Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick Snaps Calgary Stampeders - June 2011

Items of note that don't get the full blog treatment, but offer up news and background on the Calgary Stampeders.

June 30-- Canadian QB survives in Calgary
June 30-- Stamps ready for season opener
June 30-- Stamps long-snapper's lengthy wait
June 30-- Bishop hits field with Stamps
June 30-- Lemon poised for Stampeder rematch
June 29-- CFL's compelling storylines to watch
June 29-- Some want to change confusing import rule
June 29-- Tsoumpas set to miss the first game of his pro (and college) career
June 29-- Stampeders sign QB Michael Bishop
June 29-- Davis always plays his best in CFL lid-lifters
June 28-- Cornish TSN's No. 1 Canadian
June 28-- Stamps set to turn Larry Taylor loose
June 28-- Shhh! No time to jinx iron man Burris
June 28-- Maver readies punting leg while Dales heals
June 28-- Calgary's Cornish already a Canadian classic
June 27-- Bishop expected to join Stampeders on Tuesday
June 27-- Dave Dickenson is the brains behind Calgary offence
June 27-- Working on a short game
June 27-- Maver a solid back up plan if Stamps punter sidelined
June 27-- Short time-frame for Stamps to sort out QB duties
June 26-- Big Stamps rookie stays humble
June 26-- Stamps ink Bishop after Tate gets hurt: report
June 26-- Rookie Antwi survives Stamps cuts day
June 26-- Sting of release softened by Team Canada invite
June 25-- QB candidates? Bishop should be in the mix
June 25-- Tate's injury dampens mood after win in Edmonton
June 25-- Burris steers Stamps past Eskimos
June 25-- Stamps win, but lose backup quarterback
June 25-- Stamps' injury list unveiled
June 24-- Stamps win final tuneup
June 24-- Murphy's golden opportunity
June 24-- Fill-in fan gets kick at Stamps action
June 23-- Some significant names won't play in Edmonton
June 23-- Madden '09 superstar aims to bring skills to Stamps
June 23-- Bryant aims to top league-leading touchdown mark
June 23-- Stamps still have plenty to prove
June 23-- Esks eager to renew Battle of Alberta
June 23-- Esks rookies get rivalry lesson
June 21-- Stamps' offence showing some progress; in practice, anyways
June 22-- Morley injury clears path for Fraser
June 22-- Stamps rookie picks up unusual knee injury
June 22-- Stamps win tackle trade
June 21-- Stamps D-ending on 'em
June 21-- Kicker Maver's leg on the mend
June 21-- O-nus on Stamps firepower
June 21-- When Claybrooks speaks, Stampeders teammates listen
June 21-- Isaac hopes to tackle a starting spot
June 20-- Stamps celebrate end to a two-a-days; Arthur, Morley injured
June 20-- Young Phillips elder statesman on Stamps line
June 20-- Stamps' Washington adjusting to CFL life on the line
June 20-- Stamps keep McNeal at receiver, for now
June 20-- McNeal open to catching or throwing pigskin
June 20-- Maver may not kick Friday in Edmonton
June 19-- Stamp leaves former fumbles behind
June 19-- Extra practice for Stamps pivots
June 18-- Stamps down to three QBs
June 18-- Offensive lineman grateful to get second chance with Stamps
June 18-- Stamps sign sex offender
June 18-- Washington clears immigration to practice with Stamps
June 18-- Stampeders trade Junius Coston to Eskimos
June 17-- Stamps pair sets sites on fans
June 17-- Waiting game for injured Stamps lineman
June 17-- Stamps safeties battle 
June 17-- Arthur maintains team-first mentality
June 17-- Harrison can only sit and watch
June 17-- Stamps continue to be a work in progress
June 16-- Gott, Tsoumpas back at practice on limited basis
June 16-- Rookie Davis makes an impression in opening game
June 16-- Mace: Riots a 'complete, utter embarrssment'
June 16-- Battle ready Lions whip Stamps in pre-season opener
June 16-- Rookies fight through jitters in first pro game
June 16-- Game Over: Lions 24, Stamps 0
June 16-- No surprise here; Hufnagel says there's still work to do
June 14-- Drug arrests, drug testing in news on eve of CFL season
June 16-- Hufnagel has a right to be 'concerned'
June 14-- Stamps rookies look to make impression in CFL debut
June 14-- Vanier Cup hero will test healed knee on Wednesday
June 14-- Bulcke, Stamps stuck in lockout waiting game
June 14-- Franklin's injury opens door for Parker, Forzani
June 13-- History catching up with Stamps' Rambo
June 13-- Mace 'ready to go' after back surgery
June 13-- Forzani's catching on quickly this time
June 13-- Safe to say Stampeders are eyeing Fraser at safety
June 13-- Stampeders training camp
June 13-- Franklin the latest Stamps camp casualty
June 12-- Hufnagel pushes discipline message
June 11-- Rain dampens mock-game performances
June 11-- Stamps like what they see in rookie QBs 
June 11-- Gott, Marchulenko battling concussions; Mace likely to return Monday
June 10-- Stamps' offence showing some good signs before mock game
June 10-- Stamps still seeking to have Washington cleared to play
June 10-- Stamps still  hoping to give Tony Washington a second chance
June 7-- QBs struggle with an off-target day
June 7-- Burks, Holden cut loose by Stamps
June 6-- Lewis makes early exit; QBs off target
June 6-- Juggling continues in Stamps' secondary
June 5-- Hamstring pull sidelines Tsoumpas
June 5-- Stamps do a little roster-juggling to open camp
June 3-- Stampeder vets keeping an eye on the young guys
June 2-- Coker lights it up on Day 1 of Stamps rookie camp
June 2-- Some early bright lights at Stamps rookie camp

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