Friday, August 02, 2013

To all the teams he's loved before...

Runako Reth, the recording artist also known as Arland Bruce III, has been one of the more colourful of CFL personalities to arrive across the 49th in recent years, sure he seems to have a lifespan of only a couple of seasons per team (sometimes less), yet he's cobbled out almost half a decade of employment and provided for more than a few background and stories along the way.

Drawing on his CFL road map over those years, Bruce has taken to the recording studio, providing a collection of songs dedicated to all of those teams that have let him hang his uniform in a locker during his CFL journey.

Bruce records for MMR Worldwide a under his now preferred name of Runako Reth, with a hit already under their belts with Loonies and Toonies.

The full roster of MMR Worldwide work can be found from their YouTube channel.

So far in the can as they say are tributes to the BC Lions, Calgary Stampeders, Toronto Argonauts, Hamilton Tiger Cats and Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Interestingly enough his current team the Alouettes has yet to be turned into musical gold.

While the Eskimos and Blue Bombers also have not been provided with the Arland Bruce touch just yet, but well the season is young we imagine, who knows where the double threat (receiver and warbler) could end up next and should he want to go one more cut deep, there's always Ottawa in 2014.

While Arland works out the Greatest Hit's package and accompanying videos, we thought we'd like to point out, he too has been the subject of a musical salute...

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A look at Arland Bruce's/Runako Reth's CFL musical road map can be found below. Q & A with Bruce
Calgary Sun-- Arland Bruce III records songs for CFL teams, including Calgary Stampeders

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