Tuesday, September 07, 2004

September remembered

We track the entries in our "Opening Kickoff" feature, providing an acrhive for the developments as they happened day by day in September.

1-Sep-04 Stamps summon the ghost of Allen Pitts
1-Sep-04 Dunnigan flys the maple leaf
1-Sep-04 Paopao stands by his men
2-Sep-04 Keeping his mouth shut
2-Sep-04 Rare CFL trade has two Renegades heading for Edmonton
2-Sep-04 The Masked Marvel apparently was busy
3-Sep-04 Andre's Rison
3-Sep-04 Bomber woes move off the sports page and onto the Front pages
3-Sep-04 It's go time for Glenn
4-Sep-04 Argos looking at 49ers cut
4-Sep-04 Riders can't wait to say hello
4-Sep-04 Anger management in Edmonton
5-Sep-04 Argos win the bidding war
5-Sep-04 A need for TD's
5-Sep-04 Time for the Rens to write some checks
6-Sep-04 Shivers needs to look at his own team first
6-Sep-04 Gaining fans in Stampeder country
6-Sep-04 Praising the talent that was Pitts
7-Sep-04 Pringle has a fan in Matt
7-Sep-04 Ricky Ray not racing to the CFL
7-Sep-04 Renegades standing by their foot for now
8-Sep-04 Remembering the good old days, while watching the current bad ones
8-Sep-04 The Offence took the day off
8-Sep-04 Big Blue get pumped up
9-Sep-04 Still talking about that Labour Day Classic
9-Sep-04 Clearing the air at McMahon Stadium
9-Sep-04 Ranek still running for a record
10-Sep-04 Staubach to Dunnigan once again
10-Sep-04 Mama's in the House
10-Sep-04 Bombers pick up a Volunteer
11-Sep-04 6 feet from the record books
11-Sep-04 Calgary fans losing patience
11-Sep-04 Tamaurice's meet and greet
12-Sep-04 Sad day in Calgary
12-Sep-04 More injury woes for the Renegades
12-Sep-04 Taking it to the Stamps again
13-Sep-04 Joe Fleming on the market?
13-Sep-04 Rens need to win four of six
13-Sep-04 Lumsden enters McMaster's record book
14-Sep-04 Maxie's Back
14-Sep-04 Piling up the injuries in Ottawa
14-Sep-04 Mustang Stampede turns U of T Black and Blue
15-Sep-04 You can never have too many pivots
15-Sep-04 The most important game in 2 1/2 years
15-Sep-04 Camp Dunigan is open again
16-Sep-04 Trying to put a best foot forward
16-Sep-04 A flood of NFLers arrive in Edmonton
16-Sep-04 Allen begins the road back to the lineup
17-Sep-04 CFLers and NFLers at different ends of the pay envelopes
17-Sep-04 McGrigg's back on patrol
17-Sep-04 Taking their time with Bashir
18-Sep-04 Two yards or two points
18-Sep-04 Westwood's Yap, has argos pumped
18-Sep-04 Takes a lickin', but keeps on ticking
19-Sep-04 Pringle enters the record book
19-Sep-04 Tumblimg turnstile numbers
19-Sep-04 Getting Daley a deal
19-Sep-04 Three hat Matt looks for a change
19-Sep-04 Adrift in a sea of double blue
19-Sep-04 From goat to hero
20-Sep-04 Argo airlift continues
20-Sep-04 Confident Blue ready for Als
20-Sep-04 Auditions for 2005 season now on in Calgary
21-Sep-04 Turning the turnstiles in the tough towns
21-Sep-04 Mighty Casey stays on the field
21-Sep-04 An end to the Joe witch hunt
22-Sep-04 Benching the Big money
22-Sep-04 Returner's a keeper
22-Sep-04 Andre was louder, now he's lighter
23-Sep-04 Rumbles in Renegadeland
23-Sep-04 Dickenson to sit one more week
23-Sep-04 2,000 dollars a carry
24-Sep-04 The reviews are in
24-Sep-04 Back from the Dead
24-Sep-04 Not yet the talk of the town
25-Sep-04 No need to worry
25-Sep-04 Building Blocks
25-Sep-04 On the cusp of a blockbuster trade
26-Sep-04 Doing the math in Ottawa
26-Sep-04 The missing name in the trade!
26-Sep-04 The yawns are out in Edmonton
27-Sep-04 Khari to wait!
27-Sep-04 Printers suggests preparation
27-Sep-04 Rens in trouble all around
28-Sep-04 Matt Dunigan's ragged road
28-Sep-04 Paopao pops a gasket
28-Sep-04 Hugh examines a clunker
29-Sep-04 The biggest hits are on the coach
29-Sep-04 Refs on the carpet
29-Sep-04 Shifting sands at skydome
30-Sep-04 Argos field of dreams put on hold
30-Sep-04 We'll always have Halifax
30-Sep-04 Earning their stripes in Steeltown

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