Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winnipeg Blue Bombers: Season Preview 2011

Training camps are finished and the cut down day has passed, as we head towards the kick off to the 2011 CFL Season, we take a look at the previews for each team.

Despite some lean years on the field, the CFL continues to be a strong brand in Manitoba, a statement that was only reinforced earlier this month when the Bombers announced another successful season ticket drive , numbers that were added to in the same week that the newly arrived NHL franchise had launched its much publicized and expensive season ticket drive of its own.

It's a testimony to the sports fans of the province that they continue to proclaim their support of the league and the Blue that they have posted season ticket sales well past 20,000, a fine foundation for the move next year, to their new state of the art stadium on the University of Manitoba campus.

That support for the team should pay some dividend's this year, as the gong show atmosphere of a few years ago seems to have been replaced by a much more stable situation in the front office.

Head Coach Paul LaPolice, has instilled a much more accountable standard for his players, seeking to reward the Bomber faithful with a team that indeed seems designed to play for each other and the fans as opposed to sow of the individual drama that tended to infect the team in seasons past.

The key of course remains the quarterback situation, if Buck Pierce can indeed remain healthy this year, the continuity from training camp towards the playoffs should help the Blue make major strides this year, it might be a little bit early to think Grey Cup in Winnipeg, but a good long run in the regular season and maybe a playoff surprise could help send out Canad Inn stadium in style this year.

Some of the previews from across the media that cover the CFL season can be found below:

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