Tuesday, November 02, 2004

November remembrances

Recapping the Opening kick off entries for November!

1-Nov-04 Tillman free to talk
1-Nov-04 Ready to make some noise in Edmonton
1-Nov-04 Pinball sticks to his guns
2-Nov-04 Speaking out for Pinball
2-Nov-04 Coe loves Cowtown
2-Nov-04 Paopao plays the waiting game
3-Nov-04 Tillman's toast? Obie on the way?
3-Nov-04 Eskie's snubbed at all star time
3-Nov-04 Jason Maas to shake a ghost
4-Nov-04 Risin' sittin!
4-Nov-04 They were many things, but the owners say they weren't cheap!
4-Nov-04 BC's triad of talent
5-Nov-04 Saving souls one sack at a time
5-Nov-04 Holmes is on the case
5-Nov-04 Bulletin board material
6-Nov-04 Is this the year of reversing curses?
6-Nov-04 Cats saw their enemy and it was them
6-Nov-04 Enough of the talk, talk time to walk the walk
7-Nov-04 Green and Gold and feeling Blue
7-Nov-04 Locals put in bid for Stampeder franchise
7-Nov-04 Attendance continues its upward trend
8-Nov-04 Higgin's in goat horns
8-Nov-04 Rider fans scramble for tickets
8-Nov-04 Als seeking their threepeat
9-Nov-04 Is his wish, Hugh's command?
9-Nov-04 The waiting game in Calgary
9-Nov-04 First things First, get first downs!
10-Nov-04 Higgin's falls on his sword
10-Nov-04 Nine years and waiting
10-Nov-04 Pringle's Farewell?
11-Nov-04 Stadium envy in Winnipeg
11-Nov-04 Mastermind of the Montreal ritual
11-Nov-04 Silence is Golden, or at least Grey
12-Nov-04 What more must AC do?
12-Nov-04 Many Burris backers in green
12-Nov-04 Preparing to report from Pa-a-a-a-a-rty Central
13-Nov-04 A tale of two coaches
13-Nov-04 Withdrawl Alberta style
13-Nov-04 Big Blue Boosters have their say
14-Nov-04 The costliest "pop"
14-Nov-04 Roaring on to Ottawa
14-Nov-04 Breaking records in the stands
15-Nov-04 Special teams lead the way
15-Nov-04 Bruce Back for unfinished business
15-Nov-04 Rider Nation ashamed of fool
16-Nov-04 Damon returns to Ottawa
16-Nov-04 Argos in the spotlight
16-Nov-04 The cursed franchise?
17-Nov-04 Printers is primed
17-Nov-04 Burris gets a consolation prize
17-Nov-04 Stamps sale on the horizon?

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