Friday, August 16, 2013

Bomber command restaffs the Flight Deck

With the Blue Bombers season quickly spiralling out of control, the Board of the Winnipeg football club made a decision last Friday, one that for some was long overdue.

The Bombers dismissed President/CEO Garth Buchko and General Manager Joe Mack, stating that the time for change had arrived.

As the Bombers season unravelled, even the attraction of the CFL's showcase ball yard could not stem the call for change from those paying the bucks to sit in the stands of Investors Group Field.

Beyond the Bombers woeful on field record, there was a growing feeling that the team was more than just divided, but clearly veering into the world of dysfunctional.

With that theme coursing through the avenues from the neighbourhoods of Old Kildonan to St. Vital and out beyond the ring roads leading east, west, north and south to the far reaches of Manitoba, the time for change arrived on August 9th with the clearing of the Bomber flight deck.

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Tabbed to pick up the pieces of the Blue Bomber mess was Wade Miller, named as the new Acting CEO of the team.

He in turn, has selected Kyle Walters to address the many issues within the team itself.

Walters was named Acting GM and tasked to rebuild the confidence of the team on the field (not to mention the fans in the stands) a challenge that may require more than the last half of a CFL season, but one that probably won't give him much more than that to make some progress.

The first task it seems is to get the Bombers locker room back on the same page, the last few weeks have been akin to the era of Watergate, with whispers (and some loud declarations as well) that things were out of control for the Blue and Gold.

Head coach Tim Burke, who survived the Friday dismissals, will now have to try to rebuild the team's core, keep everyone on the same page and start to provide for some winning football.

And while many might think the 2013 campaign a write off, the nature of the CFL East suggest that with a sudden surge of success, the struggles of July and August could give way to a more rewarding finish by the end of October.

At least, we imagine that's the thinking for the Bombers Board, which made the changes of August, finally taking the action that many had been seeking for the last few seasons now.

Perhaps 2013 is the Bombers mulligan year, a chance to do it all over again, the new stadium and all its wonders enough to keep the Bombers fan base in place for a year of rebuilding.

The novelty of the new stadium however will wear off, without success on the field, some of the 30,000 in the stands may start to find something else to do on a Manitoba weekend.

The building process for the years ahead is now clearly underway, a long delayed project that now seems to be in motion with a wee bit of urgency.

The Bombers need a long term plan in place quickly, if the Acting GM isn't the one for the job, the Bomber's Board should be indicating that this is indeed just a stop gap and move quickly to secure a plan for the future.

If not just a bridge to the future,  then giving Walters the reins to do what is required should be the first order of business moving on.

Otherwise, Bomber fans may find a lot of Groundhog day is coming into their lives and we're not talking about any visits from Gainer...

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