Saturday, November 03, 2012

CFL Game Day: Montreal at Winnipeg (October 3)

The Bombers bid adieu to Canad Inn Stadium (no, really, this time it's true) today, the new fancy home surely to be finished by the time they next have a meaningful football game in the Spring of 2013.

The farewell tour part two brings to an end a most miserable season for anyone associated with the Blue and Gold, the cost of the season of woe ranging from a fired coach, to injured starting quarterback and most disturbing of all for the accountants, a disillusioned fan base who watched in horror for most of the season.

The prospect of the new stadium at the University of Manitoba is really the only silver lining in the season of dark storm clouds, sparkly and new, the latest "in spot" for Winnipeg, it should buy the Bombers a few years to rebuild and find their way to the top of the CFL again.

That however is for the off season planning, Game Day today is very much a play out the string kind of affair, the auditions for the Bombers 2013 lineup begin today, for Montreal it's a rest day for the starters for the most, perhaps a little tune up work for the defensive unit which has been a problem area for the Als for most of the season.

The two points mean nothing in the standings, mere accounting work for the CFL stats people.

The real numbers will be the number of hits, tackles, receptions and such, numbers that will tell the Bombers who wants to play football next year in Blue and Gold, numbers that tell the Als who is ready for playoff football and who will need a little extra work in the week off to come.  A few of the Als who don't see much playing time have a chance to audition for other GM's with their appearances today, a chance to make the best of their time on TV and an opportunity to save on DVD mailings.

The Bombers and their fans get one last glimpse at the ancient yard of football battles, if there's a wrecking ball warming up in the parking lot though, perhaps have them turn off the key and winterize the beast, you just never know if Canad Inn may be needed one more time...

Game Time 2PM CT, Noon PT, 3 ET Canad Inns Stadium TSN

Montreal 11 at Winnipeg 19 (26,907) Game Preview Video Preview

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