Thursday, June 16, 2005

Controversy? What Controversy?

Three hundred yards in passing, done in less than 45 minutes of play pretty well solidified the starting QB job in BC tonight. Dave Dickenson took to the field ( a new player friendly field by the way) at BC Place Stadium and directed an awesome display of Lion offence on the way to 32-16 pre season victory over the Calgary Stampeders.

Dickenson had listened patiently during the off season and through training camp as the Vancouver media worked the QB controversy angle at the Lions den. But on Thursday night he did some talking of his own, all of it on the field and most of it at the expense of a shell shocked Calgary secondary. Dickenson completed 22 of 27 passes for his 311 yards, including a TD toss to Geroy Simon on the third play of the game. Calgary got one pass back with an interception as the first half was winding down. In addition to the aerial assault on the Stamps the Leos used the run to full advantage sending Antonio Warren into the endzone twice on short runs for fourteen points. Duncan O'Mahony tallied the rest of the Lion points of his foots with three field goals and singles off of impressive punts. With his domination over the Stamps complete, back up Buck Pierce took the ball in the third, sitting in for the ailing Casey Printers.

Henry Burris continued to work on his game plan for the Stamps, once again finding Jermaine Copeland's hands to his liking as he launched a fifty yard rocket to Copeland for a TD. Sandro DeAngelis kicked three field goals to wrap up the Stamps scoring, all of it in the first half as they were shut down by the Leos in the second half.

The tune up for both teams completes the pre season, the Stamps can kick back relax (and practice) until the Canada Day holiday when they open their season at home to the Argos. The Leos now put the finishing touches on the roster lineup, with the QB situation taken care of quite nicely at the moment. With Printers nursing a sore shoulder and an occasional toe problem, the ball is going to be Dickenson's to take charge of for the next little while, with a display like the one tonight, one suspects that he won't be relinquishing the job upon Printer's return to full health.

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