Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday Night! Playoff Night?

For the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, tonight’s match up with the Tiger Cats will be for all intents and purposes a playoff game. TSN's Friday Night Football tonight, will be a game with some pretty important ramifications for the football future of both teams come November. Coming off two devastating losses to Montreal and BC, the Bombers are in a bit of a free fall through the CFL West standings, losing valuable ground to Saskatchewan and Edmonton.

The Tiger Cats on the other hand are relishing in their last second victory over the Edmonton Eskimos last weekend, a game which they were in control of early but stumbled through the final two quarters, hanging on for the win with seconds to go. A win like that goes a long way to motivating a squad for its next effort and that’s not what the Blue Bombers need to see tonight.

A Hamilton win will put the Cats in the drivers seat regarding at least third place in the CFL East, most likely eliminating any thoughts of a crossover from the West this year for the third and final playoff spot there. Winnipeg’s options for playoff work are dwindling quickly, lose to Hamilton and all focus then must shift to the Eskimos who will be battling the Bombers to avoid elimination from the semi finals. It’s a position that the Bombers look at from the bottom up, presently the Blue are the fourth place squad in the West, a win is essential to keep their hopes alive.

Add into the mix some questions about the health of Winnipeg QB Kevin Glenn, up against a ferocious Ti Cat defence and you have all the ingredients for a great game. With that kind of a build up, its not hard to see how a game in October will have as much importance as a playoff match up.

The match up tonight should also go a long way in helping the Bombers make plans for their Thanksgiving Day team dinner. Win tonight and it’ll be Turkey with all the trimmings on Monday. Lose and maybe it should be goose on the menu, because with a loss tonight surely the Bombers goose will be cooked!

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