Friday, October 08, 2004

October Quotables

We recount our quotable footballers as they provide the final word in the "final snap!"

1-Oct-04 "My favourite meat is quarterback meat"
2-Oct-04 "I think it's a great location to have a stadium"
3-Oct-04 "It's kind of weird, like these things happen for a reason and all that stuff"
4-Oct-04 "We let up off the gas on a couple of plays and we can't afford to do that as an offence"
5-Oct-04 "coach just told me to "go kick him a field goal", so I went and kicked one"
6-Oct-04 Those guys are worth their weight in gold
7-Oct-04 "We've definitely dissapointed our fans, and we've disappointed ourselves this year"
8-Oct-04 "we know the situation we're in"
10-Oct-04 "For me it's all for naught, if we lose"
11-Oct-04 "Frankly we need to put it together and prove that we're the type of team that we claim we are"
12-Oct-04 "He believes he can take every ball for a touchdown"
13-Oct-04 "Who knows what's going to happen next year"
14-Oct-04 "I was appalled and I will be dealing with those officials"
15-Oct-04 "Once you retire, they only replay you’re your completions or touchdowns, not the interceptions"
16-Oct-04 "It's not how you start, it's how you finish"
17-Oct-04 "My plans a lot clearer now"
18-Oct-04 "the simple fact is we need to beat them"
19-Oct-04 "It's a weird team, I really don’t know where our identity is"
20-Oct-04 "Either he's lost a lot of weight, or he's wearing too big of pants"
21-Oct-04 "The fact remains that we stunk this season, and I personally stunk this season"
22-Oct-04 "He took a lot of flak in Winnipeg, and I don't think he deserved it"
23-Oct-04 "You're a genius or the village idiot"
24-Oct-04 "This guy is going to be special"
25-Oct-04 "Yeah, it's frustrating"
26-Oct-04 "We’re gonna find out who the real true football players are!"
27-Oct-04 "Either way is fine. If they boo that's fine, if they cheer that's fine"
28-Oct-04 "A full and thorough investigation"
29-Oct-04 "I don't hold any grudges, I don't think badly, I don't worry about what happened in the past"
30-Oct-04 "He has always gone to bat for his players"
31-Oct-04 "I'm glad it's over"

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