Monday, July 18, 2005

Turnovers take their toll on the Ti-Cats

An inopportune Interception and some sloppy play seemed to spell doom once again for the Hamilton Tiger Cats as they dropped a 32-13 decision to the Saskatchewan Roughriders at Taylor Field Sunday.

The Riders took advantage of their chances including an amazing two man inteception return for 105 yards to seal the Ti-Cats fate. The exciting return took place late in the fourth quarter and pretty well put the exclamation point on the game as Omarr Morgan and David Bush combined to bring the ball in for a touchdown with five minutes to go. More importantly the turnover snuffed out an impressive Tiger Cat drive that had the Tabbies on the verge of cutting down the Rider lead and making a charge for the final minutes.

With the tandem touchdown the air went out of the Tiger Cats and the remaining part of the game went through the motions on the way to the Rider win. Hamilton has struggled through the early portions of the season, with Danny McManus finding himself frequently at the end of the what's wrong with..... sentences. The Cats remain winless thus far and hold down last place in the CFL East.

Saskatchewan finally rewarded coach Danny Barret with some solid play in a third quarter, which has become a period of each game that seems to cause them trouble. Third quarter collapses have caused much distress on the sidelines this year as the Riders try their best to let their opponent back into a game that should be well in hand. Sunday there never seemed to be much doubt that the Riders were going to win, but the fourth quarter stand by the Cats made things interesting until the turning point touchdown interception.

Greg Marshall must be wondering what it is he has to do get his players on the same page. The Ti-Cats return home with hopes for a win on Saturday but that won't be an easy task with the BC Lions coming to town, the Lions are firing on all cylinders this year while the Cats seem to have some serious fuel injection and transmission problems.

Saskatchewan puts their 3-1 record up for scrutiny in Calgary against the Stamps. Should the Riders keep their momentum going from Sunday's effort, their hold on first place in the West should remain strong for another seven days.

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