Saturday, November 03, 2012

All the comforts of home and er, ah, ahem, even a little bit more

With their final game today, a 19-11win as it turns out, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will bid farewell for the second time to Canad Inn Stadium this weekend, their final home game of the season, which  also brings this horrid season to an end marks the end of that particular era of Blue Bomber football, with the promise of a much better fan experience for next year.

The farewells for the Canad Inns are to be brief it seems...

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Originally the plan was for the Bombers to have been playing down the playoff race in their new digs of Investor Group Field at the University of Manitoba, however, much like the Bomber offence and defence seemed to have problems with the game plan this year, the contractors had their own issues with blue prints and stadium delivery.

With the Bombers wrapping up their efforts for 2012 at home, they received a tour of the new facility this week, most likely as a bit of motivational touring to keep spirits high and thoughts positive for the year to come, no doubt a welcome thing after as terrible a season as the Blue and Gold suffered this year.

The reviews have begun to arrive from the open house if you will, with some surprising developments for those in the season ticket base.

Turns out, that in 2012 and this era of a fan friendly environment, the new stadium still will feature a glitch or two, mainly it seems for some who will have slightly obstructed seats when they sit down next spring.

While not a huge issue it seems, with those that had problems with their sight lines offered alternatives that benefit the season ticket holder, it still seems a bit odd that when constructing the stadium that sight lines turn out to be an issue.

Another interesting aspect of the new Investors Group Field is something called  "vomitories", which isn't exactly explained by the Blue Bomber front office, but certainly doesn't leave much to the imagination.

While we imagine that sometimes the play of the Bombers left the fans feeling a little disappointed, we never thought that things had become so dire that such a thing would be required during, or post game in Bomberland.

Perhaps with a bit of focus the Bombers can remove the burden of being a Bomber fan, with a return to winning football when they take up their residence next year.

They should get a nice little bump in attendance with the new stadium, maintaining those crowds will depend on the product on the field.  The stadium building project is almost complete, the building of the 2013 team is just getting underway.

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