Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Don is ready to swear!

Well judging by the play of his football team the last three weeks you could hardly blame the man for a few choice words, but for Don Matthews curses will be the farthest thing from his mind on Saturday.

Prior to the Alouette/Renegade match the long time CFL coach will receive his Canadian citizenship, taking the oath from former Alouette George Springate, who is now a Canadian immigration judge. Matthews comes by his Canadian dream honestly, his Mother was born in Tracadie, New Brunswick and relocated to the USA, so in a way we're just reclaiming a son!

And Matthews is not one to sneak into the country unobserved, Saturday’s game takes place at the Olympic Stadium, so Matthews will have over 52,000 witnesses to his leap of faith. The Don has been coaching in the Canadian league for over 27 years now and felt the time had come to join the ranks of “New” Canadians.

By the end of Saturday’s game the CFL will have three “Canadian” coaches leading teams in the league, one suspects the next guy we need to work on is Pinball Clemons, judging by his popularity in Toronto and across the country, he too would be a welcome addition to the family.

Cake and drinks at Matthews place on Saturday, seating for 52,000. Perhaps the joyous occasion will spur his players on to turning around their October swoon; if not our newly minted Canadian coach may be issuing deportation letters of his own come the end of the season!

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