Thursday, October 28, 2004

Shivers the main attraction!

Saskatchewan GM Roy Shivers finds himself the main feature in an upcoming CBC documentary in early November. Shivers who has been a fixture in Canadian Football for a number of years now will see his life and struggles examined on both radio and television productions. The theme of the programs will be breaking down barriers, Shivers discusses how he fought the colour bar in his early days in the US and how he contributed to its lowering in the CFL ranks.

You can get an advance peek at the program by checking out the transcript of the program here, or listening to the Current on November 1st. The feature will also be aired in Saskatchewan on the CBC's Canada Now on November 1 and 2. The rest of Canada will be able to view the trail of Roy Shivers on Newsworld November 10th at 7pm.

It should make for a fascinating look at one of the major players in Canadian football and revisit a time when colour was a barrier to success. A barrier that has since be long broken in the CFL! Reading like a social history lesson with some football thrown in for good measure, it provides a glimpse into a completely different time than what we find now.

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