Thursday, August 30, 2007


The CFL announced it's Rogers players of the week for week number nine of play in the 2007 season.

Runner Up: Kevin Glenn, Winnipeg

Runner Up: Willie Pile, Toronto

Runner Up: Rob Pikula, Winnipeg, Damon Duval, Montreal

Runner Up: Dave Mudge, Montreal, Etienne Boulay, Montreal

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Week Ten

Labour Day weekend, and the traditional rivalries are all set to go!

Friday, Aug. 31- Montreal 14 @ BC 46
Sunday, Sept. 2- Winnipeg 26 @ Saskatchewan 31
Monday, Sept. 3- Toronto 32 @ Hamilton 14
Monday, Sept. 3- Edmonton 24 @ Calgary 35

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Minor football alive and well in River city

There could be a whole new crop of CFL stars on the horizon in the next ten years or so, that is if the state of amateur football in Winnipeg is any indication.

Allan Besson of the Winnipeg Free Press put together a feature story on football in Winnipeg and judging by the success of the programs in the city football is alive and well.

Nomads a testament to North End pride
Sun Aug 26 2007
By Allan Besson

THERE'S an old saying that goes like this: "There are only two kinds of people in the world; North Enders, and those who wish they were North Enders."

The North Winnipeg Nomads Football Club, which was established 38 years ago with one bantam team and has grown to 13 teams ranging in age from seven to 21, is a testament to that North End pride.

While the name Nomads would seem to be a misnomer -- the team has been entrenched in the North End for years -- it wasn't until 1997 that they finally got a permanent home. The Winnipeg Hawkeyes, who had a clubhouse adjacent to the Charlie Krupp Stadium on McPhillips Street, had ceased operations, and agreed to sell the building to the Nomads for $1. Until then, the team played out of Northwood Community Club, but bounced around a variety of fields without actually having a home base.

With more than 430 kids registered in their program this year, chances are the Nomads will add to their list of provincial titles. The club has claimed 13 provincial titles, three Western Canadian titles and sent six players to the Canadian Football League. Ten of their 13 teams made it into the playoffs last year, while three made provincials, with the midget Nomads winning a title.

The club's teams break down as follows: Terminators (age 7-8), three teams; Atom (9-10), two teams; Peewee (11-12), three teams; Minor Bantam (13), two teams; Bantam (14), one team; Midget (15-17), one team; Major (18-21), one team.

This weekend, the team is hosting its Nomad Pride Weekend, with all 13 teams seeing action. Games Saturday saw St. Vital Mustangs defeat the Nomads Peewee (east) 45-0, Bantam Nomads defeat St. Vital 55-0 and Nomads Atom (east) lose 30-0 to the Mustangs. Nomads Major squad played St. Vital in a late game.

Terry Andryo, the club's marketing co-ordinator, described Nomad pride this way: "The North End has always been considered a tough end of town, and that has always translated into the way we play our sports. My kids play hockey, lacrosse and football and one of the things that has been bestowed upon them by the kids who played before them up is play tough, but play clean."
Andryo said that the North End passion for football goes even further. "Out of this area alone there are eight high school teams that draw from the Nomads, which says something, because a lot of these kids start their amateur football with us."

The high schools include St. John's Tigers, Tec Voc Hornets, Daniel McIntyre Maroons, Sisler Spartans (two teams), Maples Marauders and the new kids on the block this year, Garden City Fighting Gophers and West Kildonan Wolverines.

Nomad Pride Weekend continues today. Nomads teams playing include Atom (west) vs. Transcona, 10 a.m.; Peewee (west) vs. Transcona, 12:30 p.m.; Peewee (north) vs. St. Vital, 3 p.m.; Minor Bantam (west) vs. Transcona, 5:30 p.m.; Minor Bantam (east) vs. St. Vital, 8 p.m.

Nomads' titles

1970 -- Western Canadian Bantam; Provincial
1972 -- Western Canadian Bantam; Provincial
1973 -- Western Canadian Bantam; Provincial
1974 -- Provincial Bantam
1979 -- Provincial Minor Bantam
1990 -- Provincial Minor Bantam; Bantam
1993 -- Provincial Minor Bantam
1994 -- Provincial Bantam
1996 -- Provincial Peewee
2002 -- Provincial Midget
2005 -- Provincial Bantam
2006 -- Provincial Midget

Nomads alumni

Jason Dzikowicz -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Harold Jackman -- Ottawa Rough Riders
Rick Koswin -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Mark McLoughlin -- Calgary Stampeders
Mike O'Donnell -- Montreal Alouettes
Colton Orr -- New York Rangers (NHL)
Gary Rosolowich -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Travis Zajac -- New Jersey (NHL)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

No need for Vick to look north

While Michael Vick has a long way to go before he needs to worry about football again, any thoughts that one day he might resume his career with a CFL franchise had cold water poured on them Friday.

In response to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's suspension Friday of Vick from the NFL, CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon released a short but succinct press release advising that Mr. Vick's Canadian options were for now none.

“In response to media inquiries regarding the possibility of Michael Vick playing in the CFL, I would like to clarify that any NFL players, who are currently under contract or serving a suspension, are prohibited from signing a CFL player contract as outlined by the League’s governing documents.”

In effect it's the Ricky Rule, put into place after last years adventure with former Miami Dolphin Ricky Williams, who served out an NFL drug suspension rambling around various CFL fields for the Toronto Argonauts.

Since then, the CFL has fallen into line with NFL suspensions and no longer will bring up any NFL talent until re-instated by the NFL.

Judging by the backlash against Vick's extra curricular activities with fighting dogs, it may be awhile before he is given the opportunity to take a snap again, for the moment he's a rather toxic individual, which makes him a rather huge risk for any team either in Canada or the USA.

Friday, August 24, 2007

It the CBC had it all to do over again

Much has been made of the decision by a middle manager to drop the delayed fourth quarter of last Saturdays Eskimos/Riders game in favour of a Nick Nolte movie, the Good Thief.

But perhaps the blow back on the Mother Corp wouldn't have been so bad if only the CBC had done a little viewer research.

Canoe through their Slam sports CFL website, is running a poll on what Nick Nolte movie might be the favourite for the football denied CFL fan.

And while the returns are still early, with 308 votes tabulated as we write this, the movie most fans would prefer to see at a Nick Nolte film festival is 48 hours.

In fact, the movie "The Good Thief" provided by the CBC during blackout Saturday turns out to be the least liked option of the Nolte oeuvre.

48 Hours was the run away leader with 47% of the vote

The runners up in order included:

North Dallas Forty (which at least had a football in it) took 18% of the vote. Cape Fear 16%, Other 7%, Blue Chips 6%, Teachers 2%, Affliction 2% and the Good Thief brings up the rear with a paltry 1%.

So the message for Scott Moore is pretty clear, with Saturday night fast approaching it's best to sign the release deal for 48 hours and have it on standby and ready to go.

However if the same scenario is repeated that would probably be about the amount of timt that it takes for the CFL to pull the rest of its CBC schedule for this final year on the network.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The CFL announced it's Rogers players of the week for the eight week of play in the 2007 season.

Runner Up: Unanimous selection

Runner Up: Unanimous selection

Runner Up: Luca Congi, Saskatchewan, Markus Howell, Calgary

Runner Up: Unanimous selection

CFL joins the You Tube generation

With the bugs seemingly worked out during a shakedown period, the league added the You Tube icon to its website today, while CFL Commissioner discussed the project on Prime Time Sports on The Fan radio network and Rogers Sportsnet.

The feature will provide highlights of CFL games as well as viewer contributed videos about their favourite CFL topic.
The feature will also come in handy over at the CBC offices, just in case they miss any more fourth quarters this season, they'll at least be able to discuss the game around the water cooler the next day thanks to You Tube.

Not surprisingly, the most discussed event in the You Tube library so far, is the Eskimos / Riders match up of last Saturday night, where the discussion of whether staying through a thunder and lightning storm makes you a better football fan or just a fool.
For the answers to those and other football questions you can check out CFL TV here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friday Night at the Films in Winnipeg

It’s a film festival like no other planned for Winnipeg this Friday night, as the Bombers dig deep in the big Blue archives for some viewing material that should leave Bomber fans crying tears of joy by the end of the final scene.

This Friday, Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans will be able to properly salute Milt Stegall’s achievements this year as the Big Blue roll the highlight reel of Winnipeg’s own version of a Ninja Turtle, who ain’t no teenager and no mean looking mutant either..

The Bombers are planning a pre game celebration of Stegall’s 140 career touchdowns, by featuring video tribute of the record breaking performances prior to Friday’s Argos/Bombers match up. The forty five minute film will roll at 615 and lead into a pre game celebration that will feature both George Reed and Mike Pringle in attendance.

So far the bombers have sold 24,000 seats to the Friday night Milt in, better known as Milt Stegall Night.

The Argos might be best advised to stay in the dressing room for the pre game warm ups, watching 140 Touchdown receptions back to back to back, will leave the Argo secondary having nightmares for weeks to come!

Week Nine

August 24- Toronto 13 @ Winnipeg 15
August 25- Hamilton 9 @ Montreal 27

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fourth quarter fumble

Call it the CFL on CBC, sort of...

Wild weather in Saskatchewan sent football fans scrambling for cover on Saturday night and on Sunday CBC executives were doing the same.

The problems for both began with a weather system that arrived at Mosaic Field just as the fourth quarter was getting under way, an intense lightning storm sent players to the dressing rooms and fans under the stands as the prairie skies opened to a deluge. In the midst of the storm power was knocked out to the area surrounding Mosaic Field, it took a little less than an hour to return full power to the stadium and send the teams back on the field.

However, by that time a mid level programming executive at the CBC Mother Ship in Toronto had decided to pull the plug on the fourth quarter of the CFL on CBC. The miscue sent many CFL fans off to the Internet in search of a radio feed or just off to bed without knowledge of the final result. For those with insomnia, the CBC offered up a late movie, called The Good Thief a film which now becomes Canada’s version of Heidi.

For Saskatchewan’s football fans, common sense won out shortly after the fourth quarter resumed play, the local CBC Affiliates of Saskatchewan picked up the broadcast, no doubt fearful of complaints by Sask Tel once the deluge of phone calls would start. Football fans with a satellite dish could thus also take in the final quarter of what was a very entertaining football game.

It’s a good thing that someone had the good sense to show the game to the Rider nation, as the home side made a strong statement on a rain filled Saturday night. Defeating the Eskimos 39 to 32 and moving into uncontested control of first place in the West division and league leaders of the eight team circuit.

The CBC is in the midst of reviewing its procedures in wake of the football fiasco; the head of CBC sports Scott Moore, had the misfortune of having moved into a new home and was unavailable to those in master control looking for guidance. He was taking full responsibility for the mess on Sunday and said measures would be put in place to make sure that an incident like this would never happen again.
The CFL seemed a little less than impressed with the CBC's handling of the situation and issued a media release outlining the league's disappointment with their broadcast partner.
Of course it’s perhaps a little late for the promises, marking just the latest in CBC miscues when it comes to the CFL. The league recently completed a new television deal with TSN which will see football become the exclusive property of the sports network, taking the Canadian game off of the public airwaves since the CBC first began broadcasting football back in the black and white cathode ray days.

Judging by the business acumen of the network and its executives, things seem to be returning back to those black and white days of one camera angle and intermittent picture failures and tape delayed broadcasts of old. As a matter of fact, as a form of penance for their mistake, the CBC planned on showing the last quarter of Saturday's game on Sunday night at midnight across the nation.
If the CBC wanted to leave the CFL with a lasting memory of what they’ll be missing when the season ends they seem to be going about it the wrong way..

Saturday, August 18, 2007

From the video room August 17

Gass's gasket blown!

The infamous plays that led to the suspension of Edmonton's A J Gass.

An old fashioned shoot out!

Both teams wanted a win, in the end neither got their wish.

But while they were on the field at McMahon Stadium the BC Lions and Calgary Stampeders put on a most entertaining display of Canadian Football. One guaranteed to keep the Stats guys busy into the early morning hours.

For Calgary it was sign to the hometown faithful to hold on and not give up on the season, the Stamps rediscovered the talents of Joffrey Reynolds and Henry Burris all but willed the team on to victory, coming up just a little short and having to settle for a tie.

For the Lions it was another gutsy performance from a team that has seen more than its fair share of injuries this year and might possibly be adding to the doctor's roster by this time tomorrow. Both Buck Pierce and Geroy Simon left the game with injuries, Pierce looking the more battered as he retired to the dressing room before the overtime session had gotten under way.

Before Pierce exited however both Simon and Joe Smith were on their way to pretty successful evenings as the Lions running back Smith rambled for 94 yards and Simon had captured six Pierce passes for 94 yards.

With Pierce out the Lions turned to Jarious Jackson as the QB substitution and he never seemed to miss a beat, Jackson led them down the field to put them in the lead going into the final moments of the game.

In fact things were looking pretty good for the Leos as they were closing in on field goal territory and a chance for a ten point lead when an untimely fifteen yard penalty by Sherko Haji-Rasouli for Unnecessary Roughness set the Lions back out of field goal range turning the ball over to the Stamps and guaranteeing himself a place in Wally Buono's dog house for the next two weeks.

Burris countered with his own drive down the field and the game went into Overtime which saw the teams trade points on the way to the 45-45 draw.

A thoroughly entertaining affair for the over 30,000 at McMahon and for TSN's Friday Night football audience across Canada.

Calling Casey

There were no doubt a few extra eyes on the screen on Thursday night as the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins squared off in week two of the NFL pre-season.

For one Chief in particular Thursday proved to be a bit of a redemption night and an indication that there may yet be a spot for him on the Chiefs depth chart.

Printers looked very impressive in his spurt of action for the Chiefs, as he took the Chiefs downfield all three times that he had his hands on the ball, but the Chiefs managed just three points, on their way to the 11-10 loss to the Dolphins. With his time in the pocket, Printers put together a passing attack that went 8-of-10 for 122 yards. He also ran twice for 17 yards.

But as far an audition goes it was light years ahead of the pre season debut of a week ago which saw Printers fall into a bit of trouble and once again started the wishful thoughts of CFL fans that he might return north.

As it stands Printers most likely won't rise above the third spot on the Chiefs depth chart, Damon Huard or second-year man Brodie Croyle are the likely starters once the Chiefs head into the regular season, leaving Printers to once again hold the clip board and study endless hours of film.

Still, despite the fact he won't be getting any starting reps any time soon, Chiefs coach Herm Edwards still seems pretty high on the former CFL Outstanding player of the year. Suggesting that he's "light years" ahead in his progress from last year's preseason.

A good position to be in as far as his NFL development may go, but certainly not helping him in the actual playing time that is so essential to a Quarterback these days.

With his former team in BC suffering a number of high profile health problems with their two top QBs and Toronto in a rather dire predicament in the quest for a pivot, the chance to come back north and jump into a starting role may never be better.

But with the siren song of the NFL still sounding, it's pretty unlikely that Printers will be moving back north in the short term.

Friday, August 17, 2007


The CFL announced it's Rogers players of the week for the seventh week of play in the 2007 season.

Runner Up: Anthony Calvillo, Montreal

Runner Up: Maurice Lloyd, Saskatchean, Ron Warner, Edmonton

Runners Up: Rob Pikula, Winnipeg, Kyries Hebert, Winnipeg

Runners Up: Unanimous selection

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Week Eight

August 17- BC 45 @ Calgary 45
August 18- Edmonton 32 @ Saskatchewan 39

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The CFL announced it's Rogers players of the week for the sixth week of play in the 2007 season.

Runner Up: Henry Burris, Calgary

Runner Up: Zeke Moreno, Hamilton, JoJuan Armour, Hamilton

Runners Up: Sandro DeAngelis, Calgary

Runners Up: Unanimous selection

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Week Seven

August 9- Calgary 18 @ Montreal 30
August 10- Saskatchewan 24 @ Toronto 13
August 10- Winnipeg 22 @ B. C. 21
August 11- Hamilton 17 @ Edmonton 19

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Monday, August 06, 2007

CFL’s most valuable employee may not even get a paycheque from the league

We’re not sure who the young lady at the Canadian football Hall of Fame is, but her decision to find some spare tickets for a visiting American Dad and his sons sure says a lot about her sense of priorities and initiative. And provides a lesson for the eight member teams of the CFL to make note of.

In a blog piece we came across today, Randy Snow of Kalamazoo, Michigan outlined his family outing to Hamilton last week. From the tour of the Hall of Fame, to the free tickets to the Ti Cats game that night, he recounts a most enjoyable experience with the Canadian game.

He and his sons got involved with the Ti Cats “black out” promotion and from all accounts had a great time at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

From start to finish it would seem that their CFL experience was top notch, which is good to see.
Even better is the kindness and savvy of a hall of Fame employee, who seems to have made a family outing just a little bit more special.

It's the kind of story you like to hear about our game, which can't compete at times with the flash and high financing schemes of the NFL, but sure does show that when the time comes to make an impression we have our ways of getting the job done.

Somebody at the CFL should find out her name and send her a thank you note, some flowers and hey, if they need somebody in the marketing department, she sounds like she has her A game ready…

Watch him while we can

The last few weeks of CFL viewing have brought one thing into open field; Jesse Lumsden is the real deal.

The former McMaster star, who joined the Ti Cats late last season after a taste of NFL training camp life, has had a pretty remarkable return to the Black and Yellow this season. He has been at times the only bright light in a difficult start and now with the rest of his team mates beginning to gel nicely, Lumsden seem poised to carry them on his back.

Last week’s amazing two touch down performance and the accompanying yardage that went with it, has blazed him to the top of the CFL depth charts in the running back position, Power is what you seem when Lumsden gears up and takes off. Against Winnipeg he battered defenders and hiked up the acceleration on the way to the Tiger Cats first victory of the season.

With Lumsden as a threat in the Ti Cat backfield defending teams are changing their plans, leaving gaps in the deeper zones which Ti Cat receivers began to exploit last Friday night. His ability to blast through the line and take defenders down the field with him, is going to be a major bit of help to embattled QB Jason Maas, who began to hit his stride last Friday as well.

If Charlie Taaffe is wise, (as he seems to be) his offense will contain a fair amount of the ground game courtesy of Lumsden, it may be the recipe to help turn the fortunes of the Cat around this season. Just give the ball to Jesse and climb aboard.

Lumsden, of a famous Canadian football bloodline is showing the talent and desire that many of his followers have been talking about since his McMaster days. It’s sometimes hard for a son to follow a famous father into the same sport. It’s a rare occasion as a matter of fact, but in this instance Dad may one day be the second of the Lumsden’s that comes to mind when you talk about Canadian football, something he probably won’t mind one little bit.

Then again, the big dance to the south may come knocking on the door again soon. As Jesse powers his way through CFL defenses this season, word will no doubt get back to the NFL teams that took a pass on him last year. As selfish as CFL fans may be to keep him here above the 49th, the lure to prove yourself in the major show that the NFL has become may once again be there for him.

It would be hard to begrudge him the trip across the border, but we’re kind of hoping we have him for a while longer.

It’s been an amazing start of the year for him and for the fans you can’t help but take note when the Cats offence returns to the field. It signals a chance to see a thoroughbred about to be let loose out of the corral. For CFL fans, the decision should be easy in that Ti Cat huddle, just give the ball to Jesse…

Saturday, August 04, 2007

From the video room August 4

For the record: Number 138

A little history for football fans, Milt Stegall's 138th Touchdown from last week.

Seven days later we're at number 140 and counting...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

The final snaps of August 2007

August 31- "If you love the game, you get through that stuff and keep playing"
August 30- "The only revenge you can look for is going down there and beating them in their own backyard"
August 29- "I don't believe the club lacks confidence,"
August 28- "We have to keep things in proper context because there's still a lot of football left to be played"
August 27- "We are working with all the teams"
August 26- "Part of it is that our best quarterbacks are watching us play"
August 25- "I might have nodded off in the chair, but it absolutely wasn’t hard to coach. My adrenaline was pumping"
August 24- "I've been here 13 years, over a third of my life, and it's been great"
August 23- "Look, we're not here just for the (Grey Cup) party"
August 22- "There are things bigger than football for Michael Vick right now and he needs to attend to that"
August 21- "We're real excited to have him here"
August 20- "I take responsibility simply in that my cell phone was not on"
August 19- "I'm soaked"
August 18- "It was the CFL at its best - back and forth and people making plays"
August 17- "He can be a shaky quarterback, but he's a good quarterback"
August 16- "We had our chances to win a football game and didn't take advantage of it"
August 15- "If there's more pain? Deal with it after the game"
August 14- "I had moved on -- I was gonna just retire and move on"
August 13- "We make those seven plays, what happens?"
August 12- "'Don't be fooled by all this talk about the Edmonton defence. It is a bunch of crap"
August 11- "There was a little bit of trying to put it back in their face for getting rid of me"
August 10- "I built the offence according to the skill sets of the entire personnel, not one guy"
August 9- "I have communicated to the commissioner that I don't like the process and he understands that there has to be a better way"
August 8- "Dan brings a wealth of knowledge to our team having worked in professional football for more than 25 years"
August 7-- "Pilon literally had my entire package in his hand and squeezed"
August 6-- "Offensively, we gotta find a way to answer when they do those things"
August 5-- "To me, it was overzealous and unprofessional"
August 4-- "You gotta put a stop to it, there’s no question about that."
August 3-- "He's trying to sell tickets. He doesn't play the game"
August 2-- "But he needs to stick to his locker-room and let us worry about ours"
August 1-- "It's an opportunity for me to showcase myself"

Opening Kick offs August 2007

August 31- Smith and Smart, bring the spark
August 31- A Grey Cup preview?
August 31- Printers to be cut adrift
August 30- Argos sunk unless Bishop snaps back
August 30- Chang gets the call
August 30- Banged up Lions hope to end skid against Alouettes
August 29- Bishop back on the practice field
August 29- Arbitrator overturns CFL's suspension of Gass
August 29- Laval tops pre-season football poll
August 28- Gass going to arbitration
August 28- Battle of the best
August 28- Down to business
August 27- Ticats announce retirements
August 27- Sankey on board
August 27- Labour-ing under Chang?
August 26- Wake up call to special teams
August 26- Ticats' list of woes impressive
August 26- Calgary Stampeders release veteran import receiver Marc Boerigter
August 25- Alouettes down Ticats
August 25- Eskimos bring in former Cardinal
August 25- Blue show the love
August 24- Kicking Comeback
August 24- Alouettes wary of Lumsden
August 24- B.C. Lions sign veteran quarterback Ben Sankey to a contract
August 23- Cocky, Bullish Phillips leads Lions defence
August 23- Esks ink slotback
August 23- Saskatchewan is where Holmes' heart is
August 22- Jobs always on the line
August 22- Bishop wants the ball
August 22- Vick would do the trick
August 21- Lions fizzle with fickle fans, but coach defends team
August 21- Tillman deserves credit for resurgent Riders
August 21- Payton has starting role
August 20- Argos happy to see Edwards
August 20- Lions' injury list grow
August 20- Roberts ready for run at record
August 19- Bombers scout NFL camps for QB
August 19- CBC 'fumbled' coverage of Eskimos-Roughriders game
August 19- Holmes returns to Roughriders
August 18- Roughriders pull out 39-32 win over Eskimos in storm-delayed game
August 18- Stamps get the point
August 18- Nine-game gamble
Agusut 17- Injuries an obstacle as Eskimos seek revenge
August 17- Simon still dangerous
August 17- Bombers a hot seller
August 16- Simon's Catch 22: no pass, no yards
August 16- Dead man walking
August 16- Payton runs to CFL's weekly honour
August 15- Let's have consistency
August 15- Punter pines to kick again
August 15- Guard dog Hollis back with Esks
August 14- Cats can't rely on Lumsden
August 14- Don't plan a parade yet
August 14- Things finally going Riders way
August 13- CFL upholds suspension to Gass
August 13- Roller coaster ride ends on high note
August 13- Eskimo injuries costly
August 12-Defence has a Gass
August 12-Argos season going awry
August 12-Stamps wins running down drain
August 11-Eskimos beat TiCats
August 11-Broken hand won't stop Coe
August 11-Butler's solid effort some comfort for Argos
August 10- Lions D-flated in loss
August 10- Austin's payback in Toronto
August 10- Sweet night for Als
August 9-Als lick Stamps
August 9-Bombers defence may be the cure for what ails Lions
August 9-Roughriders won't give former teammates Butler, Dorsey an easy time
August 8-CFL 'has put a jump in my step'
August 8-CFL suspends Eskimos' Gass
August 8-Lumsden seeing double
August 7-No return date yet for Dickie
August 7-Austin holds no grudges
August 7-Blue defensive boss at war with sloppiness
August 6-Law of the Jungle
August 6-The claws come out
August 6-Ball safety No. 1's priority
August 5-No emergency, just urgency
August 5-Eskimos silenced
August 5-Blue defence: so far, no good
August 4-Late field goal pushes Stamps past Eskies
August 4-Lions not likely to spiral after first loss
August 4-Bombers comment irks Lions’ Buono
August 3-Argos woes get worse
August 3-Cats ready for the rematch
August 3-Shutting down Reynolds a priority
August 2-Roughriders burst Lions' bubble
August 2-Cahoon caps sweep of Argos
August 2-Call him Hank or Frank
August 1-The trouble with Henry
August 1-Westwood still feels the heat
August 1-Special teams aren't so special

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


The CFL announced it's Rogers players of the week for the fifth week of play in the 2007 season.

Unanimous selection

Runner Up: Cameron Wake, BC

Runners Up: Jamie Boreham, Saskatchewan, Kyle Mitchell, Saskatchewan
and Nick Setta, Hamilton

Runners Up: Brett Ralph, Calgary, Jesse Lumsden Hamilton

Alouette Notes August/Sept. 2007 Season

We will archive all of our information about the Montreal Alouettes from this location, the links will appear on the right hand column section of the blog.
September 27- Ferri on mend
September 25- Popp stirs Als' pot
September 20- The Don back in town
September 18- Calvillo on the mend
September 14- It's Brady's bunch
September 10- Popp stockpiles QB's
September 7- Maas-terful trade
September 5- BC linemen irk Popp
August 31- Duval in a funk
August 27- Stala sidelined
August 22- Stala to Play
August 10- Als lick stamps

Argonaut Notes August/Sept. 2007 Season

We will archive all of our information about the Toronto Argonauts from this location, the links will appear on the right hand column section of the blog.
September 26- Power of Troy
September 25- Argos sign RB Davis
September 23- Argos over Bombers
September 21- Crunch time for Argos
Septmeber 20- Allen insulted by GM
September 7- Argos cut QB Crouch
September 4- Bishop back on top
September 4- Easy Pickings
August 25- Argos fall short