Friday, July 29, 2005

.500 not charted territory for Montreal

The Montreal Alouettes don't know what to make of this, for the first time since 1996 they sport only a .500 record five weeks into a CFL season. The Als who are used to dominating the competition in the regular season have sputtered so far this season, surprising (for Als fans anyways) losses to Ottawa and Winnipeg and a close call to the Ti Cats have the Als faithful wondering if the wonder years may be done.

Thursday night Damon Allen brought his injury riddled Argonaut squad into Molson stadium and took the first regular season win for a Toronto team in Montreal in five years. Allen threw for four touchdown passes on the way to the Argos 36-24 victory over the Als. Tony Miles, John Avery, Robert Baker and Byron Parker stepped over the goal line after an Allen pass as the Argos took sole possession of the CFL's east with the win.

The Als attempted a rally of sorts in the fourth quarter as running back Eric Lapointe took the ball into the endzone for the Als first TD of the game, shortly after that Lapointe would leave the game with a suspected hamstring injury. Injuries continued to take their toll on the Als through the game, defensively Darren Crutchfield left the field injured as did Reggie Durden giving Don Matthews cause to scramble to fill positions late in the game.

While no one is panicking yet in Montreal, the locals are not used to their team having to struggle early on in a season, normally the Als have a playoff spot sewn up by the Labour Day weekend and spend the last half of the season re-tooling, the way things seem to be going this year they'll be scratching and clawing their way for a playoff spot all season long.

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