Friday, October 08, 2004

October memories

We recap our Opening kick off entries for the month of October.

1-Oct-04 Location, Location, Location
1-Oct-04 Fleming looking forward to renewing acquaintances with Casey Printers
1-Oct-04 Ron's back but taking it slow
2-Oct-04 Eskie's stumbling through the season
2-Oct-04 Some things are more important than the game!
2-Oct-04 Lui and Cal together again
3-Oct-04 Well past the learning curve now!
3-Oct-04 Lobbying for Leo
3-Oct-04 Reading Khari's resume
4-Oct-04 Casey to face the Boatmen
4-Oct-04 Big Blue on the edge
4-Oct-04 Is this possible? The Eskies may miss the playoffs
5-Oct-04 Just call him robo QB
5-Oct-04 Gades gear up for the final run
5-Oct-04 Printers continues to turn heads
6-Oct-04 The Captain is back on the bridge
6-Oct-04 Old Hands ready to take a stand
6-Oct-04 A run for the open street like no other
7-Oct-04 Rens give peace a chance
7-Oct-04 No controversy: when he's ready Damon's number one
7-Oct-04 New QB, same injury problem
8-Oct-04 Rens move into critical phase
8-Oct-04 Reloading the Alouette arsenal
8-Oct-04 The thoughts of Andre Rison
10-Oct-04 Done for the year
10-Oct-04 Hot Dogging leaves Daley with indigestion
10-Oct-04 Just need one win
11-Oct-04 The Pinball Wizard
11-Oct-04 Rens on outside looking in
11-Oct-04 Running towards a college record
12-Oct-04 Bringing the football pool into the computer age
12-Oct-04 Heading towards the playoffs we have some races
12-Oct-04 Tillman not Cowtown bound (yet!)
13-Oct-04 Als not worried about late season stumbles
13-Oct-04 More action in the Rens backroom, than in the backfield
13-Oct-04 Lumsden has more than one CFLer in his corner
14-Oct-04 Shades of U2: Argos forced to move possible playoff game date
14-Oct-04 Bombers suffer worst crowd attendance in five years
14-Oct-04 Showcasing Khari in Cowtown
15-Oct-04 Allen will dress, but he won't start
15-Oct-04 Wally keeping his starter call to himself
15-Oct-04 Riders prepare for the return of the 'Evil Empire'
16-Oct-04 Esks face a tough task in Regina
16-Oct-04 Bombers refuse to ponder elimination
16-Oct-04 Jesse Lumsden enters the CIS record books
17-Oct-04 Who stays, Who goes in the Capital
17-Oct-04 Feeling better in Cowtown
17-Oct-04 Esks not impressed with their own performance
18-Oct-04 Suddenly Argo home games are a little closer to Timmins
18-Oct-04 Number crunched in Regina
18-Oct-04 Monday not a Blue day in Winnipeg
19-Oct-04 The puck stopped there
19-Oct-04 Stokes pays his library fine
19-Oct-04 Rens up to five on the QB depth chart
20-Oct-04 Davis has guts!
20-Oct-04 Throwin' Samoan doesn't want to be goin
20-Oct-04 CFL Sunday was big ratings winner for TSN
21-Oct-04 50k for Danny Mac
21-Oct-04 An Eskimo kitten who has found his mitten
21-Oct-04 Putting their faith in Glenn
22-Oct-04 It's all down to one game
22-Oct-04 The House is a rockin' will the Als do some rockin?
22-Oct-04 Winnipeg heads for death valley
23-Oct-04 It's the Kevin Glenn show
23-Oct-04 Argos making plans for Ti Cats on semi final night
23-Oct-04 A perfect season
24-Oct-04 Matt D's protest march
24-Oct-04 Bombers left out in the cold
24-Oct-04 Searching for the answer in Ottawa (pt 2)
25-Oct-04 Under futher review, we screwed up again, but our decision stands
25-Oct-04 Argos courting Crouch
25-Oct-04 The pressure of the streak
26-Oct-04 CFL fumbles the ball on racism charge
26-Oct-04 Winterpeg becomes loserpeg!
26-Oct-04 Argos triple threat
27-Oct-04 Bring your parka, bring your mitts! The Peg gets the cup in 2006!
27-Oct-04 Braley wades into kickgate
27-Oct-04 And the nominees are
28-Oct-04 And he will throw for 6000 yards and maybe for 6000 more
28-Oct-04 Glenn on a mission
28-Oct-04 Nous sommes le Numero un
29-Oct-04 Satsifaction guaranteed, or your ticket replaced by another
29-Oct-04 The drinks are on Khari
29-Oct-04 Junior football Sun on a mission for the championship
30-Oct-04 Changes on the way in the Peg
30-Oct-04 Pinball takes the heat
30-Oct-04 York looking to better days with new stadium
31-Oct-04 A change all from a cup of coffee
31-Oct-04 Marcus on the market
31-Oct-04 See you in May, maybe!

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