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Gibson's Players of the Week Archive for 2013

Our Archive of the Selections for the Gibson's Players of the Week for the 2013 CFL Season.

For the Players of the Month Selections for the 2013 Season click here.

Week Seven (Ending August 11)
Week Six (Ending August 4)
Week Five (Ending July 30)
Week Four (ending July 21)
Week Three (ending July 14)
Week Two (ending July 7)
Week One (ending June 30)

Selections by Player

August 13-- Jon Cornish, Calgary
August 13-- Alonzo Lawrence, Toronto
August 13-- Chad Owens, Toronto
August 13-- Jon Cornish, Calgary

August 6-- Travis Lulay, British Columbia
August 6-- Solomon Elimimian, British Columbia
August 6-- Luca Congi, Hamilton
August 6-- Samuel Giguere, Hamilton

July 30-- Bo Levi Mitchell, Calgary
July 30-- Kyries Hebert, Montreal 
July 30-- Sean Whyte, Montreal
July 30--  Shea Emry, Montreal

July 23-- Darian Durant, Saskatchewan
July 23-- Renauld Williams, Saskatchewan
July 23-- Rene Paredes, Calgary
July 23-- Robb Bagg, Saskatchewan

July 16-- Kory Sheets, Saskatchewan
July 16-- Renauld Williams, Saskatchewan
July 16-- Rene Paredes, Calgary
July 16-- Andre Durie, Toronto

July 9-- Hugh Charles, Edmonton
July 9-- Bryant Turner, Winnipeg
July 9-- Jock Sanders, Saskatchewan
July 9-- Andrew Harris, British Columbia

July 2-- Ricky Ray, Toronto
July 2-- Charleston Hughes, Calgary
July 2-- Lindsey Lamar, Hamilton
July 2-- Jon Cornish, Calgary

Selections by Team

Montreal-- 3
Toronto-- 4
Hamilton-- 3
Winnipeg-- 1
Saskatchewan-- 6
Edmonton-- 1
Calgary-- 7
British Columbia-- 3

Repeat Winners this year

Jon Cornish, Calgary (3)
Renauld Williams, Saskatchewan (2)
Rene Paredes, Calgary (2)

Players of the Week for 2012

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