Thursday, July 14, 2005

Don't set the VCR.

For Ontario and points east football fans, there will be no need to set the VCR or PVR to record those Argo moments you may nod off on. For some unexplained reason the a check of the CFL schedule shows that a Grey Cup rematch between Toronto and BC will not be televised this Friday night. The much anticipated game between the Argos and the Leos will be strictly a radio affair, as TSN will only cover the Winnipeg - Edmonton match up with a 6:00 start in Central Canada.

No offense to the eskies and the Bombers, but somehow one thinks that the Argo-Lion rematch might provide some entertaining Friday night Football action for the CFL fan, especially considering the Blue's struggle out of the gate this year so far.

It's unknown if this was a miscue by the CFL Schedule maker, a warped CFL league office decision, a TSN decision or a BC Lions monetary decision (the Leos probably won't be saddened with the idea of the game not being available on cable or satellite systems in the Lower mainland). But for sheer marketing potential, this is a miss for both the CFL and TSN.

The two largest markets in the league take to the field and the result will be limited to the days of Fessenden. We at the Twelve don't often criticize the CFL of late, finding that most times they have been making the right calls on most issues. But in this instance a subtle shift of the broadcast choices might have been the better option.

Your best game of the weekend, should not be the one that has little to no exposure, that seems like a strange way to promote your product!

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