Friday, November 19, 2004

Glieberman blowback!

The thought of the Glieberman's bringing their father and son ownership show back to the Nation's Capital is causing a bit of discomfort amongst the football fans there.

The story which broke a couple of days ago, suggested that Lonnie and Bernie were inclined to invest once again in the CFL and would like nothing better to take a fifteen percent share of the team in the city they once spent time in.

But in this case abscence apparently does not make the heart grow fonder. From the bars, to the coffee shops, in print and on the air. For many in Ottawa it will be a case of nice to see ya, too bad you can't stay here's your hat what can we say!

The Renegades of course busy with putting on a Grey Cup week full of activities haven't had a chance to speak out on the matter. But some uncomfortable happenings of the week seem to lend a miniscule amount of credence to the Glieberman rumour. There is no secret that the Rens at the moment are in the midst of a power struggle in the back rooms of the Nations capital's football team.

Twisting in the wind while all of this sideshow activity goes on are Eric Tillman, Joe Paopao and his coaching staff, who all wait patiently for developments to give them some kind of path to follow in the next little while.

Tillman apparently telegraphing his expectations by spending Grey Cup week in Mississippi golfing, suggesting that his days as GM of the Renegades are now short and getting shorter.

While the parties and celebrations rage on about them, the Rens look to solidify their financials, settle down their ownership questions and get back to putting some football onto the field. Judging by the reaction in Ottawa, they might be best off doing all of the above with the help of the Glieberman's.

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