Sunday, November 21, 2004

And finally it’s about the game

The build up is complete, the press conferences done, the practices and game plan routes finished, the Commissioner has spoken and those wild Grey Cup partiers will have probably just wrapped up before kick off. And finally for Grey Cup 92 it will be in the hands of the players.

Two teams with their own strengths will take to the field at Frank Clair as 51,000 cheer them on in what hopefully be another CFL classic. The game will feature an Argo team with the steady hand of Damon Allen and a list of young but talented receivers against a hard hitting and devastating BC Lion front line. The Argo special teams featuring the talents of Bashir Levingston have propelled the Argos to success all year long; the Lions will need to contain Levingston to keep the Argos in check.

The Lions have yet to signal who will start at QB for them on Sunday, most observers are checking Casey Printers name in their programs for the start, a remarkable year capped off by the outstanding player of the year award may just be rewarded with a Grey Cup start. But how does one go against the veteran service and calm of Dave Dickenson, the starting QB may be Wally Buono’s biggest decision of the year. Regardless of whom starts the Lions perform well with either Printers or Dickenson. Thelwell, Cutollo, Brazell, Simon and Clermont equally at home with whoever can get them the ball. Antonio Warren is ready to burst through the Argo line and roll up some yardage. Rich Stubler’s defence of course will be hoping to keep up their ability to keep the competition out of the end zone.

The Lions defensive line is the toughest in the league, regularly inflicting punishment on those fool hardy enough to travel through their zones, can they get into the backfield and sack Allen? Will they hold off the Argo running game, forcing the Argos to punt early and often, it makes for one of the many keys to watch as the Grey Cup plays out its drama on Sunday.

One team will taste the elixir of success, the other the bitters of defeat. The winner though is the league and its fans that have rallied around a grand old league this year as never before. The 92nd Grey Cup with any luck will follow the course of many of those before it, a close, entertaining affair with much drama.

When the final whistle blows and the historic Lord Grey’s Cup is awarded it shall be the team from the West. Phone your bookies, the Lions will win 27-24. The veteran squad that presents that entertaining brand of Wallyball will find a way to defeat the soldiers of the Pinball. While both coaches and indeed both teams probably deserve to win, someone will have to lose. Prepare for another beauty, the great old game is preparing to entertain us again!

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