Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Saskatchewan Roughriders: Season Preview 2011

Training camps are finished and the cut down day has passed, as we head towards the kick off to the 2011 CFL Season, we take a look at the previews for each team.

He may be a new coach, but he's going to hear much about an an old ambition in Saskatchewan, a return to the Grey Cup Final and a chance for a parade in Regina.

Greg Marshall, takes the helm of the iconic Roughrider name this summer, a much deserved rise to the upper levels of coaching in Canadian football and a stop that will come with no shortage of assistants directly behind his back up in the stands amongst the Rider Nation.

Of all the CFL teams, the Riders are the ones that perhaps are claimed the most by the fan base, far beyond  Saskatchewan the Rider Nation knows its team and expects performance year in and year out, for Marshall it is an opportunity to show what any number of teams may have missed out on over the years, teams that always had him on a short list, but went in a different direction when the time came to name a field boss.

Most recently of the Tiger Cats, Marshall's legacy there was a return to the kind of tough as nails, don't take us for granted approach that the fans in Hamilton always appreciated, its no doubt an approach that will find favour in Saskatchewan as well.

There are however some gaps to fill in on the Riders roster, most significantly in the receiving corps with the departure of Andy Fantuz, who is off to the Chicago Bears (providing they actually play this fall), while Robbie Bagg is injured and not expected back this season.
Those targets of last season may very well be missed by Darian Durant, who will once again be taking to the pivot position with the goal of a third consecutive Grey Cup appearance in the blue print for his Riders.
The domination of the Riders however, may start to decline this season as both Calgary and BC seem ready to step up again and challenge, it will be up to Greg Marshall to find a way to secure what seems of late to have been the Riders natural spot for the end of November, lining up for another Grey Cup kickoff!

Some of the previews from across the media that cover the CFL season can be found below:

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