Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Toronto Argonauts: Season Preview 2011

Training camps are finished and the cut down day has passed, as we head towards the kick off to the 2011 CFL Season, we take a look at the previews for each team.

It's often stated that there is no more important franchise to the CFL than that of Toronto, though at times you have to wonder if the folks that live around the GTA understand that much.

The Argos at times run through the cash in head spinning amounts, leaving owners in their wake shaking their heads at the folly of trying to keep Canadian football as a going concern in the nations' largest market.

David Braley is the latest of community minded Canadians to take up the challenge, in Braley's case at the same time as he operates the BC Lions, which he rescued from a similar situation a number of years ago.

The turn around worked in BC based on a good local office and some smart football judgement to go with it, having success on the field also has assisted the Lions to once again rate high on the sports calendar on the west coast.

We're not sure if Mr. Braley brought an actual blue print to Toronto a year or so ago, but last years learning curve has laid some good roots for the Argos, making this a year that the Double Blue will have to back up some of that organizational stability with some success on the field.

General Manager and Head coach Jim Barker knows what he wants to see on the field and where he wants his team to be at the end of the season, as an organization he points east to the success of Montreal over the last few years as a pretty good guideline as to what success should look like.

Some of the previews from across the media that cover the CFL season can be found below:

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