Sunday, September 19, 2004

Big Blue back in the hunt

An improbable comeback went a long way to telling fans of the Blue Bombers that the season isn’t over yet. Trailing 20-3 in the second quarter, the Bombers turned the game around as they began the long trek back to the playoffs, with a thrilling 44-34 victory over what had to be a shocked Toronto Argonaut team.

Charles Roberts was a major story for the Blue and Gold, carrying the ball 30 times for 154 yards and more importantly 3 touchdowns. As the Bombers won their third game in a row and pulled to within two points of second place Edmonton in the Western division. Kevin Glenn, who had a nightmare of a first half of the game, came on strong in the second half by the time the game was over Glenn would have completed 23 of 32 passes for 329 yards and may have solidified his hold on the starter’s position in the Peg. Khari Jones is still a couple of weeks away from returning, but with Glenn leading the team to its third win in a row and putting up the kind of passing yards he has, it would be a brave coach Daley that rushes Jones back into the line-up.

Penalties once again played a major part in the game, a trend that is becoming common of late as the zebras throw flags at the slightest provocation. Daley observed that his players took too many dumb penalties, but blessed with a victory in the win column he wasn’t overly critical of the officials. However, over in Argo land one of the newest Argos, Andre Rison wasn’t keeping things bottled up. Rison who has been shall we say outspoken through his career let loose on the refs calling the display the worst officiating he had ever seen. On the plus side Rison lobbied for a larger paycheque and better training, so perhaps he’ll be cut some slack in the Argos next game Saturday in Edmonton.

With the loss the Argos don’t put any distance between themselves and the Tiger Cats who are surging of late, with first place out of the question now the Argos need to get back on the winning track or they may find their playoff plans run through Ivor Wynne Stadium, a situation they might wish to avoid if they have any plans for a shot at the Grey Cup this year.

For Winnipeg it’s on to Montreal and a Saturday night match up with the Alouettes, the animosity between these two teams goes back to Winnipeg’s days in the Eastern division and some hard fought play off match ups. Hungry for another victory and eyeing a shot at second place they should go into Montreal focused on having a big game and perhaps catching a less than challenged Als team asleep on the field.

As the season winds down, each game takes on pivotal importance; a loss here to a key team could spell disaster. With the Blue on a winning streak and suddenly full of confidence, Saturday night should be a whale of a football game.

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