Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Khari joins the Cats

Five weeks into the new CFL season and Khari Jones finally has a place to rest his helmet. The one time CFL star who had his most memorable years as a Blue Bomber signed on with the Hamilton Tiger Cats on Tuesday, as the struggling 0-4 Cats try to spark a fire under their under performing squad.

Jones became the odd man out in Edmonton this year when Ricky Ray returned to the CFL and Edmonton chose to keep the Ray/Maas tandem that led them to a Grey Cup a few years ago. So Khari packed his bags and headed back home to Calgary, to regroup, watch some football on TV and wait for a phone call.

It really was only a matter of time before he landed another job on a CFL roster, his knowledge of the Canadian game, rifle of an arm and intelligent approach to each game was bound to place him on a roster sooner or later. Rumours of a return to Winnipeg or a trip to Montreal to back up Anthony Calvillo were early favoured possibilities, especially with the horrendous Blue Bomber start and memories of last years playoff disaster in Montreal. But in the end it was the Tiger Cats who made the call, bringing Jones into camp on Tuesday.

It's expected that with the Jones signing, Marcus Brady will find himself looking for a new job shortly. For the time being it's understood that Jones will be backing up incumbent Danny McManus who has been bedeviled by receivers with the dropsies all season long. A situation many observers point out won't change with a new QB. However, as the Cats have struggle so far this season the fans at Ivor Wynne have grown impatient, a few more negative returns in the standings may find Jones starting a game sooner than everyone expects.

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