon Bob Ackles passes away
Globe and Mail-- Ackles was the consummate CFL success story
Globe and Mail-- CFL stunned by death of a giant
Canwest News-- Lions legend dead at 69
National Post-- Lions legend Ackles dead at 69
Edmonton Sun-- "Water Boy" will be missed
Winnipeg Sun-- Lions prez will be missed CANADIAN FOOTBALL BUILDER ACKLES PASSES AWAY
Canadian Press-- B.C. Lions president and CEO Bob Ackles dies at age 69 of heart attack
Dallas Morning News-- Former Dallas Cowboys executive Bob Ackles dies
AZ Central-- Former Cardinals, CFL executive dies
Canadian Football website-- CFL Mourns the Passing of Bobby Ackles
Vancouver Whitecaps soccer club salutes Bob Ackles
Vancouver Canadians baseball club salutes Bob Ackles

Sunday, July 06, 2008

CFL Players of the Week-- Week One

The CFL announced its players of the week for the first week of regular season action.

Among the best of the league this week were:


Anthony Calvillo-- QB-- Montreal Alouettes

Runner up-- Henry Burris- QB- Calgary Stampeders


Willie Middlebrooks-- DB-- Toronto Argonauts

Runner up-- James Johnson- DB - Saskatchewan Roughriders


Damon Duvall- K/P- Montreal Alouettes

Runner up-- Noel Prefontaine - K - Edmonton Eskimos


Micheal O'Shea-- LB -- Toronto Argonauts

Runners up-- Miguel Robeda- DL - Calgary Stampeders
Paris Jackson - WR - BC Lions

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Final snaps of July 2008

July 29-- "It's all about having guys who can step in and play,"
July 24-- "Me and Kerry never had a problem with each other"
July 23-- "We think the best way to watch CFL football is live and in person and there is no better place to watch the CFL live and in person than Ivor Wynne Stadium"
July 22-- "We're going to make sure that he's 100 per cent before we turn him loose."
July 21-- "All I could think was that this might be the end of my career,"
July 20-- "I thought [Joseph] did a damned good job"
July 19-- " We've got to keep working every week because we can still get better."
July 18-- "We were happy to get the win for Bobby Ackles"
July 17-- "We've got a lot of players here making their stamp on Stampeder history"
July 16-- "A cut is a cut, and a contract is a deal. You bring all these guys in and ask me to take money out of my pocket"
July 15-- "We are being very precautionary so it doesn't escalate into something."
July 14-- "As long as there's time on the clock, and there's a chance to get enough points to win, I'm going to believe in them."
July 13-- "I loved my grandfather and I really miss him"
July 12-- "Embarrassing ain't even the word"
July 11-- "You never envision a game like this"
July 10-- "Those little things that give you success is what he did, and that's what we're trying to focus on"
July 9-- "It will linger with me for the rest of the life. Just the way it was handled"
July 8-- "I'm basically empowering those guys to run the locker-room "
July 7-- "Bob Ackles is one of a handful of men who made a visible impact on professional football on both sides of the border"
July 6-- "As much as the CFL has meant to Bob, he has meant so much more to us"
July 5-- "We fought through adversity and came through at the end.''
July 4-- "No question, our first half wasn't very good on either side of the football"
July 3-- "Everything's always a shock when you don't see it coming"
July 2-- "That's probably one of the most unique aspects of the transformation; I'm seeing games differently now,"
July 1-- "I think I got that out of the way when Mike hit me"

Opening kick offs July 2008

July 29-- The West's winning ways
July 29-- Stampeders cut five
July 29-- MP hopes betting bill keeps NFL out
July 24-- Dinwiddie leads Blue to victory
July 24-- Frustration grows for Printers
July 24-- Alouettes hoping to break B.C. winless curse
July 23-- 'There's only one Gizmo' -- Jackson
July 23-- O-line anchor Pilon will hang 'em up with the Horsemen
July 23-- Dirty 30 prepares to concede team record to Lions' Immaculate Receptor
July 22-- Argos opposed to Bills experiment
July 22-- Injury-prone Alouette Proulx won’t hold back in season debut
July 22-- Joseph returns to Regina on a roll
July 21-- Bombers turn to Dinwiddie against Stamps
July 21-- Crandell's not rushing his recovery
July 21-- Blue Bomber cheerleader coach resigns
July 20-- Joseph rallies Argos to win
July 20-- Glenn benching a sign of the times
July 20-- Prospects rosy for most
July 19-- Roughriders remain perfect
July 19-- Oh Oh and 4 for Blue
July 19-- Lions' Rodgers out for season
July 18-- Lions come from behind to beat Bombers 27-18
July 18-- Blue not good enough
July 18-- Stubler not seeking revenge
July 17-- Lions to honour Ackles
July 17-- Reynolds runs over Ti Cats
July 17-- A key piece of the Eskimos puzzle
July 16-- Lumsden out of Thursday's game vs. Stamps
July 16-- INT-eresting development
July 16-- 'Powerless'
July 15-- Riders sign Tillman to contract extension
July 15-- Joseph and Glenn will both remain under centre
July 15-- Argos' Stubler not worried about his job
July 14-- Cheerleader photos cause a stir
July 14-- CFL now offensive in the right way
July 14-- Commitment to running sparks offensive burst
July 13-- Bombers are unravelling on field and off
July 13-- Lions honour Ackles in style
July 13-- Team first puts 'Riders on top
July 12-- Stampeders defensive backs score a passing grade
July 12-- Roughriders strike late
July 12-- B.C. Lions 'win one for Bob' with 42-24 pounding of Winnipeg
July 11-- Berry's wrath could mean overhaul
July 11-- Pro debut start is Durant's time to shine
July 11-- Tiger-Cats' confidence soaring
July 10-- Bills' foray into Toronto not a sellout
July 10-- Eskimos add to Argos' problems
July 10-- Stamps hand Trestman first loss
July 9-- Argos put Bishop on waivers
July 9-- Lions set to honour Ackles
July 9-- Reaping the rewards
July 8-- Possible pre-game revelry talk continues
July 8-- "We've got to fix it"
July 8-- Durant to get first CFL start
July 7-- Ackles to be honoured across the country
July 7-- Not business as usual for Lions
July 7-- To the very end, Ackles had a plan
July 6-- Lions mourn "Mr. Football"
July 6-- 'Water Boy" will be missed
July 6-- Remembering Bob Ackles
July 5-- Cahoon breaks record in Alouettes victory
July 5-- Stubler taking reigns of Argonauts offence
July 5-- Roughriders on a roll
July 4-- Fans go too far in protests against coach
July 4-- Als off to sizzling start
July 4-- Eskimos win wild one
July 3-- Lumsden runs wild
July 3-- In the battle between reporters and coaches, nobody wins
July 3-- Two is starting to look like a crowd for Argos
July 2-- McManus returns to Ticats
July 2-- Lions thin on the offensive line
July 2-- B.C. provides big challenge for Johnson
July 1-- Argos forced to make changes for game against Ticats
July 1-- Alouettes trying to move Payton
July 1-- Reynolds off and running

Week Two July 3-5

The CFL enters its second week with a battle of Ontario and a battle of Alberta. The Lions have their home opener with a huge crowd expected , while the Bombers head for Montreal.

Thursday, July 3-- Hamilton 32 @ Toronto 13 (30,822)
Thursday, July 3-- Calgary 31 @ Edmonton 34 (32706)
Friday, July 4-- Winnipeg 38 @ Montreal 24 (20,202)
Friday, July 4-- Saskatchewan 26 @ BC 16 (33,813)

**All games on TSN