Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Quotables of September

What they said thru September, the list of the "Final Snaps"

1-Sep-04 "He and his family are embarassed by the incident"
2-Sep-04 "We want the opportunity to defend our title"
3-Sep-04 "We're going to try for 50,000"
4-Sep-04 "I may call my daughter, who took a course in sign language"
5-Sep-04 "People say we've been carefree with our practices"
6-Sep-04 "Arland Bruce is a major coup for us"
7-Sep-04 "It feels good to just have a win"
8-Sep-04 "and that was still the most fun I've had playing all year"
9-Sep-04 "Obviously I'm a little discouraged with the way things turned out"
10-Sep-04 "a family atmosphere was Bob Young's promise, not mine"
11-Sep-04 "Dave will be the man when he returns"
12-Sep-04 "There goes Westwood again, that's all I thought about"
13-Sep-04 "I need two yards now."
14-Sep-04 "Maybe Mr. Shivers doesn't know what he's talking about"
15-Sep-04 "He's (Robert's) a tough kid, He's a special player"
16-Sep-04 "I'm not here to take anybody's job"
17-Sep-04 "Am I playing? Does Batman fight crime?"
18-Sep-04 "Deep behind enemy lines"
19-Sep-04 "We feel we can compete with any club in this league, including Montreal "
19-Sep-04 "I’ll concede them first, but I won't concede them the Grey Cup"
20-Sep-04 "We've got a few days off to decide what we're going to be"
21-Sep-04 "Winning is definitely priority one, and it's not happening in Calgary"
22-Sep-04 "It's really not about what my agent wants, it's about what I want"
23-Sep-04 "I have faith we can turn this around"
24-Sep-04 "We'll stay with our long term plans"
25-Sep-04 "We finally got a spark there at the end"
26-Sep-04 "I would have loved to have stayed, but you can't control these things"
27-Sep-04 "I expect Jones to come here and lead this football team"
28-Sep-04 "It's all about winning and entertaining and right now we have neither"
29-Sep-04 "he's made good promise from last week, but we want to make sure"
30-Sep-04 "We just kept hurting ourselves again and again"

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