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The 100th Grey Cup

The CFL, 100 years strong and counting this weekend, a Canadian institution that has survived Wars, a Depression and one or two terrible owners over the years.

A collective that has seen franchises lost, franchises gained and franchises eventually returned from where they never should have left.

It has on occasion struggled and then again it has thrived as well, the 100 year old tradition that survives on, despite it seems at times the people that run it.

It has invaded the US and returned a little shell shocked from the incursion and on Sunday, it will bring a country together once again, as only the Grey Cup can.

Yes, somewhere in that audience it's true, a few might not know an Argonaut from a Stampeder, but as it always does, the Grey Cup will provide an audience which will boost television ratings and spike the sales of beer and snack foods (and  provide cause for more than a few home parties) from coast to coast to coast.

The Stampeders earned their way into Lord Earl Grey's party through a path of Saskatchewan and British Columbia, a near death experience in the semi finals, spurring the Stamps on to their handy dismissal of the Lions last week in the Western Final.

The second best team in the CFL of 2012, ascending to the top of the pile through hard work, knocking off the champs as true contenders must do.

The Argos, who came quite close in October to sliding right out of the playoffs, ramped it up when it was required most, knocking out the Eskimos in the semi final, the final punctuation point in the off season trade that brought their new leader to Toronto.

From that statement game they marched into Montreal, faced down the huge crowd of Olympic Stadium and after a horrendous start, found the will to work their way back into contention in the Eastern Final.

Their confidence growing with every pass from Ricky Ray, every call from the defensive coordinators that stymied Montreal at their own game.

The league's wildest dream of the Argos arriving at their own Grey Cup party secured after sixty minutes of football.

The Argos once again find a chance to become a more meaningful sports entity in their hometown, far too often relegated to after thought status, on this weekend the Argos will be the story in Toronto.

It may not translate into a huge jump in season tickets, that of course will take work and in Toronto that's as tough a job as there is, still they've made some serious progress in this final month of the season.

The storybook finish of course would be the Argos on the podium hoisting the Grey Cup, a city celebrating their newest heroes, a championship trophy for a city starved of such baubles.

Calgary we imagine will gladly will don the black hat for that , looking to bring Toronto back down to earth, anxious to remind the east that the best team in the league, should normally win the Grey Cup.

The Stamps were team 1B for most of the regular season, they grabbed the top seed with their victory over the Lions last week.

Yet, Grey Cup Sunday is also about surprises, where the improbable becomes the story.

It makes for a fascinating storyline for Grey Cup 100, the parties are almost finished, the concerts, the festivities and yes even the gallop of a wayward horse in a hotel lobby.

All that is left is for kickoff, tee it up and let's get number 100 underway!

For the record, we'll give the nod to the Stamps to play party poopers at the Rogers Centre and lay claim to the 100th Grey Cup.

Playoff record 

3 correct, 1 wrong

A sliver of good news for Argo fans, the Regular season record 37 correct, 39 wrong

Game Time  6 PM ET, 4 PM MT, 3 ET Rogers Centre TSN

Pre Game Game Preview Video Preview

National Post-- Argos' Ricky Ray, Stampeders' Kevin Glenn make for interesting Grey Cup matchup
Globe and Mail-- The Grey Cup is a game that binds Canadians
Toronto Star-- Fourth Earl Grey left his mark in Canada, and his trophies
Toronto Sun-- Argonauts have home base covered
Calgary Herald-- Stamps' Voice of Experience', Anwar Stewart, calms nerves on Grey Cup eve
Calgary Sun-- Stamps feel the love on final day of practice Argos' defence not surprised by surging Stamps

Team Backgrounders

Toronto Argonauts
Calgary Stampeders

Twelve Men Review The Finals edition November 18, 2012

And then there were two... Leaving Edmonton football fans with an interesting conundrum to ruminate on over the next week, hate the Stamps, hate the Argos or check out the NFL schedule for Sunday.

Sunday's divisional finals settled the guests for the 100th Grey Cup celebrations in Toronto and the Argos, thanks to a comeback victory at the Olympic Stadium will be the hosts to their own game, the Eastern representative awaiting the arrival of the Calgary Stampeders who upset the Grey Cup champions in their very own stadium on Sunday.

The review of the finals can be found below

Toronto at Montreal

The feel of the big event could be found in Montreal on Sunday, the Als transplanted to the east side of the city took up residence in the Big O, some 50,000 football fans following them onto the metro and settled in to the iconic, or is that ironic, Montreal landmark.

The crowd was alive with anticipation, the Als hosting another Eastern Final, sights set on a trip to Toronto next weekend for the 2012 Grey Cup, the top team of the East for the last half of the season, led by future Hall of Fame entrant Anthony Calvillo, taking on a Toronto Argonaut team that struggled for the majority of the back nine of the CFL season.

And for a while there, it looked like the Als fans were in for a pretty rewarding day of it all, the Argos turned the ball over early in the first quarter spotting the Als a 10-0 lead before many might have ordered their second, well ok, third Molson's.

On top of that, the indication early on from the Alouettes defensive unit was that the Argos were to be denied at every opportunity the chance to score, a pair of goal line stands from the Als defence putting the crowd in a most celebratory mood.

Yet, the Argos kept their poise, Ricky Ray never seemed to be rattled by the early struggles of his team, instead, the Double Blue refocused, adjusted and began turning the tide, a second half that they turned around in their favour, though not without the drama that the CFL seems to like to deliver late into games.

Ricky Ray delivered on the theme of his pre season arrival, that of bringing the Argos back into relevance, sending shudders clear back across the prairie to Edmonton, where it all went so horribly wrong, when the league's worst trade was made.

Ray was indeed the force for stability and confidence that Toronto needed, never more so than in the Eastern Final where he and the Argos vanquished their long time Eastern rivals.

And now they play host to the circus that is Grey Cup, the distractions, the parties, the Horse in the lobby all of it on their home turf, where, perhaps, if they're lucky, the locals will come to learn more about their Eastern Champions and Grey Cup participants.

Calgary at British Columbia

The build up to the Western Final made much of the British Columbia Lions regular season record, their status of defending Grey Cup champions and of an offence that was loaded with weapons combined with a defensive unit that had pride in the stingy nature of their work.

Few it seems, remembered that the Stampeders had a few players that have been on a field before, the quarterback for the day, Kevin Glenn who was pressed into service owing to injury to Drew Tate, was perhaps the best choice for the Stamps in this situation after all.

Experience such as Glenn's is hard to come by, and while a good number of his past playoff games have ended in disappointment along his CFL path, this season has been one where he's provided the key leadership for a Stampeder team that was in need of some quiet confidence on the field.

When Tate went down early in the season it was Glenn who stepped up and kept the Stamps on their path to the playoffs, a stumble or two here and there sure, but Glenn it seems is a quick study, corrections were made the Stamps moved forward.

A loss to the Lions in October cost them the CFL Western title, but provided the incentive to re-dedicate themselves to the larger goal of a Grey Cup berth, they clearly studied their film and went over their assignments since that October loss, learning their lessons.

With Kevin Glenn taking the Stamps down the field on more than a few occasions on Sunday, the Calgarians quickly brought BC Place to a quiet zone of reflection for the home side, a party for a return to the Grey deferred for at least a year, the questions to echo through the winter and into the spring as to how the team with the best record in the CFL couldn't find the answers when needed most.

The Stamps can be a cocky bunch at times, they have that large persona that some don't like, the only thing with that is, if you have the back up to deliver on it's not really cockiness, but confidence and on Sunday the Stamps showed a lot of it.

They take that to Toronto, with a familiar theme to call on as they prepare for the Cup.  Again, into a hostile home with the home side looking to secure not only a victory, but its impact on the city it hails from.

They come into the Grey Cup as the team to beat perhaps, the second best record on the year and having just knocked off the defending champs. One would bet against them at their peril.

Our coverage of the Finals can be found here.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Divisional Finals

With one week to go until the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto are in full swing, the East and the West Division shall on Sunday determine their representatives in that centennial celebration.

Both East and West feature teams that for the most part might have been pencilled in as the possibilities when the season started on Canada Day, that's the case in the West for sure where the Calgary Stampeders and British Columbia Lions will renew acquaintances at BC Place.

The Lions, who have been the the top performers in the CFL this year, take on a Calgary squad which has struggled through some adversity through the year and once again find themselves reconfiguring the offence as the West Division Final looms.

The East which features the Alouettes and Argos at McGill in Montreal, perhaps could have offered up a different scenario, the Hamilton Tiger Cats were at the start of the season considered a favourite, the off season additions in Hamilton seen as a key to their quest for a Grey Cup berth.

But for Hamilton, as in Winnipeg, 2012 proved to be a most disappointing season, the Als were clear and away for a playoff spot by late September, the Argos while stumbling managed to pull it together when it counted, leading them to the where they are this weekend, one win away from hosting their own Grey Cup party and participating in the game as well.

To get there will require another strong effort from Ricky Ray and his offence and some strong defensive play to shut down the CFL's most respected QB Anthony Calvillo.

Two games that offer up much in the way of potential, four teams at the crossroad to their season, a win sends two of them to the Grey Cup, a loss and a long, long season comes to an end a game short, all that success but background to a lost opportunity.

Our previews, reviews and other information on the East and West Finals can be found below.

Sunday, November 18-- Toronto 27 at Montreal 20   50,112
Sunday, November 18-- Calgary 34 at British Columbia 29 43,216 

Twelve Men Prognostication: Predicted Winners

British Columbia

Regular Season record

37 correct, 39 wrong

Playoff Record

3 correct, 1 wrong

The Divisional Finals: Toronto at Montreal (November 18)

They are ancient rivals in hockey, once upon a time rivals in baseball and familiar foes when it comes to Canadian football and Sunday at the Big O, the Argos and Alouettes will once again play out their rivalry on a football field, the winner heading off to the 100th Grey Cup.

For Toronto the stakes are perhaps a little higher, the Argos,  host to the 100th celebration would like nothing more than gain some resonance in their own hometown, a Grey Cup berth the final part of the rebuilding job that 2012 has been.

Ricky Ray, the key part of that rebuild finally it seems has hit his stride, last weeks semi final smackdown of the Edmonton Eskimos was his most complete game in Double Blue. Every play offered up just why the Argos were so determined to bring him across the country, his leadership, ability to read the play and determination to deliver were all intangibles that the Argos finally can call their own.

No further evidence need be provided as to Rays importance to the Argos than to look at what his departure seems to have done to Edmonton, a team that is once again adrift seeking its own rebuilding plans.

The Argos struggled at times in 2012, though victory over Montreal is not an uncommon thing, a three point victory on July 27th in Montreal a notice that the Argos were for real in 2012, a September 23rd loss a reminder that there was still work to be done, as was a loss on October 14th.

By that time, the Als were clearing their way to claiming the top spot in the East, the Argos mired in a spiral that nearly cost them a playoff spot and the chance to be a part of their own party.

As the season came towards its end the Argos benefitted by the self destruction of the Tiger Cats and Bombers, securing second place just before season's end, focusing on their next opponent of concern the Eskimos.

The quick work they made of Edmonton is just the kind of momentum builder a team needs, they'll take that to Montreal for Sunday, aware of course that the Als come by their top spot honestly, through hard work, good coaching and a remarkable never say die QB named Calvillo.

It's a showcase of two of the league's top pivots, both it seems in good health, ready to add yet another chapter to some CFL lore.

Game Time 1 PM ET, 10 AM Olympic Stadium TSN

Pre Game Game Preview Video Preview

National Post-- Argonauts hope to silence thundersticks in Montreal's Olympic Stadium
Toronto Star-- Friendly rivals Scott Milanovich and Marc Trestman save bluster for big game
Toronto Sun-- Argos hope to make amends for 2010 defeat
Montreal Gazette-- Als know they must stop Owens Alouettes defence looking to quiet doubters against Argos...

Team Backgrounders

Toronto Argonauts
Montreal Alouettes

The Divisional Finals: Calgary at British Columbia (November 18)

They were the two top teams of the CFL this year, 1 and 2 in the overall standings, the two best offences, the two best defences, all of it meaningless now, the Western Final a whole new adventure for Calgary and British Columbia.

The Lions perhaps won the home field advantage with their October 6th victory at home, a  27 to 22 showdown that gave the Leos the momentum heading towards the final stretch of the season, the loss of October not an inconsequential thing, but in the scope of where the Lions were in the season something that probably does not weigh too heavily on their minds.

The Stamps arrive in Vancouver once again shuffling up the line up, Drew Tate the hard luck story of 2012 sideline with a leg injury and perhaps suffering the aftershocks of a concussion, a prospect the Stamps were being a little quiet about this week, the Tate story but another nugget of nuttiness out of the Stamps camp, which featured Nik Lewis finding himself on the wrong side of the league and more importantly his coach over his less than thought out twitter efforts.

The distractions, they were a plenty in the Stampeder corral, though perhaps we can get back to the football for Sunday.

With that in mind, regardless of the cause, Tate is out, Kevin Glenn back in, the workhorse of the Stamps who kept the team on track through the season, likely eager for a bit of revenge over the Lions from that October 6th defeat. Add on the chance for Jon Cornish to run his game in the town he grew up in and the Stamps have much to look forward to Sunday.

For the Lions the home field advantage will be huge, the noise and vibrant atmosphere of BC Place a sure fire adrenalin rush, once which will gain noise and impact should the Lions put points on the board.

Towards that goal they turn again to Travis Lulay, who came into his own for the Lions over the last few years, his Grey Cup victory of last year offering much hope for BC that a repeat visit to the Grey Cup is in the cards for 2012.

Sixty minutes of football will determine that storyline, Lulay and his high octane offence will seek to take care of the points on the board, the Leos defensive unit one of the tops in the league will be anxious to shut down a Stampeder attack that can strike fast, just ask the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the film.

Should the West Division Final deliver half the entertainment of last weeks semi, then football fans will be well served in these 2012 playoffs

Game Time 1 PM PT, 4 ET BC Place TSN

Pre Game Game Preview Video Preview

National Post-- Stampeders' Kevin Glenn happy to concentrate on football
Calgary Sun-- Calgary Stampeders take circus on the road
Calgary Herald-- Stampeders ready to banish the hurt
Vancouver Province-- Lions don't care who starts at QB for Calgary
Vancouver Sun-- B. C. Lions defence enriched by 'mad scientist' Glenn knows all about Tate's heartbreak

Team Backgrounders

Calgary Stampeders
British Columbia Lions

Friday, November 16, 2012

Twelve Men Review Semi-Finals edition November 11,2012

The CFL whittled down it's playoff list a little further on Remembrance Day and for the most part, the two teams expected to advance did so, Toronto without much in the way of opposition or difficulty, Calgary, well not quite so.

The Argos topped the Eskimos with more than a few exclamation points to their Eastern semi final, while out west the finale to the TSN semi final doubleheader offered up another one of those legendary CFL finishes we've been spoiled by over the years.

The reviews of the semis are as follows

Edmonton at Toronto

The Eskimos qualified for post season play through the CFL's cross over provisions, a better record than the two bottom feeders of the east sent the Eskimos through, however after their day in Toronto, perhaps it might have been best if they had just stayed home.

The Argos were dominant in all factors of play, a punishing defensive effort left the Eskimos confused and unable to move the ball with any real authority, an effort that left Edmonton fans only to ruminate on the events of the year that left many shaking their heads.

Chief among that head shaking the trade of Ricky Ray to the Argonauts in the off season, a trade which  hit home in so many ways on Sunday, Ray clearly in charge, hitting his stride at the Toronto quarterback, showing exactly why the Argos made the trade for him.

Leadership and skill paced the Argos to their 42-25 thumping of the Eskimos much of it orchestrated by Ray at the Argos controls, for every first down, completed pass or touchdown scored one could sense the blood pressure of the Eskimo fan rising to near danger levels.

Mention the name Eric Tillman and we suspect Edmonton EMS was on red alert.

The Argos owned the game plain and simple, there's really not much to review of the Eskimo game plan,  leaving Kavis Reed to review much for his off season, if, of course with the shift in management once again at the top he'll have an off season in Edmonton colours.

The game was such a disaster for Edmonton that the only sliver of good news for them is that Matt Nichols, who suffered one of the most gruesome looking injuries in recent football history was actually able to return to Edmonton.  His ankle dislocation a vision not for the squeamish, the recovery time unknown, but for the most part on his report things are positive. The glimpse of potential he provided prior to his injury the one positive for the Eskimos in a season of woe.

The Eskimo fans are among the most passionate in the league, the team regularly leads in attendance, the knowledge of their backers among the best in the CFL.  They have been their when times were very good and for the moment, it seems they'll have to deal with things when they're really, really bad.

As for the Argos, they move on to Montreal now, the Eastern Final their last obstacle to a home town appearance in the 100th Grey Cup.  Two weeks ago you might not have given them much of a chance against Anthony Calvillo and the Alouettes, however with as complete a game as they played in the semi-final comes confidence, something that will serve them well on Sunday afternoon at McGill Stadium.

Our full coverage of the Eastern semi-final can be found here.

Saskatchewan at Calgary

If the Stamps were watching the eastern semi final prior to their own kick off on Sunday, they no doubt were wishing that the Eskimos had moved through the West, for as woeful as Edmonton was on Sunday, the visiting Riders gave the Stamps all they could handle.

In fact, the Riders only flaw in a late game surge that saw them silence the Calgary side of McMahon Stadium (the place is always a 50/50 split when the Riders are in town) was that they left just a wee bit too much time on the clock after they took a late game lead.

The sign of a championship team however is how you deal with adversity and for the Stamps, while the fans sat in silence in the stands the team on the field went back to work. Shaking off the shock of the Riders improbable comeback and marching down the field for their own, Drew Tate finding Romby Bryant on a 68 yard touchdown pass, the dagger in the heart for Rider Nation in just 22 short seconds.

It is the thing of that defines the CFL, the no lead is safe mantra of the league come to life, a marketing tool that should reinforce for CFL fans as to the magic that can come from a CFL field on a weekly basis.

The final play of course will be the talking point of the semi final, but really, this was an entire game of gems. A heavyweight fight, with two teams punching back and forth, hard hitting and thrilling, featuring exciting offensive plays combined with a defensive war that took no prisoners.

The Stamps led by Drew Tate, looked to have finally taken control of the game with a 12 point lead in the third quarter, only to watch Darian Durant launch the Rider comeback, a remarkable reversal of momentum that should finally gain him some respect from RiderNation.

There was no quit in Durant, no quit in the Riders and no surrender for the Stamps.

As exciting a CFL game as we've seen in a while, offering up the tempting prospect of more to come in the Western final when the Stamps travel west to play the Lions.

They make that transit however with a few changes in the lineup, it was announced late in the week that Drew Tate was out for the final, an injury once again putting him to the sidelines in a hard luck season that offered him much promise and delivered a burden of misery.

Still, the Stamps who seem to relish adversity will march on, it's back to Kevin Glenn, who only led the team into playoff contention through the year, no doubt eager to put a cap on his season with a shocker of an upset over the Grey Cup champs.

If history is any indication and you happen to miss the first half, don't worry, the teams no doubt are only getting warmed up.

Our coverage of the Western Semi Final can be found here.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Four advance towards Vanier Cup

The CIS playoff elimination rounds of this weekend have brought four more teams closer to the Vanier Cup on November 24th.

With victories on Saturday, Laval, Acadia, McMaster and Calgary will all move forward towards the CIS semi-finals next weekend. For followers of the CIS, that list looks rather familiar, as  four were in the semi-finals one year ago, something to mark down in the CIS history books as it's the first time that all four semi finalists have met in back to back years.

Laval claimed their berth with 40 to 17 victory over Sherbrooke, where the Rouge et Or grabbed a 16-0 lead and never looked back on Saturday, providing another exciting afternoon of football for Quebec City's growing football base.

In Nova Scotia, Wolfville's Acadia Axemen knocked off the big city boys of Halifax's St. Mary's University, in a hard fought  defensive battle, which saw the Axemen eventually wear down the Huskies for the 17-9 victory.

Acadia now faces Laval, a mid November trip north now on their football agenda, where they will hope to have similar success against the nation's number two rated team.

For Laval, a victory next Sunday offers up the opportunity to return to the Vanier Cup, a season ending event that they have become quite prominent at over the last few years.

The Ontario and Western playoffs didn't disappoint for entertainment either, the Number one football program in the county at McMaster showed why they gained that title this year, as the Marauders grabbed a quick 21-0 lead of their counterparts from Guelph, never looking back on their way to their 30 to 15 victory over the Gryphons.

On the frozen turf of McMahon Stadium the University of Calgary Dinos battled their prairie rivals from the University of Regina, with the Dino's offering up the first of what could be an Alberta football sweep this weekend with a 38 to 14 victory over the Rams.

Calgary's football fans might be using that victory as an indication of good things to come when the Stamps play the Riders in the CFL West semi Sunday afternoon at McMahon.

With their win the Dinos now head east, a showdown with McMaster, which pits the number 1 and number 3 teams in what may be the best game of next weekend's semi-finals.

McMaster, the defending Vanier Cup champions will be working towards one more weekend of play, a game just a short drive down the 401 on November 23rd, when the 2012 Vanier Cup plays out at Toronto's Rogers Centre.

The CIS website offers up comprehensive coverage of the playoff run.

Other reviews of the four conference championships can be found below

TSN-- Acadia, McMaster, Laval, Calgary in CIS Football Playoffs
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Halifax Chronicle Herald-- Axemen grab second straight AUS crown
Hamilton Spectator-- Mac blitzes and blasts to Yates Cup victory
Calgary Herald-- Drive for five continues as Dinos roll over Rams

Friday, November 09, 2012

The Tillman Conspiracy

Quick someone call Matt Damon, we have a role that he may be familiar with.

A thriller, where human assets are moved into place and then handled by a spymaster with his own personal agenda...

We'll call it...

The Tillman Conspiracy...

Give me a call, Matt, We'll talk...

The dismissal last week of Eric Tillman from the Eskimo managerial ranks has CFL conspiracy theorists working overtime this week, with many offering up the dark ops thought that Tillman apparently sent Ricky Ray to Edmonton earlier this year. In part, to lay the foundation for his own trip to the big city.

An unlikely outcome we suspect, but it's the CFL so, you just never know.

First a little background on last weekends dismissal

Edmonton Journal-- Former Eskimos GM Tillman reflects on successes, missed opportunities
Edmonton Journal-- Edmonton Eskimos vague on reasons for firing GM Tillman
Edmonton Journal-- Distractions ultimately sank Eskimos' Tillman
Edmonton Journal-- Organizational dysfunction under Tillman too profound to continue
Edmonton Journal-- Who should be next general manager of the Edmonton Eskimos?
Edmonton Journal-- Business as usual for Eskimos players and coaches in wake of Tillman firing
Edmonton Sun-- Playoffs overshadow firing of Eric Tillman for Edmonton Eskimo players
Edmonton Sun-- Edmonton Eskimos head coach has an all-business plan in wake of GM's dismissal
Edmonton Sun-- Fired Edmonton Eskimos GM Tillman had his reasons for living in Regina
Edmonton Sun-- Esks GM Tillman fired, president Rhodes exposed

As history has since recorded in 2012, the trading of Ricky Ray to Toronto is perhaps the single biggest error ever made by a General Manager in CFL history...

Considering the anemic Eskimo offensive play of the year and the success Ray had when healthy in Toronto, the trade will forever be archived as a one sided transfer that left the Eskimos damaged for much of the season.

As though to reinforce that fact, the trade is still the topic of conversation in November, helpful reminders provided daily it seems.

Edmonton Sun-- Ricky Ray trade will overshadow everything else in former Edmonton Eskimos GM Eric Tillman's tenure
CBC-- Ray will get revenge on Eskimos
Edmonton Sun-- Toronto Argonauts kicker Noel Prefontaine says Edmonton Eskimos should not have traded Ricky Ray

The best part of the fall out from the Tillman dismissal however are the rumours percolating that he's destined to be the next GM of the Double Blue, something that may be more than a little annoying to the current office holder Jim Barker.

The denials are flowing fast and furious at the moment, Tillmangate threatening to overshadow the Argos first home playoff appearance since 2008. At times becoming the kind of plot that Ludlum would have loved.

Edmonton Journal-- Argonauts General Manager shoots down Ricky Ray conspiracy theories Argos CEO says club not eyeing Tillman
Toronto Star-- Argonauts' playoff date would have been better with Esks GM Tillman on hand
National Post-- Argos give coach Scott Milanovich a contract extension
Toronto Sun-- Contract extension for Milanovich

And while this is a league that at the moment has one owner holding two franchises and in the past has provided for any number of bizarro world events, including spiking the Ottawa franchise twice with guys named Chen and Glieberman.

With all that colourful, er history?,  even the idea that the Argos would be allowed to offer Tillman a job in the off season seems wild beyond any yardstick.

That, if for no other than the image of the league, he most likely will have to scratch Toronto off his wish list of employment for 2013 maybe even longer.

It's often said that this uniquely Canadian game is truly one of the great sports of the land, it has to be to survive some of the craziness that sometimes surrounds it...

The Semi Finals: Saskatchewan at Calgary (November 11)

A travel advisory if you will for the Trans Canada Highway through Eastern Alberta this weekend, the roads westbound out of Saskatchewan will most likely be a little congested.

For the Riders are coming to town and with them the league's most faithful of travelling groups no doubt will be along for the ride.

McMahon Stadium will be a lively place this Sunday, a place where perhaps we might be excused if we're a little confused as to which is the home team, such is the volume of the Rider faithful, especially when a playoff game is but a few hours down the road.

In a province where they travel for hours from north to south, east to west to head for Regina for the regular season, a side trip to Calgary is but an earlier wake up call. A game between Stamps and Riders always an event and one which sometimes moves people to do or say particularly stupid things..

Dumb ass radio hosts aside, the actual game itself should be a fascinating study of two teams with desires for an extension of the CFL season for a few more weeks.

The Riders arrive in Calgary looking to put an inconsistent regular season behind them, focused on toppling the Stamps who for most of 2012 were among the top earners of the CFL season.

Calgary will tap Ralph Tate on the shoulder for the opening snap, the Stamps starter who was injured early on in the season has recovered nicely and with a bit of his rust knocked off over the last few weeks, John Hufnagel apparently believes that Tate is the hand to go with on Sunday.

Should he stumble however, Kevin Glenn, who guided the Stamps through the 2012 season will be ready to pick up the load, making Hufnagels' decision not so much as picking from 1 or 2 but from 1A and 1B.

Another factor in the Stamps attack will be Jon Cornish, who has had a remarkable regular season, accumulating yardage, accolades and records along the way.

The Riders mission is clear, shut down the Stampeder offence, which can pile on the points in record fashion, a lightning fast attack that can leave a game all but over by half time.

Withstand the first thirty minutes and the Riders may very well be able to make some travel plans for Vancouver (and maybe bring all their players on the plane this time). Should the Stamps get some traction on Sunday however, they may be very, very hard to stop.

And with some unfinished business in Vancouver, the Stamps no doubt would relish the chance to ruin the Lions thoughts of back to back Grey Cup appearances.

The dance partners for that Western Final will be known by Sunday evening, our previews and reviews can be found below.

Game Time 2 PM MT, 4 ET, 1 PT McMahon Stadium TSN

Saskatchewan 30 at Calgary 36 (30,027)
Calgary advances to the Western Final in Vancouver on November 18th.

Pre Game Game Preview Video Previews

National Post-- Stampeders go with Drew Tate in CFL West semi-final
Regina Leader Post-- Durant gives Riders an edge
Calgary Herald-- Raymond-Dressler battle will be one of the West semifnal's best subplots
Calgary Sun-- Cold hard facts suggest Stamps do better in tough conditions Roughriders have eyes on a different prize

Team Backgrounders

Saskatchewan Roughriders
Calgary Stampeders

Post Game Game Review Video Review

National Post-- Stampeders take West semi-final from Roughriders in final minute
Regina Leader Post-- Monday morning musings
Calgary Herald-- Stamps stun Riders 36-30 in CFL nailbiter
Calgary Sun-- Calgary Stampeders score West semi win over Saskatchewan Roughriders Stampeders stun Riders with last-minute TD

The Semi Finals: Edmonton at Toronto (November 11)

After far too many years, there will be Canadian football in Toronto in November.

It's a semi final home date for Toronto that brings the Edmonton Eskimos to the Rogers Centre and while we imagine the Argonauts might have found a better pay day had their neighbours in Hamilton been able to make the playoffs, the visiting Eskimos will fill in nicely we're sure.

The Eskimos make the trek eastbound after having laid claim to the CFL crossover option, accumulating a better record than the East's Hamilton and Winnipeg n the 2012 regular season, and while they did stumble down the stretch, the bottom feeders of the East never quite seemed able to put together a winning streak to secure a playoff spot.

The match up between Esks and Argos does provide for some interesting sidebars.

The recent dismissal of Eskimo GM Eric Tillman has had conspiracy theorists working overtime this week. With rumours percolating through the league that Tillman is destined for Toronto, which if it happens would clearly give us a fellow on a grassy knoll...

There's Ricky Ray, the Argos quarterback and former marquee player for the Eskimos, traded by Tillman to Toronto, who is finally back to his usual high standard of play, a positive thing for the Double Blue, not so much for the Green and Gold.

Beyond all that drama however, it all comes down to the football, who scores the most points, who gives up the least.

It will be up to the Eskimo defence to shut down Ray, otherwise, the trip east will be the last of the travel arrangements required, except for the trips back to their winter homes.

Game Time 1 PM ET, 11 AM MT, 10 AM PT Rogers Centre TSN

Edmonton 26 at Toronto 42 (25,792)
Toronto Advances to Eastern Final November 18th in Montreal

Pre Game Game Preview Video Previews

National Post-- Argos struggle to grab a piece of the action
Toronto Star-- Argos need to find a way to stop the Eskimos' Fred Stamps
Toronto Sun-- There's no place like home for Boatmen
Edmonton Journal-- Eskimos quarterback Joseph returning to the scene of his prime
Edmonton Sun-- Edmonton Eskimos put the ball in Kerry Joseph's hands for Sunday Ray insists he's not focused on former team

Team Backgrounders

Edmonton Eskimos
Toronto Argonauts

Post Game Game Review Video Review

National Post-- Ricky Ray trade comes full circle in Argonauts' playoff victory over Eskimos
Toronto Star-- Coach and QB driving Argos
Toronto Sun-- Record quarter sends Argos to East final
Edmonton Journal-- Eskimos not even close to being a contender
Edmonton Sun-- Toronto Argonauts romp to 42-26 win over Edmonton Eskimos... Ray gains redemption, leads Argos past Eskimos

The Semi Finals

The 2012 CFL playoffs get underway on Sunday, a one game elimination that will send two teams further into November, signalling the off season for those that come up on the short side of the scoreboard.

For the first time since 2008, the Toronto Argonauts will host a playoff game, the Eastern Semi Final, which they hope will be their path towards hosting the Grey Cup in Rogers Centre on November 25th.

The Argos will face the Edmonton Eskimos, crossing over from the West owing to the woeful nature of  football that both Hamilton and Winnipeg provided this year in the east.

The Argos will be looking to keep the Eskimos on a losing skid, giving them the berth in next weeks Eastern Final in Montreal.

Out West, it's the Roughriders making the trek to McMahon Stadium for a Western showdown with the Stampeders. Considering the large volume of flatlanders currently calling Calgary home these days, casual observers may be hard press to know which team is the home team.

The always vocal Rider fans of Calgary will no doubt be joined by a caravan of travellers from Saskatchewan, ready to cheer the Riders on to Vancouver and the Western Final of November18th.

Our previews, reviews and other information on the Eastern Semis can be found below.

Sunday, November 11-- Edmonton 26 at Toronto 42,  (25,792)
Sunday, November 11-- Saskatchewan 30 at Calgary 36, (30,027)

Twelve Men Prognostication: Predicted Winners


Regular Season record

37 correct, 39 wrong

Playoff record

2 correct, 0 wrong

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Gibson's Players of the Week (Week Nineteen) November 6, 2012

The final game of the year for Henry Burris was an award winning effort, though we imagine Hank would trade in his week nineteen Gibson's for the playoff spot that the Ti Cats lost out on Thursday night.

The man who put those Cats out of the playoffs also gained the Gibson's nod for the final week of the regular season, as Sawyze Waters picked up the Special Teams Award for his late game heroics of Thursday.

JC Sherritt's record breaking night against the Stamps was the highlight reel material that the Gibson's panel viewed for their Defensive player of the week award.

While Henoc Muamba finished off his Blue Bomber year with an outstanding day at Canad Inn field, one that gained him the Canadian Player of the week award.

The full review of the Gibson's of week nineteen can be found below. Press release

Offensive Player of the Week 

Henry Burris, Hamilton Tiger Cats QB

A couple of last minute drives that almost did the trick provided the video evidence for this week's Gibson's Offensive Player of the Week. As Hamilton's Henry Burris did almost all he could to bring the Ti Cats into the playoff round. Burris' late game heroics gave his team hope, but Swayze Waters snatched it away with his own dramatic moment at the game's closing. While he took away victory from Burris, he couldn't keep him from the Gibson's award, Burris' fourth of the year.

Defensive Player of the Month and Top Canadian

JC Sherritt, Edmonton Eskmos, DL

For a period of Friday night, JC Sherritt was matching Jon Cornish, play for play in the pursuit of records at Commonwealth Stadium. Cornish would gain some yards edging closer to Normie Kwong's rushing record, Sherritt would counter with yet another tackle on the way to his claiming of the tackles record in the CFL record book.  By games end, both Cornish and Sherritt would find their names in that book and for good measure Sherritt would once again be found on the Gibson's Players award roster.

Special Teams Player of the Week

Swayze Waters, Toronto Argonauts, PK

The drinks were on Toronto Saturday if for no other reason than Swayze Waters put away the Tiger Cats, as good as it gets for a supporter of the Double Blue. Waters late game field goal dashed the hopes of the Cats for playoff options for 2012, providing the Argos with a victory over their provincial rival. A moment almost as good as the fact that they have practices all this week for their Eastern Semi Final match up with the Eskimos Sunday.

Canadian of the Week of the Week

Henoc Muamba, Winnipeg Blue Bombers, LB

The Bombers said farewell to Canad Inn Stadium on Saturday and Henoc Muamba did his best to make sure the day was a memorable send off. Muamba made 10 tackles and one sack in the Bombers victory. Earning him Canadian player of the week honours for this final week of the season.

CFL Video Zone

Players of the Week Highlights (view here)

Top Ten plays of Week 19 (view here)

Ultimate Replay of Week 19 (view here)

Gibson's Players of the Week Archives for 2012

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Twelve Men Review (Week Nineteen) November 1-3

The Final review of the regular season, a weekend of action which really had little to provide us with other than a few record collectors, a few rested players and the elimination of the Tiger Cats from football's post season.

The Argos dismissed the Cats with a last second field goal that delivered on the drama of the night, sending the Cats to the exits, a departure that surely few thought was possible when the season started.

The rest of the schedule for the most part was simply running out the string of the nineteen weeks of CFL regular season play, providing a feel good home victory for the last game (we really really believe the Bombers this time) at Canad Inns stadium, a grudge match between the Stamps and Esks that delivered two records for the night, one for the home side one for the visitors and a practice run through for the Riders and the Lions in front of a large BC Place crowd, clearly warming up for the CFL West Final in two weeks.

The review of the final weekend of play is as follows.

Hamilton at Toronto

The Tiger Cats finally ran out of chances, bowing out of the prospect for post season play on the last game of the regular season, a season of what could have, hell, should have beens left wasted on the Rogers Centre field.

Perhaps losing in Toronto, on the last play of the game is was some kind of sign for Hamilton this year, a team that was on paper the cream of the CFL crop, on the field though the cream was sour and foul at times, leaving the Cats nowhere near where the fans of the team thought they would be.

Making matters even worse perhaps, they lost to a Toronto team that was resting star QB Ricky Ray, really, if they couldn't beat Toronto's B listers, they truly had no place being considered for a long shot playoff bid anyways.

The Argos will move on to face the Edmonton Eskimos on Sunday in the Eastern semi-final, the Cats will move on to next year, a season of anticipated upheaval starting with the fact that they don't even have a home stadium to play in at this point, with the prospect of playing home games in such locales as London, Moncton and maybe even Halifax still being bounced around by team officials.

Perhaps the road warrior thing might be best, until they work out their dysfunction on the field it's probably best that they become the Harlem Globetrotters of the CFL for a year, then again the way they played 2012, they more resemble the Washington Generals.

The full review of the final weekend for the Cats can be found here.

Calgary at Edmonton

The game itself was for the most part incidental, the Eskimos were making the playoffs, the only thing to be settled whether they go east or south, by the time the Stamps had taken the two points from the Esks the travel agents were on the phone booking flights and hotels in Toronto.

Like the Argos/Cats game the night before, the game came down to a field goal with the Eskimos securing the victory with a last play of the game effort from Rene Parades, a thrilling end to a game that looked like it was already in the books for the Stamps by the half.

Head Coach Kavis Reed however manage to shake his teams lethargic efforts as the second quarter was winding down and set the stage for the second half comeback for the Esks.

Still, some of the old problems for the Eskimos came along, with turnovers and incompletions slowing down their travels back to the win column, a place last visited three weeks ago, in the end they never quite finished the journey, ending the season  with a 7-11 record and Toronto on their appointment calendar.

The Stamps will host the Riders on Sunday afternoon, when Saskatchewan tries to bring the first upset of the playoff season and a chance to travel further west for November 17.

The main highlight of the Friday night game was the record running of Jon Cornish who captured the most yards in a season by a Canadian, breaking Normie Kwon'gs mark of 1,437. An achievement that wasn't saluted by the Edmonton organization, not that Cornish probably cares.

The Eskimos claimed a record of their own on Sunday, as linebacker J. C. Sherritt made his 11th tackle of the game setting a new league record for single season tackles, passing by Calvin Tiggle's record of 129 set in 1994.

The review of Friday night's Esks and Stamps game can be found here.

Montreal at Winnipeg

The Bombers finally can clear out their lockers at Canad Inn Stadium and move their belongings over to the other side of town, who gets to check out the new digs will however have to wait until next Spring, for with Saturday's final whistle came to an end Blue Bomber football for 2012.

They went out on a winning note, claiming a 19 to 11 victory over the visiting Alouettes, who rested Anthony Calvillo and a few other key players on the roster.

The Bombers get the consolation prize of third place in the East, a nice sounding ring to it, holding above the water line of the Ticats who sank to fourth, however, the Bomber record wasn't good enough to halt the march of the Eskimos into Ontario, Edmonton claiming the crossover berth into the East semi final for this weekend.

The final game provided a final bit of relief from a season of woe for the Bombers, a season that started with a lengthy road trip of four games, all of which were losses and cost the team a head coach, kept their starting QB on the sidelines for most of the season owing to injury and left the always supportive Bomber fans weary for the year to end.

Montreal used the game as a tune up, though the reviews of back up QB Adrian McPherson weren't particularly of the rave variety in Montreal, with Anthony Calvillo edging closer to retirement by the year, it would seem that perhaps a search may soon be required for that fateful day.

That however is for another day, another month and who know's perhaps even another year, Calvillo will be back at the controls on the 17th when the Als host either the Argos or the Esks, well rested and rehearsed, looking to make yet another Grey Cup appearance for the Rouge, Blanc et Bleu of the gridiron.

The Bombers and Als in review can be found here.

Saskatchewan at British Columbia

The home side attracted quite a crowd for the final regular season game at BC Place and with the stands looking quite impressive the Lions put on a show that offers up the promise of more to come in two weeks.

Saskatchewan already aware of their fate of a date with Calgary next week, played Saturday's wrap to the season with little in the way of imagination or effort, walk through participants in a game time practice of sorts for Travis Lulay who got in some required reps after coming back from injury and then sat and watched the second stringers take the game to the Riders.

When it was done the score was an underwhelming 17-6 result for the Lions, both teams no doubt content that they managed to make it through the full sixty without injury.

The Riders most likely were already focusing on the Stamps, the Lions on the Western Final of two weeks and should they find success at home then, a trip to Toronto for the 100th anniversary of the Grey Cup.

The look back at sleepy time by False Creek can be found here.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

All the comforts of home and er, ah, ahem, even a little bit more

With their final game today, a 19-11win as it turns out, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers will bid farewell for the second time to Canad Inn Stadium this weekend, their final home game of the season, which  also brings this horrid season to an end marks the end of that particular era of Blue Bomber football, with the promise of a much better fan experience for next year.

The farewells for the Canad Inns are to be brief it seems...

Winnipeg Sun-- Stadium being sold off, piece by piece
Winnipeg Free Press-- Remember the stadium, forget this team
Winnipeg Free Press-- Goodbye again, old friend

Originally the plan was for the Bombers to have been playing down the playoff race in their new digs of Investor Group Field at the University of Manitoba, however, much like the Bomber offence and defence seemed to have problems with the game plan this year, the contractors had their own issues with blue prints and stadium delivery.

With the Bombers wrapping up their efforts for 2012 at home, they received a tour of the new facility this week, most likely as a bit of motivational touring to keep spirits high and thoughts positive for the year to come, no doubt a welcome thing after as terrible a season as the Blue and Gold suffered this year.

The reviews have begun to arrive from the open house if you will, with some surprising developments for those in the season ticket base.

Turns out, that in 2012 and this era of a fan friendly environment, the new stadium still will feature a glitch or two, mainly it seems for some who will have slightly obstructed seats when they sit down next spring.

While not a huge issue it seems, with those that had problems with their sight lines offered alternatives that benefit the season ticket holder, it still seems a bit odd that when constructing the stadium that sight lines turn out to be an issue.

Another interesting aspect of the new Investors Group Field is something called  "vomitories", which isn't exactly explained by the Blue Bomber front office, but certainly doesn't leave much to the imagination.

While we imagine that sometimes the play of the Bombers left the fans feeling a little disappointed, we never thought that things had become so dire that such a thing would be required during, or post game in Bomberland.

Perhaps with a bit of focus the Bombers can remove the burden of being a Bomber fan, with a return to winning football when they take up their residence next year.

They should get a nice little bump in attendance with the new stadium, maintaining those crowds will depend on the product on the field.  The stadium building project is almost complete, the building of the 2013 team is just getting underway.

Winnipeg Free Press-- Small glitch at new stadium
Winnipeg Free Press-- Artificial turf laid at Investors Group Field
Winnipeg Free Press-- New stadium nearly done
Winnipeg Sun-- Stadium storm brewing for Blue Bombers over obstructed views
Winnipeg Sun-- Bombers' new stadium spectacular
The Manitoban-- Stadium anticipation continues Bombers' new stadium has seats with obstructed views

CFL Game Day: Saskatchewan at British Columbia (November 3)

The folks at TSN may have to find a new way to market the final game of the regular season tonight from BC Place, perhaps suggesting that it's a chance to see some of the "stars" of tomorrow.

That's what you have left when the schedule features a game where starters will be scarce and the back ups will jockey for places on next years depth chart.

The Lions having claimed first place a few weeks ago most likely will put some of their A team on the field to keep the rust off, but, lengthy playing time we imagine will be scarce as the Lions work out their game plan for the Western Final two weeks from now.

The Riders too will be playing the backups (one of whom took a rather circuitous path to BC Place tonight), their destiny providing a focus on Calgary next weekend and not the Lions tonight.

The only saving grace for TSN's ratings hopes, is, that it is the Riders playing, their fan base one of the most dedicated in the land would probably watch mid week scrimmages if TSN put them up on the screen.

The backup parade gets underway at BC Place at 7 PM, 10 back east for those with an empty PVR.

Game Time 7 PM PT, 10 ET BC Place TSN

Saskatchewan 6 at British Columbia 17 (36,357)

Pre Game Game Preview Video Preview

National Post-- Roughriders rookie rides with gear from Saskatchewan to B. C. ...
Regina Leader Post-- Durant must lead the Riders
Vancouver Province-- Will Lulay play? Cue the conspiracy theories
Vancouver Sun-- Suspicion runs rampant as Lions near playoffs Harvard education a no-brainer for sidelined Lion Arland Bruce

Team Backgrounders

Saskatchewan Roughriders
British Columbia Lions

Post Game Game Review Video Highlights

National Post-- Lions close out regular season with win over Roughriders
Regina Leader Post-- Riders look forward to playoffs
Vancouver Province-- Mission accomplished for B. C. Lions and Travis Lulay...
Vancouver Sun-- Benevides pleased with Lions' tune-up in 'meaningless' win before playoffs Lions best on both sides of the football

CFL Game Day: Montreal at Winnipeg (October 3)

The Bombers bid adieu to Canad Inn Stadium (no, really, this time it's true) today, the new fancy home surely to be finished by the time they next have a meaningful football game in the Spring of 2013.

The farewell tour part two brings to an end a most miserable season for anyone associated with the Blue and Gold, the cost of the season of woe ranging from a fired coach, to injured starting quarterback and most disturbing of all for the accountants, a disillusioned fan base who watched in horror for most of the season.

The prospect of the new stadium at the University of Manitoba is really the only silver lining in the season of dark storm clouds, sparkly and new, the latest "in spot" for Winnipeg, it should buy the Bombers a few years to rebuild and find their way to the top of the CFL again.

That however is for the off season planning, Game Day today is very much a play out the string kind of affair, the auditions for the Bombers 2013 lineup begin today, for Montreal it's a rest day for the starters for the most, perhaps a little tune up work for the defensive unit which has been a problem area for the Als for most of the season.

The two points mean nothing in the standings, mere accounting work for the CFL stats people.

The real numbers will be the number of hits, tackles, receptions and such, numbers that will tell the Bombers who wants to play football next year in Blue and Gold, numbers that tell the Als who is ready for playoff football and who will need a little extra work in the week off to come.  A few of the Als who don't see much playing time have a chance to audition for other GM's with their appearances today, a chance to make the best of their time on TV and an opportunity to save on DVD mailings.

The Bombers and their fans get one last glimpse at the ancient yard of football battles, if there's a wrecking ball warming up in the parking lot though, perhaps have them turn off the key and winterize the beast, you just never know if Canad Inn may be needed one more time...

Game Time 2PM CT, Noon PT, 3 ET Canad Inns Stadium TSN

Montreal 11 at Winnipeg 19 (26,907) Game Preview Video Preview

National Post-- Blue Bombers play for pride in Canada Inns finale - and third place
Montreal Gazette-- McPherson might be auditioning for other teams
Winnipeg Sun-- Blue Bombers, the Hall of Shame team
Winnipeg Free Press-- Burke already getting questions on next season McPherson to start at QB vs Bombers

Team Backgrounders

Montreal Alouettes
Winnipeg Blue Bombers Game Review Video Highlights

National Post-- Blue Bombers say goodbye to Canad Inns stadium with win over Alouettes
Montreal Gazette-- Als McPherson fizzle in nothing game
Winnipeg Sun-- Slivers of hope in Bombers' wreckage
Winnipeg Free Press-- Leaving on high note McPherson fails to shine

Friday, November 02, 2012

CFL Game Day: Calgary at Edmonton (November 2)

For the most part the pressure is off the Edmonton Eskimos as they prepare to welcome the Calgary Stampeders to Commonwealth Stadium for the final regular season game of the year, which also will double as the Eskimos final appearance at Commonwealth of the year.

The Esks will still have some football to play next weekend, it will however a road trip, with the prospect of two more treks on the road before they can call the year a wrap with a Grey Cup bid.

The path to November 25 however does offer up to directions tonight, a loss will guarantee that the Eskimos travel East to play the Argos next week in the Eastern Semi Final, the Esks with a loss tonight will lay claim to the CFL's crossover path to playoff football.

A win however, makes things a little more interesting for the final weekend of play,

Should the Eskimos win tonight, all eyes will turn to the TV on Saturday night when the Riders play the Lions.  Should BC defeat the Riders, then Saskatchewan catches the flight eastbound and the Esks will have to travel south to Calgary and a match up with their provincial rival the Stamps.

So, the question is if your Eric Tillman and Kavis Reed is, who would you rather play?

Considering the lack of momentum in the east this year, the path to a Grey Cup perhaps best runs through the Argos and then the Als.

The Stamps and Lions clearly are the stronger of clubs remaining in the playoff pool for 2012, leaving us with the possibility that a bad result this weekend could offer a more rewarding future through November.

Only in the CFL it seems can such strange combinations arrive on the final weekend of the year.

Other than the map reading and travel arrangements, Friday night offers up the chance to perhaps see history in the making as Jon Cornish chases down Norm Kwong's rushing record, with only 50 yards of hard slogging on the Commonwealth turf standing between Cornish and the record book.

Game Time 7 PM MT, 9 ET, 6 PT  Commonwealth Stadium TSN

Calgary 30 at Edmonton 27 (21,147)  Game Preview Video Preview

National Post-- Eskimos must avoid slow start in season finale with Stampeders
Calgary Sun-- Calgary Stampeders starter Drew Tate look to turn around fortunes at Commonwealth Stadium
Calgary Herald-- Stamps' offence poised to finish atop CFL
Edmonton Journal-- Eskimos must win convincingly
Edmonton Sun-- CFL's Battle of Alberta always intense regardless of playoff implications Toronto win changes everything for Edmonton head coach

Team Backgrounders

Calgary Stampeders
Edmonton Eskimos

Post Game Game Review Video Highlights

National Post-- Stampeders beat Eskimos with field goal on final play of game
Calgary Sun-- Jon Cornish sets new benchmark as Stamps win with final play field goal
Calgary Herald-- Calgary Stampeders running back Jon Cornish breaks 56 year old CFL record
Edmonton Sun-- Calgary Stampeders down Edmonton Eskimos 30-27
Edmonton Journal-- Stampeders sweep season series