Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Opening Kickoffs of June

We begin the 2005 season with a return to our Opening kickoff format for those stories that give us a snapshot of the CFL that day. This will link you up to the stories as the season progresses, each story archived here for the month listed.

So as we head to opening day, here are the Opening Kickoffs of June.

June 28 Khari from afar
June 28 Perhaps add this to the skills competition
June 28 Talkin' tough if not looking it in Winnipeg
June 26 Rens begin job of putting bums in the seats
June 26 Icons in the upper decks
June 26 No Maas for the media
June 24 The flight home will be a dry one!
June 24 Ready to put a bad memory to rest
June 24 Argos want to show Leos who's the boss
June 22 The Lions Cup to lose?
June 22 In praise of Pringle!
June 22 The weakest link?
June 21 Wallys' door is always open
June 21 Pringle to retire as an Alouette
June 21 Peek a boo time in the Peg
June 20 Stamps look forward to work these days
June 20 Casey takes his bat
June 20 If they build it, who will pay?
June 17 A flag before the play
June 17 The long, long road
June 17 A roast, a toast and a Ring!
June 16 Boys on the Bubble
June 16 This guy is no dog!
June 16 Est ce que tu prepare pour le football?
June 15 Stegall in Blue and Gold for Life
June 15 A well done (and well done) Leo the Lip
June 15 Addition by suspension
June 14 Who gets all the reps?
June 14 In BC it's what have you done for us lately!
June 14 Count Kerry as a believer
June 11 Argos and Ti-Cats kiss their sisters in Halifax
June 11 Ricky X-ray
June 11 Stamps add to the air attack in their arsenal

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