Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Arland dons his Tigers stripes

“It was an easy trade for Hamilton, they got a heck of a deal"-- Toronto Argonauts GM, Adam Rita outlining his thoughts on the relocation plans of Arland Bruce III, former member of the Double blue.

The Arland Bruce days in Argo Blue have come to an end, the showdown between coach Bart Andrus and his talented but decidedly independent thinking receiver ended on Wednesday as the Argos traded Bruce to their bitter rivals the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

The move was a reinforcement of control for new head coach Bart Andrus, who quickly tired of the off field inconsistencies (and perhaps one or two of the on the field ones) that Bruce showcased in his first four weeks under the Andrus regime.

As the weeks went by, it became clear that the two weren't going to be getting along too well, with Bruce proving to be a bit of a disruptive force early on this season. So Andrus it seems outlined where he stood and in the end the Argos management decided that their new coach needed their support much more than they required Bruce's talents.

So it's down the QEW he goes, in return the Cats have received the rights to highly touted Canadian defensive lineman Corey Mace,currently with the Buffalo Bills, the Cats also will receive a third-round pick next year as well as a conditional pick in the 2011 draft.

As Wednesday was coming to an end, the word was that the Argos had made contact with Mace and it's anticipated that an agreement may soon be worked out to bring him back across the border to Ontario. An ending that at least may help calm down those Argo fans who may be feeling that they played a poor hand of poker this week in TO.

For Bruce, it's perhaps the best result he could have hoped for, a chance to remain in the centre of the CFL's media universe (though slightly west of the centre) and provides the chance to come back and haunt his former team on a somewhat regular basis.

The only question for Hamilton fans probably is what may be ahead, can he just concentrate on the football while in Hamilton and leave the off field theatrics back in the Argo camp. If he can focus on the football, the Cats suddenly have become a very serious threat to the final standings for the 2009 season.

In the end though, the two weeks of drama have at least kept the CFL on the sports pages in Southern Ontario.

And while they've not said a word, we suspect that the league likewise is pretty content with the way it all has played out.

As if the Argo/Tiger Cat rivalry needed any help in raising the temperature, we now add in the element of the Cats taking on the spurned son of the Double Blue, old Harold Ballard would have loved the theatre of it all.

Hamilton Spectator-- Argos send disgruntled receiver Bruce to Ticats
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Toronto Sun-- Bruce traded to Hamilton
Photo above from Globe and Mail website

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Week Five (July 30--August 1)

Games for week five of the 2009 season include:

Thursday, July 30--Montreal 19 at Edmonton 33 (33,206)
Friday, July 31-- BC 18 at Hamilton 30 (20,103)
Saturday, August 1-- Winnipeg 13 at Toronto 12 (23,821)
Saturday, August 1-- Saskatchewan 24 at Calgary 23 (35,650)

CFL Players of the Week Archive 2009

We archive the Player of the Week selections here for the 2009 Season!

Week Four -- July 23-26
Week Three -- July 16-19
Week Two -- July 9-12
Week One -- July 1 -4

CFL Players of the Week -- Week Four

Two Als, and two Eskimos highlight the week four selections of the Players of the Week.
Video Replay of the players of the week.
Among the best of the league this week were:
Anthony Calvillo-- QB -- Montreal Alouettes
Unanimous selection

Anwar Stewart-- DE -- Montreal Alouettes
Runner up-- LB-- Barrin Simpson-- Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Tristan Jackson-- KR -- Edmonton Eskimos
Runner up-- K -- Sandro DeAngelis-- Calgary Stampeders

Calvin McCarty -- RB-- Edmonton Eskimos
Unanimous selection

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Printers, Bishop on the Bombers speed dial?

The growing chorus of dissatisfied Blue Bomber fans may soon be heard, their increasing anger and disappointment over the state of the Bombers perhaps answered.

A report in the Globe and Mail suggests that phone calls have been made and tentative contacts made with both Casey Printers and Michael Bishop, two high profile former CFL quarterbacks currently sitting on the sidelines in the US after less than successful 2008 campaigns.

With the Bomber offence struggling under Stefan Lefors, the post game talk shows have been jammed with stadium, armchair and TV GM's offering up their advice as to what path the Blue should go to try and get things back on track.

Concerns over the lethargic and inconsistent Bomber offence (one first down in thirty minutes of football, just the latest trend) have grown as the Bombers pile up the losses.
During the course of Friday nights broadcast of the Bombers Argos game, head coach Mike Kelly was quoted as suggesting that he was almost at the point of having to "fish or cut bait" when it came to his dedication to Stefan Lefors to lead the Bomber offence.

Printers received a look over during the winter when he was put through some offensive paces by the Bombers after his release from his horrific year with the Ti Cats, with the Bombers suffering some horrors of their own in the first quarter of the CFL season, the Blue may be on the verge of perhaps giving Printers another shot at CFL success.

Likewise, Bishop may get a chance to reclaim a starting position, last lost in Saskatchewan following last years playoffs, Bishop who started the year last season with the Argonauts was moved when Toronto made Kerry Joseph their number one starter, his stay in Regina however was shortlived when the Riders failed to move forward in last years playoffs.

With the way the Bombers season is progressing, even the prospect of picking up the damaged or frustrated cast offs of last year may seem like progress, if nothing else, it may buy them some time with their fans, who are quickly letting the team know that they aren't happy with the way things are going so far.

Winnipeg Free Press-- Back to the sandlot, boys
Winnipeg Free Press-- Hey Kelly, your offence -- it's a really big issue
Winnipeg Sun-- Blue hit new low
National Post-- Bombers’ offence sputters in loss to Argos

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buono sticks with Buck, but those whispers will continue from the fans

Loyalty is a trademark of Lions head coach Wally Buono, where injury never plays a role in replacing a starting quarterback, so it probably is not a surprise to learn that when the Lions host the Stamps on Friday night, it will be Buck Pierce who takes to the field as the starting quarterback of the hometown Leos.

Despite an impressive performance in relief and his selection as the offensive player of the week for week three, Jarious Jackson will be back on the sidelines on Friday, scouting out the trends of the Stamps defence and standing ready just in case he's needed again.

Quarterback controversies are not an unknown thing in BC, it's one of those problems that coaches love to have, when they have two strong performers at the starting position, but they can at times become a disruptive part of a teams psyche.

It wasn't too long ago, that the Casey Printers/Dave Dickenson tandem provided for the conversation starters on the sports talk shows of BC, each player had his own fan base, equally able to voice an opinion as to which QB should be carrying the load on a game to game basis.

That hasn't developed yet with Jackson/Pierce, but the makings of it are surely there. Jackson has frequently risen to the occasion when called on in relief, whether its a move to shake up a lacklustre offence, or the result of injury.

With the Lions having struggled out of the start of the season, Jackson's success in game number three probably converted a few more fans over to his side of the debate, fans who had seen some bad signs in the first two games, were quite thrilled with the Lions plan B QB's, ability to take charge of last Thursday's domination of the Edmonton Eskimos.

Should they stumble on Friday against the Stamps, one suspects that it won't be long before coach Buono hears from the loyal supporters. Winning will quiet that debate for the short term, but the two seem equal in talent and heart, eventually Jackson we suspect will be a starting QB in the CFL, whether that is in BC remains to be seen.

Though when given the chance, he clearly provides for a most entertaining audition tape...

Vancouver Province-- QB silence is golden
Canadian Press/TSN-- Despite Stellar performance by Jackson, Pierce to start vs Stamps
Vancouver Sun-- Buck Pierce remains Buono's man
Vancouver Sun-- Buck’s back in the saddle as starter

From the land of Friday Night Lights, to one with Friday Night Football

Once again, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have stolen the week's thunder, this time with a surprise signing of potentially one of the names to watch in Canadian Football.

The Riders announced the signging of Graham Harrell this week, introducing him to his new team mates and the curious onlookers of a Riders practice on Tuesday.

Harrell, is a highly regarded quarterback out of Texas Tech, the first quarterback to throw for over 5,000 yards in consecutive seasons and one of the top five finalists for the Heisman trophy.

In short, he's a guy with a lot of talent it would seem and considering his passing stats, someone who just may be suited to the pass happy CFL.

His road to Regina came as a byway of the NFL draft, where scouts suggested that his passing numbers were more a result of the type of offence that Texas Tech put in place, whispering concerns over his arm strength, apparently loud enough to move him off the depth charts of much of the NFL.

While there was a slight bit of interest in the newly formed UFL, Harrell instead has decided that for now, the best place for him to play professional football will be above the 49th parallel, far from the football factories of Texas, but not to far from that passion for the game.

One of his first observations of his early days in Regina has been that total involvement that football and the community have in Saskatchewan. One where a little bit of success could go a long way in building up a core of supporters.

The Riders have no plans to rush Harrell into their system, in fact his first official function it seems was to sign on to the Injured List, though many suspect it was a method the Riders have used in order to work around their cap problems with the new hire.

His placement on that list, will allow him nine weeks to learn the system and now ease into the CFL and learn the differences between the styles of football. It may not be what the list was designed for, but he more than likely is not the first person in the CFL to come down with such maladies as Turf toe, throwers elbow or any other creative injury to while away the hours.

You can't help but notice their glee in luring such a high profile candidate into their organization. A move that has attracted attention on both sides of the border.

Harrell no doubt will be anxious to prove those NFL scouts and doubters wrong and if all goes according to plan, the Riders will be more than happy to provide that platform for him.

From the accounts of his time in Texas, he sounds like someone that is perfectly suited to the more wide open Canadian game, once he's comfortable we're sure we'll see him in play, perhaps not in the starting role that he may have become accustomed to, but as another part of what continues to be a well run machine out of Saskatchewan, one that frequently finds the players required to keep the Riders part of the hunt for the Grey Cup.

Regina Leader Post-- CFL offers new Roughriders quarterback Graham Harrell opportunity
Vancouver Sun-- Riders land Texas gunslinging QB

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Week Four (July 23-25)

Games for week four of the schedule include:

Thursday, July 23-- Hamilton 8 at Montreal 21 (20,202)
Friday, July 24-- Toronto 19 at Winnipeg 5 (28,466)
Friday, July 24-- Calgary 48 at B. C. 10 (27,191)
Saturday, July 18-- Edmonton 38 at Saskatchewan 33(30,945)

All Games on TSN

CFL Players of the Week -- Week Three

Two Lions a Cat and a Stampeder highlight the week three selections of the Players of the Week.
Video Replay of the players of the week.
Among the best of the league this week were:
Jarious Jackson- QB -- British Columbia Lions
Unanimous selection

Dwaine Carpenter -- LB -- Calgary Stampeders
Runner up-- DL-- Malik Jackson -- Calgary Stampeders

Nick Setta-- K -- Hamilton Tiger Cats
Runner up-- LB-- Tyler Ebell-- BC Lions, Sean White-- BC Lions

Paris Jackson -- SB-- BC Lions
Runner Up-- T-- Jeff Perrett -- Montreal Alouettes

Ready to raise a roof in Regina

Flush with success at the box office and the talk of the province for all these years, the prospect of a little comfort for the faithful seems like a long over due thing.

Monday, officials in Saskatchewan floated the idea that a covered stadium is something that should be further investigated, the project just one segment of a comprehensive review of options, would provide the Saskatchewan Roughriders with what would be a modern and well equipped home and the province with an entertainment and sports venue that could be used year round.

It's an idea that seems to make perfect sense, especially considering the climate of the province, one that makes parkas and thermal underwear a must have, sometimes as early as November and long into March.

For the Riders, it would be some long overdue recognition of the importance of the team to the core of Saskatchewan's image, a top notch place from which to showcase the team and add to the community something that only a few select Canadian cities have, a covered stadium for multi use purposes.

Should the folks in Saskatchewan decide to go ahead with the project, estimated to cost around 350 million dollars (not counting land acquisition), they would be but one of three indoor venues in the nation for football, following the Rogers Centre in Toronto and BC Place in Vancouver, there is the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, but it's one of those on occasion homes, usually hosting the last game of the year for the Alouettes and any playoff matches, including it's hosting of the Grey Cup upon it's Montreal arrival.

And if the proponents of the domed Saskatchewan stadium need an extra selling point, it may just be that prospect of hosting more Grey Cups in the future, combining the organizational excellence that Saskatchewan provided a few years back with a climate controlled field of play for the national classic.

With a new stadium on the drawing board in Winnipeg, and a potential new one soon to be examined in Hamilton, putting a domed stadium in Regina would give it a leg up in attracting the Grey Cup on a more regular basis.

Winnipeg's current design does not feature the covered stadium concept, an oversight in the minds of many, it would be quite interesting to watch as their neighbours to the west trump the design with something more practical and more usable on a year round basis.

The old idea that football was made to be played in the elements, does hold much appeal, but come November when the frost is on more than the pumpkins, we think over all even the most die hard Rider fan more than likely would like to come in from the cold.

If they build it, we suspect they'll come!

Regina Leader Post-- Domed stadium to be studied for downtown
Regina Leader Post-- Stadium partnerships key to avoiding political pitfalls
Regina Leader Post-- Downtown stadium favoured -- with the right game plan
Regina Leader Post-- Another step closer to a domed stadium for Regina
Regina Leader Post-- Paying for new stadium for Regina still to be determined
Regina Leader Post-- The option to be explored is a dome in downtown Regina -- It's good to see everyone catching up!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

CFL Players of the Week -- Week Two

Week number two saw some new faces to the Players of the week rankings...

Video Replay of the players of the week.

Among the best of the league this week were:

Runner up-- QB--Anthony Calvillo - Montreal Alouettes

Runner up-- LB-- Otis Floyd-- Hamilton Tiger Cats, DT-- Keron Williams-- Montreal Alouettes

Runner up-- LB-- Jerrell Freeman-- Saskatchewan Roughriders

Runner Up-- S-- Ian Logan -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Ryan Thelwell, Calgary Stampeders

Stamps slow out of the gate in defense of their title

The long term contract, it's the dream of many a CFL player, providing with it a little security and a financial benefit to go with it.

Such was the good news for Henry Burris in late June as the Stamps announced that their star quarterback had signed on for another four years in Red and White, a move that met with approval all around from the QB himself, to team management to the fans.

Now if only he could get untracked and make it all come together on the field.

Other CFL stars hoping for a little of the same kind of respect from their teams might be hoping that Burris gets going as well, after all, the concept of a long term contract as a motivational force for success is going to get a second look if the Stamps don't soon return to the winning ways that brought them a Grey Cup last season.

So far this year they've looked anything but of championship stock, dropped passes, fumbles, missed tackles and sloppy play have proved to be uncharacteristic of John Hufnagel's team, the Stamps are in a most unfamiliar place early on, last in the CFL West at 0 and 2 heading into this week's play with Toronto on the schedule for Friday Night Football.

Most alarming for Hufnagel will be the Points against so far, as the defense has surrendered a league leading 82 points over two games, a hard bit of math to conquer if you're seeking a few wins along the way, even in the overly offensive style of play featured in the CFL.

It's clearly too early to be pushing any panic buttons and since they are the Grey Cup Champions one would expect that when the game comes around again in November the Stamps most likely will be expected to be a challenger for a repeat.

But not unless they shake these early season cobwebs out of their heads and get back into a frame of mind that wins are there for the taking. So far the Stamps have played far too tentatively and made too many on field miscues, mental errors that have cost them valuable field and ball possession and allowed their opposition to flourish over two games.

Friday's match up offers up an interesting comparison, the Argos who self destructed at a key point of last week's game against Saskatchewan have had a few days to feel the wrath of their coach and focus on what needs to be done to correct their problems.

They will be rather anxious to show that they are quick studies and that last week was not a trend that will continue.

Likewise, the Stamps are going to be eager to turn around the sloppy start to the year, no one more so than Burris, who one imagines is eager to show management that their faith and long term vision was correct.

Any number of CFL players might be quietly hoping that he's back on his game soon, making their case that a long term deal has benefits for all in the long run.
Calgary Herald-- Back to Square one

Week Three (July 16-18)

Games for week three of the schedule include:

Thursday, July 16-- BC 40 at Edmonton 22 (33,661)
Friday, July 17-- Toronto 9 at Calgary 44 (33,109)
Saturday, July 18-- Montreal 43 at Saskatchewan 10 (30,945)
Saturday, July 18-- Winnipeg 13 at Hamilton 25 (24,292)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

CFL Players of the Week-- Week One

The CFL announced its players of the week for the first week of regular season action.

Video replay of the Players of the week.

Among the best of the league this week were:

Jamal Robertson-- RB -- Toronto Argonauts
Runner up-- Weston Dressler -- SB-- Saskatchewan Roughriders

Stevie Baggs -- DE -- Saskatchewan Roughriders
Runner up-- - DT -- Adriana Belli- Toronto Argonauts

Damon Duvall- K/P- Montreal Alouettes
Runner up-- Titus Ryan -- K -- Calgary Stampeders

Adriano Belli-- DT -- Toronto Argonauts
Runners up-- Andrew Nowacki -- WR -- Edmonton Eskimos

Week Two (July 9-11)

Action for week two includes:

Thursday, July 9-- Edmonton 16 at Montreal 50 (20,202)
Friday, July 10-- Calgary 18 at Winnipeg 35 (29,533)
Friday, July 10-- Hamilton 31 at BC 28 (30,062)
Saturday, July 11-- Saskatchewan 46 at Toronto 36 (30,005)

All games on TSN

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The final Snap -- July 2009

We review the quotables from the CFL for the month of July and archive our findings below.

July 31 "At this point in my career, I want to have fun--regardless of the outcome, I just want to have fun. I want to be a kid again"
July 30 "With the field being so wide, I'm not noticing there's 12 people on the field"
July 29 "It was an easy trade for Hamilton, they got a heck of a deal"
July 28 "He’ll make any offence better"
July 27-- "I still know a lot of guys on the team, so if I get an opportunity to get out there and play I'll just go out there and win for Winnipeg"
July 26-- "But the thing we didn't do that we've done in the past was we didn't panic"
July 25-- "It’s very upsetting, but that’s life. It should be upsetting for everybody"
July 24-- "Hopefully we put this thing to rest one way or the other"
July 23-- "I wanted to be an Eskimo. I love the city of Edmonton and wanted to play here"
July 22-- "We’re still evolving at our quarterback position and still haven’t had a proven performance yet"
July 21-- "I always tell them I don't regret for one minute ever going to Canada."
July 20-- "But he has enough physical stature to play safety like we want him to"
July 19-- "It's whatever it takes to win. We'll make decision on our starter by day one [of practice.] "
July 18-- "I told everybody at the beginning that I was never a vengeful person"
July 17-- "This is no different than week one. I’m ready to go if they need me for 70 plays or overtime"
July 16-- "I’d say I’ve been developing patience in the game of football ever since Pop Warner,"
July 15-- "Right now, we're having a little trouble as a whole on defence,"
July 14-- "Now, all of a sudden, I'm a fashion critic here, too? Do I have to put on a boa or anything"
July 13-- "Personally, it doesn't matter to me if I get zero interceptions if we win a Grey Cup "
July 12-- "We need to get better in a short amount of time"
July 11-- "I never thought in a million years we'd lose to Hamilton"
July 10-- "I'm good with anything Arland wants to do when he scores touchdowns, as long as its legal and within the rules of the CFL "
July 9-- "It’s a catch I have to make. I hold myself accountable for that,"
July 8-- "There are many, many, many players that have less than $1,000"
July 7-- "As soon as I get home, I'm in bed "
July 6-- "It's awesome. This is a dream come true."
July 5-- "None of this has been my determination, let's put it that way. It's been out of my hands for awhile"
July 4-- "When I think about where we are (as a league), I’m really thinking about not just this year but for the next 30 to 40 years"
July 3-- "It was just one of those nights -- it was ugly"
July 2-- "You saw a lot of Canadians rallying to our league and we're just continuing that momentum"
July 1-- "We’ve got to keep on hitting him and staying in his face"

The Opening Kickoff-- July 2009

Another season opened on July 1st as the CFL once again began the long march towards Grey Cup Sunday in November. We'll track our three top stories of the day from this location, providing a snapshot of the CFL in July.

July 31-- Eskimos end Alouettes' perfect season
July 31-- Andrus takes a pass on McNeal
July 31-- Ticat fans embrace an August that matters
July 30-- Lions try to recapture roar
July 30-- Follow the Arland Shuffle
July 30-- Eskimos put an end to Alouettes' win streak
July 29-- Bruce says he won’t lie down on job
July 29-- Hey Bart, get used to flakes
July 29-- Stampeders' Rambo laid low
July 28-- Argos seek to make Bruce disappear
July 28-- B.C. Lions players struggle through the heat at workout
July 28-- Former Rider quarterback Marcus Crandell adjusting to life as a coach
July 27-- Bruce still considers himself an Argo
July 27-- Eskimos need to get over slow starts
July 27-- Blue resort to strong-arm tactics
July 26-- Bishop now a Blue Bomber
July 26-- Lions were turned inside out and they didn’t like it at all
July 26-- Replacement kicker a perfect 10 for Argonauts
July 25-- Bombers look for new options
July 25-- Stampeders lose Rambo in victory over Lions
July 25-- Eskimos rally from 22-point deficit
July 24-- Argonauts blow past Blue Bombers
July 24-- Calvillo's arm puts a hurt on Cats
July 24-- 2009 Roughriders excited to meet 1989 Grey Cup-winning team
July 23-- Alouettes too much for tenacious Tiger-Cats
July 23-- Bruce not looking for the door
July 23-- Grant to relive glory days
July 22-- Bruce left behind for road trip
July 22-- Cahoon expecting tough battle
July 22-- Stampeders' Reynolds plays through the pain
July 21-- Edmonton Eskimo sacks suspected serial purse snatcher
July 21-- Pair fined for TD celebrations
July 21-- Joseph refuses to give up with Argonauts
July 20-- Report: Regina needs domed stadium
July 20-- Montreal Alouettes hero Tony Proudfoot keeps up battle against ALS
July 20-- Better get used to it, folks
July 19-- Buck’s back in the saddle as starter
July 19-- Argo injuries force Bart Andrus to get inventive
July 19-- From gutwash to Glenn-livet
July 18-- Tiger Cats claw out win over Bombers
July 18-- Als and Calvillo romp over Riders
July 18-- Lions to stick with Pierce
July 17-- Legend's take on CFL woes
July 17-- Lions to stick with Pierce
July 17-- Bombers coach dismisses ‘spygate’ as ‘non-issue’
July 16-- Als Calvillo closing in on record
July 16-- Spygate draws plenty of talk, not much action
July 16-- 'Lightning and Thunder' returning to Roughriders
July 15-- B.C. still looking to get off the mark
July 15-- No punishment for Blue Bombers in spy incident
July 15-- Belli defends life on the knife-edge

July 14-- Blue Bombers scout caught spying at Ticat practice
July 14-- Perseverance puts kicker in Lions’ plans
July 14-- Battle of basement shapes up this week

July 13-- Lions kicker McCallum out indefinitely with knee injury
July 13-- Robertson steps into RB limelight
July 13-- No need for fans to panic quite yet
July 12-- Eskimos sign import defensive lineman
July 12-- Bart Andrus steaming after Argos pay for penalties
July 12-- B. C. Lions make adjustments after second loss
July 11-- Riders' and Durant rough up Argos
July 11-- Lions look to CanWest for new President
July 11-- Bombers silence the mob
July 10-- Why the Als are still on top
July 10-- Srochenski can't leave Argos behind
July 10-- Roughriders to face a rejuvenated Kerry Joseph
July 9-- Eskimos no match for Als without Lumsden

July 9-- Dodgy disc throws Brown for a loop
July 9-- Bruce doubtful for opener

July 8-- Bell already impressing Roughriders staff
July 8-- Als' Cobourne ready to run riot against Esks in home opener
July 8-- Better to thrive than survive
July 7-- Crandell rejoining Roughriders
July 7-- Robertson nabs CFL honour
July 7-- Armstrong’s days appear numbered
July 6-- Already impotent offence dealt another blow
July 6-- Gallant relishing time on TD list
July 6--
Eskimos hope to hit ground running against Alouettes
July 5--
Ticats battling history already
July 5--
Lumsden confident he'll return from latest injury setback
July 5-- New receiver en route
July 4--
Lumsden tries to stay positive after suffering setback
July 4--
Riders take advantage of Lions' turnovers
July 4--
Bombers not at loss for taking the blame
July 3--
Esks start juggling with Lumsden injured
July 3-- Tillman out of sight, but top of mind
July 3--
No quarterbacking controversy here
July 2--
CFL fines Bruce for TD dance
July 2-- Esks beat Bombers 19-17 in opener
July 2-- Lions' running game flexible
July 1-- Als gain revenge against Stamps
July 1--
Argonauts maul Tiger-Cats in season opener
July 1--
Five-minute gridiron guide