Sunday, July 17, 2005

Back to the fundamentals for the bye week`

Pinball Clemons knows exactly what needs to be done over the next seven days, Football 101 for his Double Blue. The Argos made too many mistakes and did not take advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves Friday night, as they dropped a 30-22 loss to the BC Lions.

Argo QB Damon Allen put it best when he stated that the Argos simply made too many mistakes in Friday's game, a trend that has unfortunately occurred in each game so far this season. Friday night saw the Argos have a horrendous first half spotting the Lions 21 points, but then turning it around and outplaying the Lions in the second half. But the Argos would come up short in their comeback, that despite the fact the Lions tried to hand them the ball late in the fourth quarter. An Argo interception with 50 seconds to go put them on the Lions 49 yard line, however on the very next play the Argos turned the ball back over to the Leos putting a wrap on the loss.

The Leos improved their record to 3-0 on the season, impressing the 29,000 fans with their domination of the Argos. Though there are some warning signs of complacency for Leo fans, the fact that Toronto was able to battle their way back through the second half shows a bit of a concentration problem for the defence. Coming to within 8 points after trailing by 21 should not happen, especially to a team as strong as Vancouver. Wally Buono and Dave Ritchie will no doubt be focusing on that breakdown as they get ready to head for Hamilton on the 23rd.

For the Double Blue its back to the basics, controlling the ball and playing a full 60 minutes will be the focus for practice over the next week or so, the next test won't be an easy one. Toronto had best have all the bugs worked out by July 28th, they travel to Montreal, who won't show them any mercy should they continue to only play half a game.

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