Friday, July 19, 2013

Gibson's Players of the Week: Week Three

The running game once again held the highlight reel for  yet another week, with Kory Sheets yard gobbling efforts of week three on behalf of the Saskatchewan Roughriders of particular note.

The Riders Renauld Williams also found Gibson's Player of the Week fame, as  did Argo Slot back Andre Durie who picked up the third Gibson's of week three from the  Argos/Riders game.

Only the Stamps Rene Paredes, kept it from being a Thursday night sweep for the Gibson's, his special teams selection, breaking the monopoly of Blue and Green for week three.

The Gibson's panel, which seemed focused on the Riders and Argos for week three offered up their  four top selections for Week Three, details on which can be found below:

Offensive Player of the Week
Kory Sheets, RB, Saskatchewan Roughriders

Defensive Player of the Week
Renauld Williams, DT, Saskatchewan Roughriders

Special Teams Player of the Week
Rene Paredes, K, Calgary Stampeders

Canadian Player of the Week
Andre Durie, SB, Toronto Argonauts review of the Players of the Week

Video review of the Players of the Week

Top Ten Plays of Week Number 3

Ultimate Replay for Week Number 3

Twelve Men on the Field Archive of the Players of the Week Listings for the 2013 season

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